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Jade Beer
Jade Beer is an award-winning editor, novelist, and journalist that has worked across women’s glossies, the national press, weeklies, and digital channels for over twenty years.

She was the editor-in-chief of Conde Nast Brides, where she headed up the market-leading print title, and it was consistently the number one bestselling bridal brand in the UK. Jade oversaw all of the digital channels with a total social following of close to four million, and the events, including the biggest live event, Brides the Show, the Brides Beauty Hub, and all of the seasonal catwalk shows.

One of the most satisfying elements of this job was the huge variety of brands she got to work with, helping promote their businesses through well-thought-out creative projects they knew their readership would respond to immediately. Jade loved getting close to the loyal and dedicated readership, couples all around the country that trusted them to guide them through one of the most important stages of their lives. Even after eight years in the job, it was just as inspiring and fascinating for Jade.

It even helped her achieve her long-held dream of becoming a published author. In June of 2018 her debut novel, “The Almost Wife” being published, with a follow-up, “What I Didn’t Say”, published in October of the same year.

She writes for other leading titles like The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine, The Telegraph, Glamour, The Sunday Times Style, Stella magazine, the Tatler Weddings Guide, and Harper’s Bazaar.

“The Almost Wife” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Three white dresses, three women, three big days that are all set, however just two of these women are going to make it down the aisle, and just the one is going to actually marry. One unforgettable page turner all about family, love, and life’s unexpected second chances.

Jessie has known that she doesn’t belong and always has. Just Adam, her fiance, makes her feel like she is good enough, precisely like she is. Jessie wants it all to be perfect for their lavish wedding day, however she is already cracking under the pressure of pretending to be somebody she isn’t with her demanding future-in-laws.

Dolly works incredibly hard to keep appearances up, however what is the point of just eating salad when her boyfriend Josh ain’t home ever to appreciate her hard work? Dolly is certain that he will change once they are married and have a family. He did say he wanted those things, right?

Emily could not be any happier, she has loving and funny parents, a job she looks forward to, and a loyal fiance. Everything is ready for their intimate country wedding, until there is some shocking news sends her life spiraling right out of control.

These three, who are perfect strangers on page one, will cross paths in the most unexpected of ways. And while their tales collide, their lives are going to take a turn that you will never see coming.

The beauty of this story was the growth that all of these characters experience, and readers loved every one of their stories. It is an emotional journey that is filled with sadness and happiness that is sure to get you laughing out loud in certain moments, and reaching for some tissues in others. It is uplifting, heartbreaking, and nuanced, and has even more layers than any wedding cake. And even though each bride seemed incredibly different on the surface, there was so much that they had in common.

“What I Didn’t Say” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. If you could wish just one thing for your daughter, what would you wish?

Jenny lost her beloved mom as a teen. As a parting gift her mom left her a bundle of letters, one for each significant day of Jenny’s future. First broken heart, first date, wedding day, when she becomes a mom.

However now Jenny’s in her late twenties, and while she’s at the hospital where she works helping other women start families of their own each day, she still has yet to open the letter for the day that she meets the love of her life, let alone the one for having a baby.

And Jenny still writes back, apologizing for not loving cycling, and not always dreaming about her. She is also sorry that the last thing she whispered to her mom was asking if she could stay up late instead of telling her she loved her mom.

Readers found this to be an unforgettable page turner that is going to leave you heartbroken, as it is flawless and captivating. It is sure to leave you sobbing after hooking your attention in right from the beginning and you won’t be able to put it down. One reader even sobbed for a solid half hour after finishing it, as it’s so real and human that you feel as though you have gone on an emotional journey with these characters.

“The Last Dress From Paris” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2022. From the backstreets in Paris to the V&A in London, a sweeping love story told through eight couture dresses, which reunites three generations of women.

Lucille’s avoiding many of life’s toughest conversations, with a boyfriend that she accidentally acquired, an egotistical boss that wants her gone, and a mom that forgot her birthday for the fifth consecutive year. Then her beloved grandma, named Sylvie, sends her off to Paris to get a dress that she wore decades before.

Alice is stuck in an unhappy marriage back in fifties Paris. From the outside it all looks privileged and glamorous. From the inside it is loveless and lonely. A passionate love affair, that is charted through the exquisite couture dresses that she wars, leaves behind a trail that is going to expose her.

While two love stories and timelines collide, family secrets get exposed, history is rewritten and Lucille’s forced to embrace the woman that she truly is.

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