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Noble Intentions: Season One(2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Noble Intentions: Season Two(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Noble Intentions: Season Three(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Noble Intentions: Season Four(2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Get ready to delve deep into the world of power struggles, spy vs spy, trade craft, and an unknowing extra who is forced into the cast of characters by simply trying and doing the right thing. This is Jack Noble, of the Jack Noble series by L.T. Ryan. Chillingly original among a backdrop of an international power struggle Jack Ryan is a stark contrast to the power-brokers who seek to assign power to who they choose. National and international in scope Jack must overcome mounting obstacles taking you from the seats of power to the seats of emerging power whether he likes it or not.


An unlikely player in multinational political espionage Jack begins the conflict as the lowest form of U.S. Military a Marine which are usually the most inexperienced, which is why they are sent into battle first. A S.W.A.T. team as it were to see if they can cut it as a soldier and learn the skills and grit it takes to last and become a career soldier. Most don’t in fact. As this guinea pig sort of roll Jack finds himself shoved out into the international waters and activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. On loan not permanent position of course, always expendable, always replaceable. This is even more compounded as a global conflict is just beginning to show the players on each side of the ball just after in the terror attacks in New York on 9-11-2001. And on the burning sands of Iraq of all places.

Jack starts off as nothing more than a sitting duck, most likely designed to draw fire as the real power brokers are inside plotting the shift in military and political sandstorm like none in modern history. Abuse is running rampant, abuse of power and abuse of the innocent. Something that pushes most Marines to quitting but how can you quit in the middle of a war? A war on terrorism, an international manhunt in full swing, and perhaps a war on humane decency. Conspiracy welcomes Jack to the world of international intelligence when anger and fear are both near the breaking point and this pushes the Marine see if he can take it.


Of course no man emerges from battle without at least one person to count on. Jack is no different. The battle forged more than scars on his body but a steel in his mind which put him square on the trail of rogue actors anywhere in the world even back on home territory. What does it do when you can trust no one? But then are forced to? It provides the universe with reason to test you more against even more wily opponents.


From training in the United States Marine Corps, to use as an unlikely agent of the international intelligence community, Jack scarred and healed turns his now cold emotions into profit the only way left to pursue, a paid freelance assassin. The only problem is with his precision actionable decisions which leave nothing on the table and emotionless choosing from job to job he occasionally gets caught in soft-hearted decisions and often by what seems like accident. Work comes from where it comes from even domestic crime bosses but with a selective consciousness Jack has to be careful because sometimes his employers will care more about silence than a hitman with heart.


Starting at the beginning with Noble Beginnings (Jack Noble #1) his name says it all. A good soldier, with the most noble of intentions. Diving into the book the backdrop of the genesis of the character is amid a world wondering if there will be an all out war, a police state, or constant terror attacks. Because of current intelligence reports all fingers point toward Afghanistan. That’s where the action is. But pawns being pawns we find our hero pushed to where nothing is to be gained but perhaps being used as a human shield by the Central Intelligence Agency. The pawn in Marine paperwork, Jack Noble, is nowhere near the front line action and is instead a loner corps to in a lowly security detail just outside the killing field of Baghdad, Iraq.

As it goes with ambitious recruits who are underutilized and under protected Jack finds himself paired with Bear his partner in this isolation detail. Of course the world of trade craft is built on plausible deniability which means it may or may not have happened. This goes in the face of two young, undervalued loaners who happened to notice how four special agents from the Central Intelligence Agency decide to extract information from an innocent on the surface Iraqi family. Expectantly Jack and his partner are held and detained before the day is out.

Jack just wanted to finish his signed assignment and get a regular life. Instead military and international fates have placed him inside a dangerous and conspicuous conspiracy which grows like poison ivy to top floors and desks of the United States government.


Now with a new partner Jack Noble finds new sweat beading close calls in A Deadly Distance (Jack Noble #2). Imagine the nation’s capitol exploding like Israel. Imagine operatives tracking a potential maniac for days. Imagine this potential maniac smells the smoke of the home fires and government scouts and takes a rabbit dash into a cluster of abandon warehouse spaces. Imagine the bulges beneath his clothing or was that just the sun and shadow?

Using smarts which enabled him to survive Jack Noble #1, our hero Jack with partner Frank Skinner have a full breakdown of suspect activities of our friend the rabbit. According to early suspicions this spooked spook may be part of a terrorist plot or organization with a specific skill set. The type of skills which involve moving guns, enemy combatants, and drugs to fund it all into the country by means of newly discovered smuggling channels. But on a dime the story turns to much more of an uncontrollable situation as the enemy plan is discovered and actually is designed to export far more “merchandise” than it has plans to import.

And that is just he beginning. Are you willing to hang on till the end? We’ll just have to see if you have the steel it takes to make it to the latest installment in the series.


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