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Jack Lively was a British professor of politics and author that is best known as the author of several political works and the “Tom Keeler” series.
The author was born in Sheffield in England in 1930 but spent much of his childhood living in the United States. As a child, he attended the Royal Grammar School and as a teenager, he graduated from St John’s College.

While he ended up as a politics professor, he worked all manner of jobs in an earlier life. Some of these included outboard engine repairman, fisherman, gas station attendant, underwater cinematographer and ice cream truck driver.

He also worked for several years as film director which allowed him to travel the world making short films commercials, documentaries and videos even though he always spent his downtime writing.

Later on in life he would become known for his influential studies on democracy at the University of Warwick.

Lively wrote his first full length novel “Straight Shot” in 2020 and this would spawn the “Tom Keeler” series. The novels follow the life and times of veteran combat medic Tom Keeler who is discharged from the US military who wants to retire in peace but circumstances just will not let him.
When Jack lIvely is not writing his novels he can be found cooking, reading and cycling in London where he lives with his family.

Jack Lively’s “Straight Shot” is a novel set in modern France that features ex Special Forces operator Tom Keeler. At the start of the novel, he has just retired from the military and for the past few months he has been traveling across Europe.

He decides to go to a remote region of France where his mother was born to see if he can meet any relatives. But as soon as he sets foot in town he is mistaken for someone else and things get really interesting. He does not understand what is going on in the little community and does not know who to trust.
The novel combines vigilante justice, mystery, family, crime and romance to tell a compelling story. The lead is a compelling character who has clear goals and a strong sense of wrong and right.

Combined with some roller coaster plot turns and twists, it makes for a great story even as the author provides a clear sense of place and time through vivid descriptions.

Overall, the novel is a gritty, dark and well written story that has some graphic scenes and plot action sequences that would delight anyone that enjoys justice thrillers.

“Switch Back” by Jack Lively is set two years after Tom Keeler left the military. But then he learns that Mallory, who used to be his pilot in his days as a combat medic, has been afflicted with terminal brain cancer and he cancels everything to go see her.

On his way there, he meets a beautiful journalist on the death list of cartel assassins that has been forced to run for her life. Keeler knows he can take the assassins but he cannot afford to get any of Mallory’s family or his friend involved as the cartels can be quite vengeful.

But he has always been an expert at compartmentalizing and he intends to help the old friend whose life he cannot save and the woman who he believes he can save.

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  1. Joseph Mitchell: 8 months ago

    I have read the complete 6 edition Tom Keeler series and have enjoyed them immensely. Might there be another Tom Keeler adventure in the works?

  2. Mia: 12 months ago

    I love to read the Keeler series and have been longing for the last one to come out.
    It’s a nice distraction when one wants to scream: Stop this crazy world. Just put the brains at ground level, read and get lost the story.
    A huge fan from Belgium


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