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Jaid Black is the pen name of Tina Marie Engler, an author born in Salem, Ohio in 1972. She has been credited with fusing romance and erotica to create a whole new genre.


Jaid Black is the child of Patricia Robb Marks and Mark Engler. By the time the author was four, her parents had separated, this eliciting her move to Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. Jaid was mostly raised by her mother, though things changed somewhat when Patricia married Charles Marks.

Black was ten years of age by this point, with the family eventually moving to Akron, Ohio. Events prompted the author to move again when she was 15, the family eventually settling in Tampa, Florida where Jaid Black stayed until the age of 29.

Most people know very little about Tina Marie Engler because she has made more of a name for herself as Jaid Black. Once a struggling writer barely making it on welfare, Black has since become immensely rich.

Though, it isn’t her entrepreneurial efforts that have earned her so much recognition but rather her contribution to the creation of erotic romance. Jaid Black has never shied away from receiving recognition for the work she did for the genre, admitting that she had definitely provided something that wasn’t available but which people keenly desired.

Besides making a name for herself as Jaid Black, Tina Marie Engler has also amassed a fortune with her entrepreneurial endeavors, having founded Ellora’s Cave Publishing and Cerridwen Press.

The author has made an appearance in every notable medium, from popular magazines like Forbes to major newspapers like the Washington Post. The author has also made appearances on Television shows and radio programs.

With dozens of books and novellas under her belt, Jaid Black has made her mark on popular culture, one that will probably last a lifetime.

+The Empress’ New Clothes

Kyra Summers is a modern day earth woman that has been kidnapped. A tall, muscled warrior claiming to be her sacred mate forces her into marriage. His home world of Tryston is a little difficult to adapt to.

Females are frequently sexually subjugated by the barbarians who have claimed them. With laws designed to cater to hedonism, Kyra finds love on the alien world to be a difficult thing, this book bringing her spicy escapades to life.

There are many words that can be used to describe this book, and crazy is probably one of them. The book suggests that the primary purpose of any given individual is to find their sacred mate.

A sacred mate is that individual for whom you have been predestined. Kyra’s sacred mate is the High King of Tryston and he gives Kyra little choice in the matter of their wedding.

A reader’s opinion of this book will depend on their interests. Fans of erotica will obviously get a kick out of this book. However, anyone simply looking to for a good book to read might be baffled by the rationale of this novel as a whole.

This book is one long train of sexual encounters. The tools and device’s Jaid Black uses to facilitate the endless sex do not make much sense, not if you take the time to actually think them through.

The fact that the human women in the story, after being sexually satisfied by multiple partners until the cry out loud enough to satisfy their sacred mate, lay large eggs makes no sense, especially seeing as Jaid Black never suggests that their human physiology somehow changes to make such occurrences possible.

Everything goes in this book; it almost feels like Jaid was fishing for the most ridiculous ideas about sex that she could find and simply throwing them on the page without first thinking them through.

Kyra, a tax accountant, makes a shockingly quick transformation, becoming immediately enamored by the idea of frequently wearing skimpy clothing and even adapting the exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies of the people around her, all within a few hours.

There are so many orgies in the novel and most of them feel so random. This is a book about a world that revolves around sexual pleasure, where aliens spend their nights and days seeking and achieving nonstop ecstasy.

One cannot deny the fact that Jaid Black delivers on the promise of her book’s premise.


The third book in a series, Enslaved tells the story of Kil, an intriguing character and his mate Marty, the one heroine that can tame him.

The story of Enslaved begins when Kil’s mother, Empress Jana is raped and murdered. His inability to help her compelled him to drive all emotions away, this while putting off the search for his sacred partner.

This is where Martha comes into play; a woman from Earth in 1967, Martha is ripped out of her world and thrown onto the planet Tron, this while being aged ten years.

Unlike Tryston, Martha encounters the village of Wani which is ruled completely by women. Here the men are the slaves. However, Martha is quickly overcome by Kil who enslaves her and throws her in with the rest of his harem.

He doesn’t realize that Marty is his sacred mate. Fans of erotica tend to take this book more serious than people who do not understand the genre. For this reason, you have readers who were moved by Kil’s character and the experiences he encountered early on.

You also have readers who simply dismiss Kil and complain about Jaid Black’s poor attempt at proper character development. Everyone agrees that Jaid Black makes more of an effort to write a decent story here, though.

Marty is actually well developed as a character, smart and witty. Jaid Black emphasizes the fact that Martha is a woman who is pulled out of the burgeoning days of the feminist era and who must then endure and ultimately succumb to the enslavement of her captor.

The idea that Kil and Martha eventually develop a bond despite Martha’s enslavement is bound to offend some people’s sensibilities. But most of Jaid Black’s books tend to do that. The author is more interested in telling a sexually appealing story than selling a message or appeasing certain types of readers.

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