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Jack Murphy Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Jack Murphy Thriller Books

The Cruelest Cut (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coldest Fear (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deepest Wound (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highest Stakes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Night (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Slowest Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deadliest Sins (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cleanest Kill (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fiercest Enemy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jack Murphy Thriller Series

Jack Murphy is a series of thriller books by American author of crime, thriller and fiction books. After spending over 20 years in the law enforcement department, Rick Reed retired from Evansville Police Department and began book writing inspired by his work and experiences in the police department. The main character in his series is Detective Jack Murphy and each story in the series centers around the detective efforts trying to crack different crimes that occur in and on Evansville.

The Cruelest Cut

The Cruelest Cut is debut novel in Jack Murphy thriller series. The story comprises of political mischief in mayor’s office and the police department, a psycho killer and a police detective. Jack Murphy is a detective returning to work after being taken care of by Susan, his girlfriend, and starts to investigate the person responsible for the series of killings in the area.

The killings are ruthless, and the killers are aiming to catch Jack’s attention. A female TV reporter is also one of those involved and communicates with the killer who gives her full information about their activities to include it in the news. On the other hand, the assistant commissioner of police and the mayor are attempting to overthrow the police chief and put all the blame on Jack. All they want is Jack to withdraw the case and one point he is suspended from his job after which some of his friends assist him in getting back his former position.

Jack uses all the power and resources he has to deal with the crimes going on in the area, especially when the people he loves are also threatened. One of the criminals has just been arrested and taken to jail, and this makes the rest of the gang dislike him even more, and they are determined to finish what they began. They want jack first to suffer before they kill him.

Jack and Liddell Blanchard, his colleague, is called to a massacre scene of someone known by Jack, and they notice that marks the start of the mayhem. Before then, they had come across two bodies, which seemed to have been killed some minutes ago. This marks the beginning of an investigation to track the killers who named themselves as ‘Mother Goose’ and left a note at the scene of every crime. Will some innocent people get killed in the process? Why are the killers focusing on Jack? Will the criminals escape Jack this time?

Jack and his team will have to deal with the people used by the criminals for them to easily track the killers. The criminals use their power to kill one person after another, and Jack is the only one to help solve it, although he sees him asking for help from the people near him.

The author develops the characters very well in this descriptive and exciting thriller. The story is fast-paced with a lot of actions and twists, making keeping you glued on your seat as you flip pages. The author shows how the abuse of power may lead to the deaths of innocent people. The book is an excellent read even though it has some scary moments which leave the reader emotional at times.

The Coldest Fear

The Coldest Fear is the second book in Detective Jack Murphy series. The book begins with a discovery of a lady’s body left in a bathtub without a right hand, drained in blood and eyeballs missing. The killer had also left a message mainly made for Jack. The missing hand is found at other murder scenes, and the killer gives details to a newspaper that the police do not have.

Detective Jack Murphy is a kind of man who never gives up until he catches the person responsible for the crime making an excellent homicide detective even though this has destroyed his marriage. He is working in Evansville with Liddell Blanchard when they receive a call from Marriot where a woman had been brutally slaughtered. As jack and his colleague are investigating who might be the serial killer, they find out that he is also one of the killer’s targets. The killer appears to admire Jack and starts playing game son him.

There seems that there is someone who is giving the media essential details concerning the murders which draw the attention of the FBI. The killings appear to be linked to other similar ones happening in the neighboring states, and Jack is more than determined to bring them to light. The killer has been nicknamed ‘The Cleaver’ because of his skill of cutting off the victims’ faces and some of their body parts. The killer is aware of Jack’s reputation is solving crimes, and this gives an excellent reason to play with his mind and kill him eventually. Will Jack and his colleague be able to catch the killer before they kill more people?

The story flows smoothly and is easy to read and understand. The author creates a lot of tension and suspense, which will keep you glued to your seat as you flip pages, wondering what, might happen next. The book is also packed with actions and twists, making it thrilling to read.

The author has developed the characters very well, and they are all rounded. Jack is committed to his job, and he is determined to do anything to ensure that the victims get justice even if it means him to use ways against the law. His goal is to get the serial killer, know his motive of making the killings, and remove him from the streets to save lives. Jack is aware of the effort he needs and how much he will have to struggle and risk ending the games the killer is playing on him.

What is terrifying is that the killer appears to be seated in the front row watching what the police are up to thinking that they will never catch him. The relationship between Jack and Liddell is exciting as we see how they argue over petty issues and exchange teasing remarks on each other.

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