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Jaclyn Goldis is an author who is best known for her romance and mystery fiction novels. The author went to New York University Law and graduated from the Ann Arbor-based University of Michigan. After graduating from college she practiced estate and trust law at one of the biggest law firms in Chicago for about seven years.

She would then quit her job since she had a wanderlust and wanted to write novels too. Like many people her age, she took everything she could fit into a backpack and for more than a year she backpacked before she made her home in Tel Aviv.

It is from her home that she can now be found penning her novels which she loves to do from cafes on the beach. Goldis published “When We Were Young,” her debut novel in 2021, and has since published several other titles that have been just as successful.
Her debut was the product of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns which provided her with a lot of time. Since she had been writing for several years, she thought it was the best time to finish the manuscript and see if she could get published.

While she has now become a bestselling author, authorship was never a career that she considered growing up. Nonetheless, she always loved reading classical; mystery fiction works from the likes of Isaac Asimov and Agatha Christie.

Jaclyn Goldis particularly loved reading locked room mysteries by Christie, particularly her novel “Crooked House,” even though she also loved “Orient Express” and “Death on the Nile.”

While she gravitated toward economics and the law when she went to college, she always felt a calling to become an author since there was never a time she did not want to become an author.

Jaclyn currently gets most of her ideas when she is walking the beach of the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv. It is during those times when she does not have a phone, or notebook to record her ideas that she usually gets big bursts of creativity.
As such, she has learned to catalog it in her head and write her ideas down in a note app or notebook as soon as she gets back home.

Jaclyn Goldis’ “The Main Character” tells the story of a thriller author who plans a trip on a luxury train in a work that has often been called a modern homage to Agatha Christie.

Ginevra Ex is a mysterious and reclusive author who is known for her unusual approach to writing novels. She usually conducts intensive interviews and hires real people that she then fictionalizes.

Rory her latest lead is thrilled when Ginevra offers her a huge bonus that means she will be taking a luxurious trip on the “Orient Express” to the Mediterranean coast of Italy. However, when she gets aboard the train, she is shocked to learn that her best friend, her brother, and her former fiance are also on the train.

They have all come onto the train under invitation from Ginevra and all have secrets. With each stop from Positano to Rome to Cinque Terre, it increasingly becomes clear that Ginevra has made one of the best real-life plots in which the main character is Rory.
As the author’s deceptions come to light, the machinations and lies of Rory’s fellow travelers pile up and she begins to fear that it could end with a murder or two just like it often happens in Ginevra’s novels.

In the lavish compartments of the Orient Express, Rory will need to untangle the complex reasons why Ginvera put them all on the train that seems like it would have a deadly end.

“When We Were Young” by Jaclyn Goldis is a work that tells the stories of three generations of women in what is a page-turner of a debut full of heart-wrenching drama, family secrets, and the promise of second chances.

The work is set in 1942 in Corfu where Sarah Batis a sixteen year old makes her home. The Nazis are far away as the present danger is the opposing needs of her people and the needs of her heart.

According to tradition, she should marry a Jewish man but she has fallen in love with a fisherman which is deeply frowned upon as the man is outside the community. When Nazis take over the town she is left devastated when her family is taken away.

Fast forward to 2004 and Bea her daughter has made a good life for herself and now has a loving husband and two grown-up daughters. They have a lot of fun and have idyllic lives alongside the Winn family. However, there is a secret that may destroy their idyllic life on the Greek island.

Fast forward to 2019 and Joey is about to marry a nice Jewish man that her family approves of when Leo her first love comes back and threatens to change everything. It has been fifteen years since they last saw each other but their attraction seems to still burn bright.

Jaclyn Goldis’ novel “The Chateau” is a fascinating work of fiction that follows several women on a trip to a luxurious trip to a French chateau. This becomes a fatal nightmare of murder and secrets in this twisty and stylish thriller that has been compared to the works of Lisa Jewell, Ruth Ware, and Lucy Foley.

The work is set in Provence where Seraphine Demargelasse the Lady of the Chateau opens her doors to Darcy her granddaughter and several of her friends. Two decades earlier, the four had been studying in France and often visited Seraphine on the weekends and this had created a deep bond.

Amid market visits, winery tours, and fancy dinners overlooking lavender fields and olive groves it is clear that each woman has their reasons for accepting the old woman’s invitation. Things get interesting after they have a wild celebration one evening and afterwards stumble upon Seraphine brutally killed.

As they search for answers to the brutal crime, fingers are pointed. It could not have been worse as soon as an Instagram account appeared with snapshots of the intimate moments of the friends at the chateau while threatening to reveal more.
Racing to find answers to the mystery and now being stalked, they learn that the house has many secrets and some people would do anything including kill to keep them.

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