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Publication Order of Jack Garrett & Laura McGanity Books

Fallen Idol is Neil White’s debut novel and also the first book in the Jack Garrett book series. In this installment, Neil White, a Lancashire based Senior prosecutor, who can pen down stories with a certain degree of realism, which in turn makes his stories much readable. With that being the case, the reader should expect much more from his pen. Fallen Idols sees the introduction of a new crime fighting partnership DC Laura McGanity and Jack Garret, a freelance journalist. The two work hand in hand so that they can hunt down a serial killer and also speed up their investigation that they are working on, leaving behind the entire police team. Over the course of the story, the relationship that develops between these two characters is quite interesting, just as it is the case with the main plot.

Somebody has been killing footballers. From the look of things, no one is able to explain the main reason why footballers are being shot, and anybody could be the killers next victim. David Watts, who happens to be the town’s hero, is exceedingly nervous, as he has been receiving strange calls from one of his childhood friends. His concern eventually turns into panic, especially when his girlfriend disappears. He tries to establish what exactly is going on and what could be from their past, that his childhood friend is more than determined to hide. Eventually, the activity in the book migrates to Turner’s Fold, away from London, an exceedingly small town that happens to be Garrett and Wyatt’s home.

A few days later, the hired hitman arrives at the scene and in the middle of the chaos, more people are killed as the author eventually leads the readers to the climax. When everything is eventually revealed, the motive behind the killings, the identity of the killer and finally, the reaction of the people to everything that happened, both in the present and the past, are all quite shocking. With that said, Fallen Idol has been written in the first person account, and in this case through the eyes of one Jack Garret. There are sections in the book that looks at the behaviors of the different characters including McGanity, the hitman, and killer. The reader will definitely need to concentrate so as to keep up with the pace of the book. This is undoubtedly one of the book’s cleverest aspect as the only hint that the focus has shifted to another character is the use of pronouns. With that said, this is a fantastic book, that has all the key elements of a fantastic crime novel.

Apart from having well-developed characters, the book has also been filled with plenty of tension and well-developed characters. Lost Souls is the second book in the Jack Jarrett book series. It is the second book in the series to feature the protagonists Laura McGanity and Jack Jarrett. The duo is once again back to solve a series of crime and as expected things are not so easy for them. Just as the first book, Fallen Idols, Lost Souls is equally captivating and brilliantly narrated. It is not only full of excitement, but it is also full of tension and character development, which eventually builds as the plot advances. Jack and Laura have relocated to Lancashire, away from London. The two have relocated to Jack’s hometown so that they can be able to build a life for themselves and be able to provide Laura’s son, Bobby with a home.

Laura is eventually, transferred to a police station that is located in Berkley. Upon arrival, Laura discovers that the place is exceedingly different from the one that she has left behind. Jack, on the other hand, finds his life as a freelance reporter in an exceedingly small town rather challenging. This time around, he is struggling to bring up a story once again. However, neither of the two has to wait for a long time as the two are once again caught up in the middle of the action. Despite the fact that the action this time around is quite different from the one before, the two come to the realization that the boundaries have changed and Laura is unwilling to share sensitive information with her husband.

All summer, children have been missing. Several days later, the children are returned to their parents. The strange this is that the children are completely unharmed and have no recollection of anything that had happened during the period that they had been abducted. Panic begins to spread out through the small town as the kidnappings continue and nobody is charged with the abductions. Furthermore, another strange thing is that all the children who are kidnapped are from dysfunctional families. What exactly could be the MO of the kidnappers? A few days later, a mutilated body is discovered in a housing estate. An exceedingly young woman had been killed and horrendously disfigured within her premise.

The body of the young lady is discovered by one Eric Randle, who is the lady’s elderly friend. According to Eric, he had previously had a weird dream that involved the young lady. Thus he went on to check on the lady, only to discover that she had been killed in cold blood. Eric then approaches, Sam Nixon, one of the town’s renowned solicitors. Eric reveals that he has been having weird dreams as well about Sam and he is exceedingly worried as well. However, Sam, on the other hand, is troubled by his dreams as well and already has so much to deal with including pressure from work and domestic issues as well. Sam has no time for Eric, and thus he decides to pass him over to Jack, believing that it is the work of a reporter to listen and also Eric will in the process leave him alone.

Jack and Laura’s separate investigations eventually reveal that the kidnappings and the murders are linked. Sam’s boss, Sam’s son, Sam’s wife and Eric are all caught up in the middle of the mess, and from the look of things, their lives are in danger.

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