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Jack Grimwood is the pseudonym of author Jon Courtenay Grimwood. He is a well known author from the United Kingdom, who likes to write novels on a variety of genres ranging from fantasy, crime fiction, thrillers, to science and literary fiction. He uses multiple pen names for writing his books. In fact, Grimwood a specific pen name for each of the genres. Some of the most commonly uses pseudonyms used by him include Jonathan Grimwood and Jack Grimwood. Author Grimwood was born in the year 1953, in Valletta, Malta. He spent most of his initial years in different countries, including Norway, Malta, Southeast Asia, and Britain during the 1960s & 1970s. He completed his graduate studies from the Kingston University. Following this, he worked in the field of publishing and freelance writing. Grimwood wrote for a number of newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, and The Times. As of today, author Grimwood resides in Winchester and Paris. He is happily married to a popular novelist and journalist named Sam Baker. Grimwood has a son named Jamie from his first marriage. Most of the early work of Grimwood within the SF & F can be categorized as post cyberpunk. Grimwood has won an award from the Association of British Science Fiction for his 2003 novel titled Felaheen. He was even shortlisted for an Arthur Clarke Award for his previous book called Pashazade. Author Grimwood received an award in 2006 from the BSFA for another novel in the category of the Best Novel. In 2002, Pashazade was shortlisted for a John Campbell Award. The 4th book written by author Grimwood is slightly based on the Victorian novel by Stanley Weyman, Under the Red Robe. Multiple novels of Grimwood have been nominated for the Locus Award.

The book, The Last Banquet, which Grimwood wrote as Jonathan Grimwood, was translated into French and received nomination for the Le Prix Montesquieu. The science fiction & fantasy work of Grimwood are of the quasi alternate history genre. Grimwood’s initial 4 books take place in the advanced 22nd century. In these books, there is a point of divergence in the form of Franco Prussian War that had happened in 1870. In his Arabesk trilogy, such a point comes in 1915 when Woodrow Wilson brokers peace for preventing the First World War from going beyond the Balkans. The books show the Islamic Ottoman rule in North Africa during the 21st century, which mainly centers on El Iskandriya. The first of the 3 books is called The Fallen Blade. It is set in the alternate early 15 century, and features the main characters as Tycho. He is depicted as an assassin and fallen angel. The debut literary novel that Grimwood wrote, Last Banquet, was under the pseudonym of Jonathan Grimwood. This book tells the story of an aristocrat, who prepares himself to swallow anything. Author Grimwood is currently writing thriller novels for the Penguin Books. His first thriller book, Moskva, was published in 2016. Its story is set in the Soviet Moscow during the 1980s. Grimwood’s 2nd thriller novel, Nightfall Berlin is expected to be released in 2017. Author Grimwood was invited as the guest of honor at in 2003’s Novacon. It 2008 and 2009, he was invited again at Kontext and Eastercon respectively. Finally, he was honored as a chief guest in 2014 at Bristolcon. Grimwood has also served as a judge for the Arthur Clarke award in 2010 and 2011. At Eastercon, Grimwood judged the James White prize in 2012.

An excellent novel written by Jack Grimwood is entitled ‘Moskva’. This book was released in the year 2016 by the Michael Joseph publication. The story of this book is set during the Christmas Eve of 1985. Author Grimwood has mentioned the chief characters of this book as Alex Marston and Tom Fox, as well as several important secondary characters. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a young man’s dead body is found in the exsanguinated state in the Red Square. The body is totally frozen and has become solid. What was important to note was that the man’s little finger from the right hand was missing. After the passage of a week, the 15 year old daughter of a British Ambassador disappears. This girl, Alex Marston, seems to have landed in a difficult situation, where anything can happen to her. Tom Fox works as an Intelligence Officer for the Army. He is already posted in Moscow after his own daughter’s death, is ordered to help find Alex Marston in the unknown country. As Fox begins and moves ahead with the investigation, he search takes him deep into the dark corners of the Soviet establishment. Tom Fo fears for the safety of Alex Marston as he feels that she might end up becoming the next victim of the sadistic killer if any clue regarding her location is not found soon.

Another successful book written by Grimwood is titled as ‘The Last Banquet’. It was released by the Canongate Books publication in 2013. In this famous book, author Grimwood has given a description of the life of the central character named Jean Marie Charles d’Aumont. He is shown to be many things in one human being, a soldier, orphan, lover, spy, chef, and a diplomat. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Jean-Marie is penniless. Being a poor orphan with nothing to satisfy his hunger, he is left to eat beatles from the roadsides. Jean-Marie’s fate changes following an unexpected encounter that brings him patronage and a chance to get trained at the military academy. Jean-Marie goes on to become a spy and diplomat on the strength of his courage and frugal roots. He keeps rising through the 18th century French society’s ranks. His high status allows him to feast with kings, lords, and ladies at the Versailles Palace. Soon, Jean Marie’s life experiences political intrigue, international love, and passionate love. However, he seems to be driven by just one obsession, that is the perfect taste’s pursuit. The delicacies devoured by Jean-Marie include Flamingo Tongue, Three Snake Bouilabaisse, and the Heart of Pickled Wolf. Jean Marie devours these delicacies on his way to the ultimate feast. But, it appears that a revolution is taking roots outside the walls of the palace. On the other hand, the whole country is going through a different kind of hunger.

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