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Publication Order of A Piece of Cake Mystery Books

A Sheetcake Named Desire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cake on a Hot Tin Roof (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arsenic and Old Cake (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cakes of Wrath (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rebel Without a Cake (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cakes of Monte Cristo (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jacklyn Brady is the pseudonym used by the well known American author Sherry Lewis for writing novels based on the romance, mystery, and thriller genres. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, but her parents moved to Montana when she was 3 weeks old. Since then, she has considered it to be her home. Brady says that she always wanted to be an author right from her childhood days, but her path of becoming an author was not an easy one. Before going on to become a full time author, she had to work for a number of jobs such as Christmas tree decorator, Keyboard player, secretary in a bank and insurance office, vocalist, convenience store manager, poinsettia dresser, and finally the administrative assistant and secretary with an attorney, who went to become a judge in a federal court. In the year 1993, author Brady was able to sell the first 3 novels written by her to the Berkley Prime Crime publishing house. The following year, she sold her first romance novel with Harlequin Books publishing house. Similarly, other novels also followed in the subsequent years.

Till the year 1996, author Brady used to write her novels only in her free time as she used to be busy with the administrative work as the secretary of the federal judge. But, she left that job in the year 1996 and began working on her books and novels as a full time writer. Author Brady says that she is still in love with her books as always. She is currently working on the 3rd mystery series for the Berkley publishing house and one other writing work for the Harlequin publishing house. As of today, author Brady is a current and long time member of the RWA and ha served on the Board of Directors of the association for a period of 4 years. She was also the President of the association for a duration of 1 year. Author Brady is also an active member of the writers’ association, Sisters in Crime. Author Jacklyn Brady has been frequently praised for her writing efforts and unique character descriptions in the novels of her series. Readers from all over the world eagerly wait for the next installments of her mystery novel series as they liked the previous novels very much. Even the critics and the fellow authors of Brady have motivated and encouraged her by appreciating her published works.

One of the exciting novel series written by author Jacklyn Brady is titled ‘A Piece of Cake Mystery’. This series consists of a total of 50 books published between the years 2011 and 2015. Author Brady has also finished with the writing work of 2 more novels in the series, which she is going to publish in early next year. All the novels of the series feature the main character in the form of Rita Lucero, who is described as a pastry chef and is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the initial novels of the Piece Cake Mystery series was titled ‘Arsenic and Old Cake’. It was released in the year 2012 by the Berkley publishing house. The plot of this novel depicts the main character Rita Lucero as the owner of the pastry shop known as Zydeco Cakes. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that the business of Rita Lucero at the Zydeco Cakes is going quite stale. But, for Rita Lucero, it is just one of the main problems that worries about in her life. Shortly after, a blind trumpet player called as Old Dog Leg Maggee asks Rita Lucero for a favor, which she could not deny.

Old Dog Leg tells Rita Lucero that his brother named Monroe had disappeared around 40 years, and now a man has turned up saying that he his lost brother Monroe. Because of his blindness, he is not sure whether the person claiming to be Monroe is actually him or someone else. So, Old Dog Leg asks Rita Lucero to become his eyes and check if the man is really his brother of someone else. After agreeing to help Old Dog, Rita Lucero comes to know that Monroe is staying in the Twisted Palm, Bed and Breakfast Hotel, which seems to be containing all the unsavory characters, including Monroe himself. She takes the help of her friend Gabriel and checks in into the hotel as a newly wed couple. Soon, Rita Lucero comes to know the true identity of Monroe is not the only mystery that is required to solve. Many people seem surprised and shocked after learning about the reappearance of Monroe after 40 years. Soon, Rita Lucero comes to know that one of the other guests in the Twisted Palm hotel is dead. Due to this, Rita Lucero begins to suspect that the mysterious man claiming to be Monroe might also be a brutal murderer.

One of the other novel of the series was titled ‘Rebel Without a Cake’, which was published by the Berkley publishing house in the year 2014. Just like the other novels of the series, this novel too features the main character in the form of Rita Lucero. She is once again depicted as the co-owner of the pastry shop, Zydeco Cakes along with her mother-in-law, Miss Frankie. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is seen that Halloween is approaching and Rita sees it as a good business opportunity. She tries to obtain the catering order for the Halloween party. Rita also begins to see a good future for herself in the bakery business. But, all her dreams get shattered when the neighbor of Miss Frankie named Bernie enters into her shop with a gun and a bible and tells that she saw a ghost in the window of the shop. Bernice tells everyone that she saw the ghost of her uncle who had disappeared around 15 years ago in the swamp. Shortly after that, her cousin also disappears in the swamp. Now, Bernice believes that someone is playing a dirty trick with her. She decides to take the help of Miss Frankie and Rita Lucero in order to investigate the mysterious situation. However, they are required to watch each and every step as the mystery seemed to get even more swampy.

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