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Publication Order of Emily Kane Adventures Books

Girl Fights Back (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Punches Out (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Takes Up Her Sword (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Spins a Blade / The High Road to the Mountain Gods (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Takes the Oath (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Rides the Wind (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Goes to Wudang (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Stalks the Ruins (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

End of the Road(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kiss: An Anthology of Love and Other Close Encounters(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jacques Antoine
Jacques Antoine is an American author of classics, literature & fiction, mystery and thrillers books. He sets his thrillers against a martial arts adventure background. After spending years writing Kung Fu tales for his daughter, Antoine decided to share his writing skills with the world. Currently, he works as a professor by day and a writer by night. During his free time, Antoine enjoys exploring the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the company of his dogs.

Girl Fights Back
Girl Fights Back is the first book in The Emily Kane Adventures. The book features Emily Kane, a half-Asian teenager currently living with her Caucasian father. Emily’s father works as a bodyguard and driver for Michael. On the days he doesn’t have to work, the doting father takes his daughter to the forest, where he passes survival skills to her. Emily is also quite good at Martial arts. She is so good that she is the only person in the dojo no one wants to compete with. Emily is waiting for her dad in the forest when she sees a troop attack Michael’s mansion. Her father is fighting the troop as he leads them to the mansion. The mansion has many tunnels, so the young girl is confident her father will find a way to escape.

Emily decides to help her father. Unfortunately, she watches as her father is killed as he tries to save his daughter. Emily knows that protocols dictate that she is supposed to go to Michael, who is hiding in a safe house. However, Emily doesn’t stick to the plan. She knows that the bad guys will never leave her alone if she doesn’t fight back. The young woman wondered why the bad guys were after her. After doing some investigation, she is determined to make those who killed her father pay. To complete her mission, Emily changes her appearance with the hope that she will not be conspicuous to those who want dead. While staying hidden would be the smart thing to do, Emily still wants to continue going to school. What she doesn’t anticipate is all the attention she gets from the boys after she changes her appearance.

Join Emily on her journey in search of justice. There is going to be a lot of fighting, and Emily’s expertise in Martial arts will make you wish you could have half her skills. Thanks to her investigation, Emily reunites with a mother she thought died a long time ago. Emily also gains many friends who are ready to help her reclaim her freedom. It is intriguing to see how this young woman fights her attackers without getting fazed. This adventure comes with many twists that will keep you glued to the pages. Will Emily be able to survive in plain sight of people who are keen to end her life?
Girl Fights back is a martial arts thriller that also doubles as a coming of age story. The protagonist, a 17-year-old, goes through events that would break even the bravest of person, but she keeps fighting, no matter how bad things get. The author has included a lot of facts on martial arts making this a perfect choice for people into this skill. This story will also appeal to readers who love action-packed with female leads determined to conquer the world. The fighting scenes will give you quite a rush, while the rising tension will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Girl Punches Out
Girl Punches Out is the second book in The Emily Kane Adventures series. Here, Emily is a bit older, more aware, and darker in character. The teenager is becoming more aware of boys and even worries about her prom date. However, her past still haunts her, and there seems to be danger lurking in every corner. This book cranks up Emily’s badass side, which will make you like her even more. While she only used hand-to-hand combat in the first book, Emily picks a sword to defend those she loves in this story. While this only forms a small section of the book, it is a clear indication of what the future holds for Emily and her fans.

Just like in the previous book, Emily has to be wary of foreign covert operatives who strike at the most unexpected times. While her attackers leave her no choice but to fight, all Emily wants is to enjoy her youth, her family, and her friends. As the story continues, it becomes apparent that this will remain a dream. Whatever the operatives want, they are determined to get it, and even her exemplary fighting skills will not make them stay away. As the attackers get more vicious, Emily has to use more of her mental and physical abilities to stay ahead. Apart from the action, the author takes the reader through martial arts theory making this a perfect book for martial arts lovers.

It is fun to watch Emily grow to be a more fearless fighter. Despite her fighting abilities, the author also exposes her weaknesses, especially where fitting in and boys are concerned. It is clear that Emily is struggling to balance the life she has envisioned, and the curveballs life keeps throwing at her. Emily’s origin becomes even more mysterious, and you cannot help but wonder if there is someone who can answer all the questions Emily has on her life. How will the talented fighter cope with teenage and the ever-present danger?

Girl Punches Out is a thrilling story that shows the lengths the protagonist is willing to go to keep those she loves safe. Even though she is not the average teenager, thanks to her martial arts skills, Emily is easy to identify with. Most of the issues she is dealing with are familiar to girls her age, and teenagers can learn a lot from her. The author writes conveniently, and the story flows smoothly despite all the violence. This writing style and pacing mimic Emily’s internal dilemma, which sets the book apart. The Japanese mythology included adds a touch of sophistication to the story while Emily’s growing maturity and physical prowess turn her into an unforgettable character.

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