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Dr. Robin Cook is an American Doctor and novelist who writes in the field of medicine and various issues which affect public health. Cook was born on May 4th and is best known for being the first author to combine thriller genre writing and medical writing. A majority of his novels have been listed on the best sellers list of New York Times while some of his books have been featured on reader’s digest. Dr. Robin Cook is a graduate of Columbia University and Wesleyan University. He completes his postgraduate education at Harvard University. Cook mainly divides his time between Florida where he resides with Barbara his wife and Boston.

Cook is at the moment on leave from Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary. Over the years, Dr. Cook has successfully combined fantasy with medical facts to deliver a succession of best-selling novels and series. Robin Cook’s medical whodunits have been partly contrived to inform the general public of the technological possibilities of modern medicine and also the ensuing ethical challenges. Somewhere along the line, Robin Cook was recruited by Cousteau Society to run its Southern France-based gas lab. Due to the fact that he was intrigued by diving, Cook later used his connection which he had made with Jacques Cousteau to work for the US Sea Lab as an aquanaut. Currently, Cook serves as a private member of the Woodrow Center’s Board of Representatives. The Board is led by a chairman who is usually appointed by the president of the United States for a term of 6 years.

Jack Stapleton Series

Blindsight is the first installment in the Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery series. Despite the fact that this is a Jack Stapleton book series, the protagonist is not mentioned in this installment; thus this novel focusses on Laurie Montgomery, an exceedingly young forensic pathologist. Laurie works in the office of the New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner. In Blindsight, Laurie begins to notice that the number of young professionals who were dying because of a cocaine overdose has been on the rise. Furthermore, the bodies of individuals who were brought in after a cocaine overdose were not known abusers nor users of the substance.

As the novel progresses, Laurie befriends Lou Solano, a detective who works for the NYPD Homicide Bureau. During the initial stages of their acquaintance, Lou does not share his concerns regarding the sudden rise in the number of young experts who were dying due to substance abuse because at this point he was more focused on the mob killings, which had rocked New York City. Irrespective of the difference they had with regards to these killings, Lou was still somehow attracted to Laurie. With that said, the flow of events in this novel is exceedingly smooth. The author has done an excellent job of weaving a satisfactory plot, which will undoubtedly leave the reader wanting to read more.

Contagion is the second installment in this outstanding thriller series. In this installment, the author introduces the reader to Jack Stapleton, who works as an ophthalmologist. Jack has just had his private practice disrupted by a healthcare conglomerate, Americare. Thus, once his practice was disrupted, Jack hoped to retire from his line of work and become a medical examiner instead of subduing to a national giant. Upon becoming a medical examiner, the order of his day included getting into the pit, performing autopsies and also getting into scrubs. Jack’s turn takes a sudden turn when he loses his two kids and wife in a plane crash. Upon hearing the news, Jack became devastated and withdrawn from the rest of the world completely. He cuts himself from all social contact and even begins to reside in a dirty locale.

Thus, from time to time, he tries to find comfort in his line of work, as a forensic pathologist. When the regions of Rocky Mountains spotted primary influenza, fever, pneumonia and all types of nosocomial infections within one of the local hospitals, Jack Stapleton immediately knows that something is wrong. This is when he decides to turn into a sleuth. All these outbreaks have continued to bother Jack since he was not able to find a viable explanation or conclusion to the mystery. These diseases did not strike a specific group of individuals or did they occur within one section of the hospital. One of the outbreaks was airborne while rodents transmitted the other and this outbreak was much similar to the outbreak that happened in the year 1918.

All the victims of the epidemic were admitted for different types of treatment, and they displayed the symptoms of the infections after being admitted to the hospital. Despite everything that was going on, Jack was amazed by the exceedingly cold treatment by the management of the hospital management team each time he visited the hospital and also gather all the relevant information. While conducting his investigation, Jack comes to discover that the said hospital was being run by the same health care Conglomerate, responsible for Jack’s loss of a job. The question that lingers through Jack’s mind is whether the conglomerate was using an exceedingly crude method to get rid of the hospital’s most costly patients. Was the hospital’s top management team responsible for planting these viruses?

There were instances when he was lambasted, and given the warning to stay as far as possible from the hospital. The lab assistant, who had opened the cultures, was found dead the morning that followed. From time to time, Jack was accused of slanderous accusation, and many people claimed that he was doing all this due to the hatred that he had towards American. Nonetheless, this did not stop Jack from finding the underlying cause of the matter. As the novel begins, the reader should not expect so much from Jack since he is a loner and most of his day, he works with corpses. However, as the story progresses, you are going to be pleased by Jack.

With that said, this novel has been written extremely well. The author begins by giving you the reader bits and pieces before giving the book a classic climax. Furthermore, this story is also full of twists and turns; thus you should always be ready for a surprise here and there.

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  1. Jo Garretson: 1 year ago

    I love the Robin Cook medical thrillers. Once I start reading one, I can hardly put it down. I would get up 4 hours early so that I could get ready for work and have plenty of time to read whatever novel I was on. I wish all his novels were available with audio. It’s easier for me to enjoy his novels by listening to them now.


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