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Jack Randall is a fictional character in a series of novels written by Randal Wood. Randall is a special agent for the FBI regularly assigned to cases criminals. Wood’s character debuted in 2009 when Closure, the first novel in the series was published.


Closure is the first novel in Jack Randall series by Randall Wood. When a famous lawyer is shot dead while waiting at a stop sign, it triggers off a nationwide manhunt for the cunny killer. Special Operative Jack Randall working for the FBI finds himself tasked with tracking down the elusive killer, not by his bosses at the FBI, but by the assassin himself.

As body count significantly increases, the shooter takes his message to the media earning him the support from the public with his choice of targets and surprising the FBI at every single turn. From Nevada deserts to New York metropolis, Jack and his team the trails of the killer’s victims and the haunting clues left behind by the serial killer.

With Jack facing increasing pressure from his superiors to hunt down the killer, the assassin grows bolder and his message more evil and closer to home than Jack expected. To Jack, it becomes apparently clear that to find the killer; he may have to dig deep down into his past and become the man he was some years ago.

The first book in the series is an excellent start to Jack Randall books; Jack is a retired military, he uses all his military skills to help the FBI bring down the assassin. He is intelligent, logical and also quite caring, even though there is something about the killer that he cannot quite put his finger on. Jack is a compassionate character trying to do the best for everyone. He is the law, and even though he truly knows the reason why the killer is on randomly killing, he must catch the killer before it is too late. He dedicates his time hunting down the killer with the help of his team; he does a thing even though he understands that his loyalty to the job is putting a strain on his marriage.

On the other hand, there is Sam, a man on a mission. He has been through tremendous grief, pain. He feels that the only way he can improve his life is to do what the authorities have been unable to do; kill all the people who escaped justice/the long arm of the law.

Before the killer takes down his victims, the author gives a brief background of these targets and why the killer feels that they deserve his form of “justice.” The novel is beautifully woven in third person perspective giving the readers a glimpse of each character’s emotion throughout the story.

Closure, the first book in Jack Randal series, feels more like a movie due to its changing scenes and the gradual pacing. During crime scene investigations, the author, Randall Wood gives some attention to detail that the investigators and the CSI team get. The vivid descriptions of the initial preparations and implementation of the sniper’s shootings are quite riveting. Interspersed between the action scenes are information about technology, weaponry, and the tactics applied on both sides of the law, rather than the use of “can they catch him phrase?”


In the third series title, Scarcity, we are introduced to a series of unfortunate events. First, a young girl is abducted in Mexico, while in Afghanistan a young boy is injured when he is caught in the crossfire. An airplane crashes while a man waits for his newly found love in Maryland. A senator’s daughter sustains severe injuries in a fatal car crash while a captured drug dealer makes a deal with the DEA.

Even before he can settle into his new job/office with the Homeland Security, special agent Randall of the FBI finds himself drawn into the underworld realm of black market organ trade. With the help of his best friend from the Interpol, he soon discovers an evil well fed by the despair of the good people. An evil that its influence is so strong for anyone to overcome and to defeat such an enemy, Jack will have to wage war against his people and himself as well.

Scarcity is steadily paced; there are several subplots throughout the novel but are strategically placed and support the overall plot.


After the bombing of an American embassy in Africa, special agent Jack Randall is sent out to investigate a case that soon sees him on the trail of the world’s most wanted criminal. While searching for clues in the debris, Jack and his team discover a strange shipment of medications, medications that are so valuable such that anyone would be willing to kill to have them. This forces Jack to embark on two different missions, first one being catching the killer who is responsible for the bombing and secondly finding out the source of the “precious” medications.

His hunt leads him from the deserts of Africa to the CDC and into the higher levels of authority in the United States Government. As his team uncovers the nature and the real purpose of the medications, Jack soon finds himself entangled in decades-old plots surrounding biological weapons of mass destructions, secret but lethal treaties and deadly plague that anyone would be willing to keep the past from ever being revealed.


Deep down under the city of Niagara Falls lies the largest ever tunnel the world has seen. Upon its completion, the tunnel will provide supply of water to Robert Moses Power Plant, a facility responsible for power supply to the east coast of the USA.

Jack and his team pay a visit to the project before launching, however, on the other hand, the Al Qaeda has other plans. The terrorist group takes hostage of the staff and once again Jack finds himself cut off from the outside world and trapped in the tunnel. He has two major problems, one he is 400 feet underground and secondly, one of the hostages is his sweetheart. The terrorist assumes they have the upper hand until it is time for Jack to unleash his wrath.

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