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Jack Hardin is a published American author of fictional novels.

The author is married and has a beautiful wife. They have five children together and the family resides in Arlington, Texas.

He belonged to an Army family when he was growing up. As a result, a good portion of his childhood was spent residing with the family in Germany. They also got the chance to travel over much of Europe, all before the Iron Curtain fell. He was nine years of age when he walked into East Berlin through the point known as Checkpoint Charlie, a year or so previous to the historic moment of the Berlin Wall coming down.

The author has a black belt (second degree) in the martial art known as Taekwondo. He knows how to use a bo staff very well, as well as nunchucks. He has taught self defense classes for women.

His novels have been described as being similar to those by authors Randy Wayne White, Dawn Lee McKenna, and Wayne Stinnett. They contain plenty of adventure and are entertaining for readers, so check them out! Jack is a steadfast member of the Christian faith.

He has also written several series. One of his first was the Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense series of fictional novels, which have proved popular among readers. He is also the author of the Team 99 series, which kicked off in 2019 with the debut novel, 18 Dragons. Hardin has also co-written a series along with Jason Briggs called the Ryan Savage series.

Jack Hardin is the creator and the author of the Pine Island Coast Florida Suspense series of fictional novels. The series started in 2018 with the publication of the debut novel in the series, Broken Stern. This was followed by the second novel, Shallow Breeze. The third novel in the series came out the same year as did the fourth, resulting in Bitter Tide and Vacant Shore, respectively. The fifth novel was published in 2019 and is titled Breakwater. The sixth novel in the series is Lonely Coast.

Broken Stern is the first novel in the Pine Island Coast series by Hardin. If you have been searching for an engaging thriller to add some variety to your reading, be sure to check this debut out along with the many other exciting novels that make up this series!

Ellie O’Conner is the main character in this story. She’s a woman that is trying to get a fresh start and begin a totally new life. Her last life was one that she simply could not stand to keep going and it’s clear to see why when you factor in that she is trying and failing completely to forget a murder. She’s decided that it would be easier to try and move and get something totally different to get her mind off of things.

But it turns that the Pine Island, with its pristine clear waters and placement in Florida, may not be the ideal place to do that. Little does she know that behind this calm exterior there is darkness lurking. Ellie’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, either, so perhaps she will fit in here just fine. She was trained to become a killer, but now that lifestyle is just not something that she wants to follow up on.

Besides, the CIA has become overrun with terrible amounts of bureaucracy. She wants nothing more than to get away from it all and start her own private life that is different from the one that came before, full of peace and quiet. She also wants to try and make up for the years that have gotten away from her, that all went to her job.

The last thing that she expects is to be surprised by a death in her area. The murder has startled everyone that makes up this sleepy community. Given her training and not wanting a killer out on the streets, she feels that it’s her duty to go out there and try to track them down. It turns out that the people living in Pine Island may not be all together innocent themselves.

Can Ellie figure out what’s going on and help to bring down a killer? Find out by picking up a copy of this debut thriller for yourself and reading to the very last page to see what happens in the end.

Shallow Breeze is the second novel in the Pine Island Coast suspense series by Jack Hardin. If you loved the first book then be sure to look into getting your hands on a copy of the compelling sequel for yourself!

Set in sunny Florida on the fishing town of Pine Island, this is a place where everyone is close in the community. It’s known for being a sleepy little town where not much happens. No one would expect it to be a place where bad things happen, let alone a waterway where drug dealers can come through.

However, that’s exactly what ends up happening. A famous pier is ruined when a plane crashes into it. This is no ordinary plane, either, as it’s filled to the brim with cocaine. It’s unusual for any town to experience, and the local residents are starting to wonder to themselves what’s going to happen next. There was already a death, and now planes with drugs are dropping from the sky.

Ellie O’Conner is back again. While she may have left her old CIA career, she’s now back in the game in a sense and has started a career with the DEA. Thanks to the plane crash, things are quickly off to an interesting start, and she has her work cut out for her.

When she finds out new things regarding her family, she’s got a new secret to contend with. Now she’s trying to find the truth as part of her job and get to the bottom of things. Will her new career go well or will she crash and burn? Only time will tell. Pick up a copy of this book, the second in the series, to find out what happens in the end!

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  1. John Heimback: 2 years ago

    While I like the Pine Coast series the books themselves are a tough read and take alot of time whereas the Ryan Savage series is a much easier read. I started with the first book in this series and have already ordered the rest of the set.

    Keep up the good work.


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