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Jack Mars is an American novelist best known for the Luke Stone series of novels. A relatively new writer, Jack achieved critical and commercial success with his first novel in the Luke Stone series, Any Means Necessary, published in December of 2015. The Luke Stone series of novels are generally categorized as suspense thriller mysteries.

As a relatively new writer, Jack Mars has achieved a lot of critical acclaim with the novel achieving widespread popularity in such a short time. While the first book in the Luke Stone thriller mysteries performed quite well, it was the third novel in the series, Situation Room that really exploded in terms of sales and popularity. The novel was a significant milestone in his career, as it established him as one of the writers to watch in the suspense thriller genre.

Jack Mars Novels are narratives about Luke Stone a Mitch Rapp type of character with a manic obsession to serve his country. He often uses unconventional methods that rub the political establishment and his superiors the wrong way, subsequently getting himself into a lot of trouble. In what has been described as thriller writing at its best, Mars unlike other writers develops Luke Stone as a believable protagonist with psychological and emotional depth. Stone’s character and disposition are well crafted and built over the course of the novels as he deals with personal and professional life challenges thrown at him like any other normal person would rather than a super hero type of character.

As compared to his contemporary Vince Flynn, Jack Mars writes political and espionage thrillers that would be sure to send chills down the spine of any reader. What makes the novels so captivating is that, he manages to make his theories so convincing, as his stories seem steeped in reality. Tackling some questions that the ordinary westerner would deem out of this world, he successfully makes the reader contemplate the possibilities. For instance, he asks questions such as could jihadists take down the entire US government? Or could some covert group successfully conduct a coup in the US?

Jack Mars is an expert in the writing of plots and character development. He creates a motley crew of characters and an intelligent plot that captivates the reader right from the first page to the last. He captures the insecurities and fears of not only the elite in government, but also that of intelligence officers and their superiors excellently, taking the reader on the ultimate ride of discovery and adventure. Pushing the boundaries of political reality and conspiracy, the Luke Stone series are a warning of what happens when people let their guard down. All in all Jack Mars is the author for the thrill novel enthusiast seeking unexpected twists, and non-stop action, that will leave the heart pounding.

Situation Room is the third book and most popular book in the Luke Stone series by Jack Mars. Stone really comes into his own in this novel, displaying his natural abilities at ferreting out information from the unlikeliest of persons and places. When without warning an obscure American dam is targeted by cyber hackers, thousands of people are left dead. To make it worse, the government has no clue who could be responsible and why they did it. It is soon discovered that the attack on the dam is just but a tip of the iceberg – the terrorists have a bigger target in mind. With the lives of many Americans around the country at risk, the President relents and calls in the best at these types of situations – Luke Stone.

However, having been the leader of a disbanded elite FBI team, Luke is reluctant to go back to work for the administration. Nonetheless, with the country facing the threat of domestic and foreign enemies, Luke Stone is the only person the president can trust with such a sensitive mission. What follows is an action packed narrative that sees Stone travel round the world finding and eliminating terrorist threats. However, it is not all roses for the veteran spymaster, as he realizes that the terrorists are now more tech-savvy that anyone had ever thought. With new technologies at their disposal, there is very little time to find and eliminate the threat before they accomplish their mission, which is sure to devastate the United States. When it comes to political suspense thrillers, there is no one that provides such great all action drama and suspense. This novel will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Oath of Office the second book in the Luke Stone thrillers is another very popular novel. It features Luke Stone, an intelligence officer determined to serve the United States. However, while no one can dispute his commitment to service, it is his methods, which his superiors find unorthodox and sometimes criminal. After terrorists steal a biological agent from a lab with the intent of weaponizing it, Stone is called in to help contain the situation before millions die. Despite vowing to walk away from all matter intelligence, even with his family held hostage by the terrorists, he cannot refuse the president’s request to serve his country once again.

What follows is shocking devastation as the president and Stone find their strength and wills tested to the maximum, with their families in jeopardy. The president’s closest advisors believe Stone has too much power and want him and his team gone. Soon, he finds that he is cut off from government resources, but he has never been one to give up. Regardless of the lack of government resources, he will fight until either the terrorists or himself is dead. However, the situation gets dire, when he realizes that the terrorists have an even more terrifying goal – releasing their biological weapon into the population to kill millions. With the terrorists having a few days’ head start, he has work cut out if he is to have any hope of stopping them. As is the norm with Luke, his quest to locate the weapon finds him at the center of an international incident, where his methods manage to offend at least one government. The only person still in his corner is the president maybe because he had saved her life several times. The novel is a page-turner of a political thriller interspersed with the very best elements of espionage that will have the reader on the edge of their seat with suspense that only Jack Mars can provide.

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9 Responses to “Jack Mars”

  1. Terah: 4 months ago

    I’m about to embark on my Luke Stone journey, but do I begin with the Kuke Stone Thrillers or the Forging Luke Stone series?

    • Graeme: 4 months ago

      Personally I’d say the order they were published, so the Luke Stone thrillers first.

  2. Mike Principe: 2 years ago

    Read all his books. Any new Jack Mars books coming out?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      He has a new series starting in May called the Troy Stark series.

  3. Colin Murphy: 3 years ago

    As the result of a dyslexic condition, my son, who’s now 31, and I started downloading and listening to Audible books 16 years ago. We’ve now downloaded and listened to over 1,500 books. Since action-centered thriller novels are our favorite, we’re both constantly looking for the next great author who can provide us with believable heroic characters centered within exciting and and interesting storylines. We’ve now read all of the books (in some cases over 25+ books) from almost all of the popular writers in this genre. After downloading and listening the first book in Jack Mars’ “Luke Stone” Series, Any Means Necessary, my son and I immediately decided to purchase, download and read the remaining 6 books in the Series. Needless to say, we feel like we’ve found our newest “great author” and storyteller!; Jack Mars. Having now finished all 7 books in the Luke Stone series, the best Review that we can provide to Jack Mars is to say that we’re going into our online bookstore right now to purchase and download all of the other 18 books in his two other series; the “Forging of Luke Stone/Primary” Series and the “Kent Steele/Agent Zero” Series. Colin & Dylan Murphy

    • Michael: 2 years ago

      Have you read any of Mark Dawson books?
      His series character is John Milton, and, I think there are up to twenty books very much in the Mitch Rapp, Brad Taylor type genre.

  4. Pat: 3 years ago

    Loved the Luke Stone series!!

  5. Virginia Towns: 3 years ago

    Found this Author by accident, it has been the best read for this hot, stay at home summer, I’ve recommended your books to my brother, who is an avid reader. Thanks to you for wonderful read, I’m 79 yrs. old, from a long line of military family.

  6. Connie: 3 years ago

    I have read every book!
    I am a 67 year old granny,but I love Jack Mars and his book series.


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