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Publication Order of The Shattered Isle Books

Jade Presley is the pseudonym of the “Shattered Isle” series’s contemporary romance and fantasy author. She is best known for her stories about very sexy alpha males and the beautiful and feisty women that bring them to their knees.
The author has said that she decided to write under a pseudonym so that she could live out her nerdy girl fantasies in secret.

Presley published “Her Villains,” which was her debut fiction novel and the first of the “Shattered Isle” series of novels in 2022, and has never looked back since. A year later, the series of novels had at least five titles with more still in the fireworks.
Jade has said that she loves writing novels that will leave her readers panting, blushing, and craving more. In her writing, she finds inspiration from her many nerdy outlets most important of which are the “Marvel” movies and comics.
She has said that there is nothing she loves better than crafting the scenes she believes ought to be in the movies but are not in them.

When she is not being a writer, she is wrangling her two wild terriers, hanging out with family, reading a steamy read on her Kindle, playing board games, and being a mother and wife.

Like many modern authors, Jade Presley now runs a Patreon account so that her fans can contribute to getting exclusive access to what readers who buy books cannot get.
Subscribers to her Patreon can get a range of benefits for the subscriptions depending on the level they go with.

Some of the benefits include early access to book happenings and cover revels, signed paperbacks of new indie releases, a sneak peek into works in progress, access to private discord chats, voting and nominating bonus scenes.

Jade Presley’s novel “Her Villains” is the debut work of “The Shattered Isle” series of novels. If Cari wants to save her people the “Shattered Isle” princess will have to get married in the house of her enemies.
She was brought up consuming stories about the famous “All Plane princes” to whom she has now been promised so that the two warring realms can have peace.

However, the first thing she needs to do is earn the princes’ trust before she can kill them all, which is what she had been raised to do. However, this is not an easy task particularly since the princes all have a craving and want to make her theirs.
They have some intense and electric chemistry as they are a forbidden temptation, desire, and danger. Ultimately, secrets come to light and Cari realizes that there is more to the princes than she ever imagined.
She is now battling her heart while acknowledging that choosing the wrong side may cost her everything.

As a reverse harem fantasy with steamy scenes, violence, and enemies-to-lovers themes, this is a work that will keep you hooked right from the very first page.

The characters start out as enemies in the start but soon find that it is almost impossible to fight a mate bond. With revenge, betrayal, and drama, it is a very enjoyable work particularly when the romance is turned up to eleven.

“Her Revenge” by Jade Presley is another interesting work in “The Shattered Isle” series of novels.

Cari had been sent to the “All Plane” by her father to destroy the kingdom only to have her mind changed. She now intends to do everything in her power to ensure his reign of terror comes to an end.

Working with the kings of the “All Plane” who are her new husbands, they intend to stop her father once and for all. However, the man has refused to retreat back to the “Shattered Isle” and will not hide behind the palace walls.
He is abroad exacting vengeance on innocent elemental realms that citizens begin to question how capable their rules are in protecting them. When he threatens Cari’s loved ones, she realizes she may have underestimated her father.
If she is to protect them, she will have to become the ruthless princess she was born and brought up to be. In this outing, Cari, Tor, Steel, and Lock realize just how perfect they are for each other.

Cari is an outsider yet she brings out the best in the princes and somehow is a great fit for all their different personalities. Cari grows into her role as queen and gets used to being royalty, even as she has to make some really tough choices.
It makes for another very thrilling harem romance fiction work that will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.

Jade Presley’s novel “The Assassin” continues to follow four possessive assassins and a new queen whose heart and throne are at stake. Two weeks ago, she was the best friend and handmaiden to the Shattered Isle princess.
Thanks to her friend she now has four possessive assassins protecting her at every turn and they could not be more irresistible, even as they could also not be any more different.

They are all incredibly deadly, and irritatingly gorgeous men who consume her every thought.

River is compassionate, funny, and charming; Crane has broken her heart far too many times, Blaize is dangerous, mysterious, and icy, while Varian is sharp, edgy, and sarcastic.

They are working together to save her throne but the more time they spend together, the greater their chemistry becomes, Soon they are crossing lines between their growing needs for each other and their professional duty to her.

In the present, the being that was torturing her over several weeks has come back and is now terrorizing her Isle. While she was never brought up to be queen, she will do anything to bring back peace to her realm as she loves her people too much.
However, there is more to the enemy’s attacks, and if she cannot figure him out she may just lose the trust of the four assassins, her throne, and her people.

It makes for an interesting and spicy science-fiction story.

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