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Publication Order of Jack Gannon Books

Vengeance Road (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Panic Zone (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Desperation (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Edge (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jack Gannon is the main character in a series of crime thriller novels written by Canadian best-selling author Rick Mofina. Gannon is depicted as brave, blue collar journalist who experiences family issues when his sister ran away from home. The author began the publication of Jack Gannon series in 2009 when the first novel in the series Vengeance Road was published.

Vengeance Road

This is the first book in Jack Gannon series by Rick Mofina a dark well written a twisted thriller. Jack Gannon is a crime reporter working for the Buffalo Sentinel. Once a nominee for a Pulitzer, the reporter is best at what he does, the police department has been called to investigate the cause of death of a person found lying lifelessly on Ellicott Creek, something that is not normal in this area.

The victim is Bernice Tina Hogan, buried in a shallow ground and the police are keeping this crime scene off limits to everyone. On the other hand, Gannon cannot believe that the crime scene is sealed off; the apparent victim was a drug addict, a hooker who had been trying to put her life back on the track. Upon investigation, Gannon realizes that the main suspect, in this case, is a police officer. But not only police but a hero who trains kids and has many awards. Karl Styebeck has what it calls for to be a police officer. How could he be involved in such a crime? How could he be the prime suspect? However, without proper documentation, Gannon goes ahead and ahead and blows it out by printing the entire story. Moreover, as a result, the paper is forced to write an apology after the editor fires Gannon. Subsequently, after Gannon is fired, he decides to go freelance, and he is got to clear his name and also prove that his original story was indeed true. However, before leaving the paper, he is approached by a mother who claims that her daughter named Jolene Peller is missing. She reveals that him that her daughter had a troubled past but finally managed to straighten just for the sake of her little boy. Also, she was also to travel to Florida for a new job, but since her journey, her mother has never heard from her since then.

However, as expected, no one in the newspaper wants anything to do with him, but despite this Gannon marches on to prove to the whole world that he was real. Through his investigations, he discovers a chain of crimes and sickness. Even when two more bodies are found, and the case moves across the country into Texas, Gannon does not give up.

Without a job, Gannon continues his investigations regarding the death of Bernice Hogan. He clearly knows that he has a story and that he is not willing to let it just go. Investigating further, he soon discovers that Jolene knew Bernice. The two were seen together before Bernice death, and what Gannon does not know is that Jolene the person who tried to save Bernice is a prisoner of the killer.

Vengeance Road is an entertaining and gripping thriller that will have you turning pages and find it hard to put down. The chapters are short and also straight to the point, the story is narrated from the point of view of various characters, from Gannon, Jolene, to Karl the superhero but the number one suspect in the murder of Bernice. Each character is interesting, and Mofina has a way of letting the readers into the heads of these characters and empathizes with them.

Mofina understands how to piece together an absorbing suspense thriller with real characters that you care about. The twists and turns will keep you turning pages of this wonderful complex tale. It is a well-written story, written in a style that fits its genre and with a healthy and natural dialogue.

The Panic Zone

The Panic Zone is the second novel in Jack Gannon series by Rick Mofina. We again meet Gannon a former reporter from Buffalo now working for the World Press Associates (WPA) main offices located in New York City. His superiors send him to Brazil to investigate a story about a bomb blast that killed an associate of WPA. Gannon turns every possible stone that could be hindering her from getting vital information.

Meanwhile, Emma and Joe are out driving with their small baby on the back, are involved in an accident. Joe dies on the spot but Emma is barely hurt, but she is informed that her baby passed away in the crash. However, the truth is that she someone take her baby out of the car before passing out. This storyline gets complex as one reads through the chapters.

On the other hand, a Caribbean ship ends in horror. The doctors are trying to identify the cause of cruise ship passenger’s death. They turn to the world famous scientists who are afraid that their secret research has been resurfaced.

Now against time and millions of lives at stake, experts must work frantically to ensure that no lives are lost, and as a desperate mother searches for her missing child, Gannon pursues the truth to make sure that justice is served.

The Panic Zone is an intriguing novel featuring a compelling plot. Rick Mofina does an excellent job of making the exact science behind the storyline understandable and also exciting. Being a thriller from the first page to the last, the novel contains lots of actions and many characters. The characters are well crafted and believable as well. Mofina provides lots of background information about the characters for the readers to understand the characters weaknesses as well as motivations.

Emma is a fascinating character; one can compare her to a “mama bear” who cannot allow anything or anyone to come between her and her cub. Overall, The Panic Zone is a brilliant and a fascinating thriller that will remind of the Jurassic Park in that there is much science surrounding the main threat. There are also lots of secondary and minor characters in this novel, and each new character in this book brings a new layer into the story.

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