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Publication Order of Jack Howard Books

Atlantis (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crusader Gold (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Tomb / The Last Gospel (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tiger Warrior (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mask Of Troy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Atlantis God / The Gods of Atlantis (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pharaoh (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pyramid (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Testament (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inquisition (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Gibbins is one Author that cannot be forgotten when it comes to the archeological fiction.One cannot simply overlook the impact of Jack Howard (Series by David Gibbins). He was born in 1962 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Both of his parents were British academic scientists and that gives a bearing to his becoming an archeological scientist. He had known diving under caves, shipwrecks and ice by the age of 15. He is a graduate of Cambridge University as an archeologist.

What then covers most of this memorable novelist’s history? He leads many underwater archeology expeditions around the world. That is not all because it includes five seasons of excavation of ancient Rome shipwrecks off Sicily. It is notable too that he leads a survey of the submerged harbor of ancient Carthage. The backbone of his writing stems its origins in his involvement in the international team that excavated the 5th century BC shipwreck off Turkey in the year1999-2000.

Gibbins is best known for his novel series- Jack Howard. It is an archeological thrill that consists of seven novels with the first one being published in 2005. Among the books are, The Mask of Troy, Atlantis and Crusaders Gold. The series features Jack Howard, a character who seems to be having a great measure of unearthly perfectness. He is portrayed always as the protagonist and his tireless work helps the other characters to find some artifacts that were lost.

Jack Howards plays a great role in the Atlantis, one of David Gibbins early books. He is a marine archeologist who calls a team of experts together with an aim of finding the lost Atlantis. He stumbles upon the keys to an ancient puzzle. After this, he with his team of scientific and ex- Special Forces commandos start what can be termed as the hunt for the greatest archeological find ever.

There occur two separate discoveries that lead the team to a clue about the Atlantis. One of them is at the Mediterranean while another one is in Egypt.It is the site of fabled Atlantis that no one had initially suspected that is revealed by the two discoveries.

However, during this time, a ruthless enemy is watching the moves of Jack Howard and also keeps sharpening his tools ready to strike. The unsuspecting team of experts unfortunately cannot imagine that anything bad could be awaiting them in the dark and unforeseen future in the great depths of their search.

It is not only the shocking truth of having a lost world but also the far-reaching consequences that can go on to affect the present world because of an explosive secret makes Jack work so tirelessly. He is seriously determined to prevent the legacy of the lost Atlantis from falling into wrong hands.

However, this is not just coming on a silver platter. He has to beat many obstacles to prevent the impending problem. The heroes in the novel now have to defeat corrupt Eastern European warlords so as to finally understand all the clues that lead them to their destination of interest. What follows is a cold war.

In another novel, the Crusader Gold, the golden Menorah is locked away in Rome having been taken away from the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. This is as a result of a prolog that is set in AD 71 and the novel picks the present day Turkey as an archeological destination. Here, Jack Howard, the marine archeologist, starts his hunt for a perceived ancient treasures in the harbor of Istanbul.

It is this harbor that was initially known as Constantinople. There are many treasures that have been thrown into the harbor, one of them interests Howards when he learns about it from colleagues in the hunt. Maria and Jeremy talk about the menorah and they suggest that it may have been stolen from the Constantinople. All this happens when the Crusaders begin to look for the menorah.

It dawns to Jack that the menorah is stolen by from Constantinople by Norse warrior, Halard Hardrada during the periods he serves the emperor of Constantinople. He (Harald) then takes the treasure with him as he goes to explore the new world.

Jack then learns about the Nazi Ahnenerbe when he gets to Iona, Scotland. However, the source of information this time is a priest. He learns that the Nazi Ahnenerbe had been on the trail of the menorah in the 1930s. It is a revelation that sets the pace of mysterious happenings in the near future.

The priest who makes Howard aware of the Nazis is murdered under unbearable circumstances. It depicts the fact that there are present-day Nazis who shadow the ones we see in the 1930s. However, this does not stop Jack Howard’s pursuit for the achievement of finding the menorah.

The setting shifts to Greenland where Jack and his friend Costas dive inside an iceberg. It is found to have belonged to Harald Hardrada’s warriors. The discovery leads them to L’Anse aux Meadows, that Viking site in Greenland and they find more clues that lead them to Yucatan in Mexico. This is the last spot where Harald had his last stop before he met the fate of menorah.

It is through another dangerous dive that Howard makes into a cenote that he discovers the truth about the menorah. He, after this decides to get his very last standoff with his henchmen and the latter day Nazis.

It is at the end of the novel that we learn about the archeological and historical facts that underlie the fiction of the Crusader Gold. You find it thrilling as the novel begins from a wonderful discovery, through that serious and desperate race against time in deep seas in Greenland and then later to Mexico. This crowns a serious story of a great legend in archeology and history.

Some of his work has made it to TV.An example is the Atlantis. It involved TV miniseries based on the novel that were used in preparation by Akkord Film and Muse Entertainment and then was produced in 2012. It is a thrilling series to go through when you have time. No wonder most of the books in this series are making to the top of the list of most purchased books in New York today. You should have your own copies to enjoy the fiction in it.

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