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About Jade Song

Jade Song is a multi-talented individual working as an author, art director, and artist in New York City. She was applauded for her first novel, ‘Chlorine,’ which was not only a New York Times Editor’s Choice, but was also described as “visionary and disturbing” by Publishers Weekly. Her work was published by esteemed companies, including William Morrow/HarperCollins in the US and Footnote Press in the UK.

In addition to her writing, Jade’s art direction projects have been recognized and featured in several notable platforms such as Campaign US, Bustle, The Shortys, and AdAge. This underlines the breadth of her talents and her ability to excel within various fields of work.

But beyond her professional accomplishments, Jade harbors a love for simple pleasures. Her hobbies include going for long, directionless walks and appreciating the beauty of art. An individual with great affection for her friends, she never misses an opportunity to remind them of her love. Truly, Jade Song’s multifaceted nature makes her not just a talented writer but also a charismatic individual.

Song also manages to create a unique blend of compelling characters that drive her engaging narratives, another skill that distinguishes her as an author. Her characters are far from one-dimensional; they are complex, unparalleled, and individualistic. These characters don’t just exist in her stories; they carry the plot, engage the readers, and offer a fresh perspective.

Her talent for weaving engaging stories helps her in articulating something different and innovative every time. With each page, she enthralls her readers and offers unforgettable reading experiences. She has mastered the craft of storytelling that captures the reader’s imagination in ways unexpected and extraordinary.

She masterfully interweaves elements of entertainment and potent narrative messages in her writings. Her stories captivate readers through their thrilling and enticing plot lines that do more than just thrill; they resonate with powerful themes and timely messages. This brilliant balance of storytelling makes her work a compelling read, simultaneously stirring emotion and provoking thought in audiences.

Furthermore, Jade Song’s ability to make her narratives distinct and fresh is a testament to her creative prowess. She consistently delivers uniquely captivating tales that keep the readers on the edge of their seats, making her works not just stories, but journeys to embark on. Jade Song, with her dynamic characters and engaging stories, manifests an immersive narrative world that is uniquely her own.

Early and Personal Life

The accomplished horror author Jade Song’s roots are deeply planted in New York City. Just as this place is a combination of art, culture, and life, Jade too embraces a range of professions as a writer, an art director, and an artist. This city, with its dynamism and artistic spirit, has kindled her imagination and continues to inspire her versatile capabilities.

Early in life, Jade developed an affinity for reading and writing. As she dived into the realms of different stories, they nurtured her creative side, stirring a whirlpool of ideas and inspiration which guided her towards authorship. Treading on this path of storytelling, she utilized her experiences and her perspectives to create characters and narratives that are as diverse and exciting as her beloved city.

Staying true to herself, Jade likes to keep her life simple and joyous. She finds unadulterated happiness in little things like going for aimless walks, adoring stunning art, and expressing her affection for her close ones. It’s through these everyday experiences that Jade draws inspiration and continues to flourish as an author, constantly weaving her observations and experiences into her engaging tales.

Writing Career

Jade Song’s journey as a writer has been remarkable, starting with her debut novel ‘Chlorine,’ published in 2023. The book made waves in the literary world, earning the prestigious New York Times Editor’s Choice recognition and being hailed as “visionary and disturbing” by Publishers Weekly. This monumental work was released by reputable publishers William Morrow/HarperCollins in the US, and Footnote Press in the UK.

Though ‘Chlorine’ marks a significant start, Jade’s writing career is far from over. With the success she experienced from her debut novel, it’s clear she has a lot more to offer her readers. The literary world is keen to see what else Jade Song has in store, as she continues to write.

Song excels in fusing elements of horror with contemporary social issues to create narratives that offer a unique commentary on society. By blending the often thrilling, spine-chilling aspects of horror with familiar societal themes, Jade creates more than just stories, she crafts thought-provoking discourses.

This unique narrative approach distinguishes her work, compelling readers to see beyond the surface horrors and consider the underlying societal issues she deftly illustrates.


Acclaimed author Jade Song made her debut in the literary world with the standalone horror novel ‘Chlorine.’ The enticing story was first introduced to the public on March 28, 2023. It would come out through the publisher, William Morrow, as they brought this unique tale to the bookshelves of the public.

Ren Yu leads a life enmeshed in swimming, where her existence begins and ends at the pool, and her companionship is limited to her teammates. Her primary ambition is to excel in swimming, achieve recognition, earn a scholarship, and consequently, secure a good life and the affection of her parents and coach.

However, Ren’s aspirations diverge from the ordinary, rooted not in land-bound human concerns but inspired by the captivating marine folklore she’s grown up hearing. She yearns to transform into a mermaid, to taste the freedom of the aquatic, lured by the tantalizing scent and sensation of chlorine on her skin, and is unflinchingly ready to endure any pain, face any opposition, and even shed blood to realize her unusual ambition.

‘Chlorine’ is an enticing dive into the unique world created by the celebrated author, Jade Song. The raw emotion and gripping narrative keeps readers hooked from page one. For those seeking a tale that challenges convention, this will take them on a deep dive into a truly original story, making Song’s debut an absolute must-read!

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