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To Shape the Dark(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ninth Step Murders: The Complete Season 1(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ninth Step Murders: The Complete Season 2(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jacqueline Koyanagi is a published author of fiction.

She writes speculative fiction that often has an air of science fiction to it. There is a tinge in her work of exploration towards themes of embodiment, consciousness, and mortality.

Jacqueline had her debut fictional novel published in 2013. It is titled Ascension. It was well received and even earned a spot on the James Tiptree Jr. Honor List.

The author has also had her short fiction featured in a variety of anthologies by Candlemark & Gleam and Haikasoru. She also has written multiple stories as serials for Serial Box.

When she is not busy writing and has some time to spare, she likes to play Dungeons and Dragons. She also likes to spend time thinking about dogs and how they are good.

Jacqueline Koyanagi is the creator and the author of the Tangled Axon series of fictional novels. The first novel in this series is Ascension. This interesting first novel came out in 2013.

Ascension is the debut novel in the Tangled Axon series by Koyanagi. This story features the main character of Alana Quick.

When it comes to her work, Alana is good at what she does. In all of Heliodor City, she is one of the best sky surgeons out there. Even though she is talented and loves what she does, she has to admit that fixing up the engines of various star ships pays her bills, but only just. It’s not exactly the type of work that is having her rolling in the dough.

One day a cargo vessel’s crew decides to pay a visit. The crew is desperate and has come to her ship yard, of all places. They were originally looking for her sister, Nova. Nova doesn’t repair ships like Alana does, she is more the spiritually advanced type. But this appears to be a unique chance for Alana. Sensing that it won’t come again, she decides to stow away on their cargo vessel.

There’s a chance that her bold move might just end up working in her favor. Alana thinks to herself that in the best case scenario, she might be able to join the crew and fly with them on a more long term basis. If things don’t work out, she doesn’t really want to think about what’s going to happen. Some ships might not take kindly to having an unrequested stow away on board.

The ship’s name is the Tangled Axon, and being there is a lot more than just looking out into space or staring at its parts. This crew is unique in its own way. For instance, the chief engineer on the ship appears to believe that he is a wolf. The pilot who is supposed to be guiding the ship continues to come in and then back out of sheer existence.

Then there’s the captain, who’s unique in her own way. She’s got blonde hair and wears boots that are just as large as her ego is. Alana is fascinated by the captain and can barely stop watching. However, it turns out that she doesn’t have endless time to be fascinated with the crew and indulge her desire to keep on observing them.

The truth is that there isn’t much time for people watching or romance either. Alana thinks that her sister might be in danger. When it comes to Nova, she doesn’t want to take any chances and wants to do whatever she can to keep her safe. But someone out there wants the opposite. They might just be willing to do whatever it takes to get to her, even if it means destroying other people or planets.

Can Alana Quick be sure that she gets to Nova before someone else does? Or will she find that it’s all out of her control anyway? Read this interesting science fiction novel to find out!

Alternis was published in 2019 by Serial Box. It is the collaborative efforts of authors Andrea Phillips, Maurice Broaddus, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and E.C. Meyes. It has the narration provided by Summer Glau, known for starring in the science fiction television series Firefly as River. If you are looking for something cool and new in the science fiction literature world, then be sure to check out this unique story!

When it comes to the world, it’s not the same that it used to be. It used to be that the battlefield that conflicts took place was a physical one. Now it appears that it’s totally digital. As a result, the survival of a nation could just be relegated to one single combo move.

In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Tandy Kahananui. She’s a talented and bright young woman that has many interests. She’s sharp and is at the top of her game when she is busy exploring digital dungeons or having fights with digital monsters. These all take place in a video game that she is creating called Alternis.

Tandy is shocked when she finds out that her game has somehow been stolen. She has no idea about who would have taken it at first. But it turns out it’s more than just thieves who wants to profit quickly off of Alternis. The designer of the video game finds out that somehow this game that she’s put all of this effort to make is an important starting seed.

It’s for a top secret project that is meant to prevent the entire world from being entered into a war. The United States team wants to bring her on as part of the collective effort. This has gone far beyond a video game. However, in the game, nations are having a competition for resources that exist in the real world.

Not everyone’s choosing to play fair, though. Tandy’s participation could help decide the world’s destiny. She wants to help Team USA and to avoid a war, but this has gotten serious quickly. Far more than a game, Tandy’s wondering whether she’s capable of helping Team USA and whether she’ll even make it through herself. What will happen? Read the exciting Alternis to find out!

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