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Delia's Shadow (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Barricade In Hell (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Against a Brightening Sky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The 2010 Rhysling Anthology(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triangulation: Last Contact(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Daily Science Fiction Stories of October 2011(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Brink of Never(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jaime Lee Moyer is an American author who was born in Los Angeles, in the United States. She writes in the genres of Historical fiction, Mystery, Science fiction and Fantasy. Jaime Lee Moyer was poetry editor for Ideomancer Speculative Fiction for five years. She has also been the editor of the 2010 Rhysling Award Anthology for the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Jaime Lee Moyer is also a poet in her own right, and has sold more than her share of poetry. Her short fiction has been published in Daily Science fiction, Lone Star Stories and the Triangulations. Jaime Lee Moyer has been influenced by the works of Ursula K. LeGuin, Robin McKinley, Neil Gaiman, and Barbara Hambly. Jaime Lee Moyer lives in San Antonio, the land of rhinestones, cowboys and cactus, while dreaming of tall trees and the ocean. Jaime Lee Moyer reads as much as she can, and she writes a lot.

Her first book, Delia’s Shadow, which is also the first novel of the Delia Martin series, was published in 2013 and the second book of the series, A Barricade in Hell, was published in 2014. Delia’s Shadow was the Winner of the 2009 Columbus Literary Award for fiction. The Award is administered by Thurber House and funded by the Columbus Arts Council.

Delia’s Shadow is the first book of Jaime Lee Moyer’s Dalia Martins series. The novel is set in 1915, in San Francisco with its genteel upper class and ambitious working class, and the excitement and expectations for the future brought about by the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. To most people Delia Martin is a wealthy young woman leading the ideal life. However, a dark secret colors her life, for her most loyal companions are ghosts. This is because Delia has been gifted, although some would say cursed, with an ability to see across to the other side of life. Since the great earthquake rocked San Francisco in 1906, Delia has been haunted by a multitude of the dead clamoring for her help. She flees San Francisco to the other side of the American continent, hoping to gain some peace and control. After spending several years in New York, she believes she is free. This is until one determined ghost appears. Delia tries to deny the reality of ghosts, but this turns out to be very difficult with this specter haunting her. She realizes that she must return to San Francisco in order to put this tortured soul to rest. She has to go back to her home town where tragedy struck and is striking again. Delia must find out what happened to the ghost that is haunting her, and this is critically important as the killer might be after her next. The book opens with Delia a lighting from a train as the locomotive engine shoots billowing clouds of steam into the air. She is accompanied by Sam an elderly porter who had been looking her all the way from New York. Sam takes her Satchel and offers Delia the other hand to help her down the train steps. Delia gives him a dollar tip and he departs. Delia is left alone on the platform and she utilizes the opportunity to sort her thoughts about ghosts as she waits for Sadie to collect her. Sadie soon arrives and they board a cab to take them home. Meanwhile almost all Delia can see are ghosts. In the cab Sadie asks Delia why she has decided to return home and Delia explains that she is haunted by a female ghost and that the ghost seems to want something done there in San Francisco. Delia tells Sadie that the ghost is seating with them in the cab. Sadie finds the entire story exciting. They soon arrive home. Gabe and Jack, two police officers are on patrol discussing the serial killer who has alarmed everyone in San Francisco and is yet to be caught. Delia goes to greet Sadie’s mother, Esther whose health is failing and is bed ridden. Esther had adopted Delia after the 1906, in San Francisco killed her parents, while Delia was on holiday in Coronado with Sadie and her mother Esther. She had been sixteen then. The young girl’s ghost is the only one in the house. Delia leaves Esther room and goes to have dinner. Sadie lets it slip that she is to get married in six weeks time. Delia finds it to be scandalously too short a time. The ghost is trying to communicate with Delia by offering its hand but Delia does not want to touch it and asks it to find another way to communicate with her.

A Barricade in Hell is the second book in the Delia Martin’s series. In the novel Delia and her husband Captain Gabe Ryan are faced with the challenge of living a haunted life. Ghosts seek Delia out. She is followed by all manner of ghosts; both the lost and confused ghosts who haven’t yet realized they’re dead and the stronger, more malevolent spirits who are determined to cling to the world of the living or are seeking revenge. They all want something from Delia and most of what they want she can’t give. Ghosts often follow Captain Gabe home. Most of the ghosts are murder victims from unsolved crimes, their names lost to time and their cases long forgotten. As a homicide detective, Captain Gabe deals with violent death and the damage done daily. Captain Gabe can not see ghosts like his wife Delia does, but he is a strong and passionate believer in justice. Thought he can not find justice for every victim, that doesn’t stop him from trying to do the best he can. Out of necessity, Delia has grown stronger and learned to protect herself. Her biggest fear is to hurting Gabe, or worse yet losing him. She is determined that her ability to see into the spirit realm wouldn’t harm her husband Gabe, or any of the other people she loves. Delia’s strength and determination are put to the test when a new ghost appears in their lives. The little girl spirit has an intense and worrying interest in Captain Gabe. The little girl ghost completely defies Delia’s efforts to send her away. The question upper most in Delia’s though is why is this little girl spirit so focused on Captain Gabe, and how can Delia protect the man she loves, her husband? The book opens with Delia and her husband asleep in their moonlight bedroom. Captain Gabe is fast asleep but Delia is awake. She has been woken up by a ghost of a tiny little girl about five years of age carrying a china doll. The ghost looks real, appearing near as solid as she had in life. The girl makes Delia remember her dead daughter. Delia goes to see her teacher, mentor and guide in the bewildering world of spirits and ghosts, Madam Isadora bobet. She has a hard time following the lessons as her mind keeps wandering off. After a while they abandon the lesson and the two just talk. Madam Bobet encourages Delia to ventilate her worries. Captain Gabe arrives home early carrying a banquet of flowers for his wife. He has been followed home by a large number of strong ghosts of soldiers and tradesmen but many of them children a fact that worries Delia. She uses a spell she had been taught by Madam Bobet to keep the ghosts out of their home.

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