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The Jake Lassiter series is a series of legal thriller series written by one of the noteworthy novelists from America named Paul Levine. This series is comprised of 12 books in total, which were released between the years 1990 and 2015. Every book in the thriller series features the main protagonist in the form of Jake Lassiter. He is described by author Levine as a trial lawyer from Miami, who is also a former football player as well as a former public defender. Author Levine began writing the Jake Lassiter series in the year 1990. He released the debut book in the same year, which is titled as ‘To Speak For the Dead’. Levine completed writing and published at least one novel every year till the year 1997. He did not write any other novel in the series until 2011. From then on, he started writing the series once again. Currently, he is working on the next book of the series, which he will be publishing very soon. For the past 25 years, author Levine has been keeping the fans of the crime fiction books busy with the bestselling books of this series. All the thriller and mysteries depict Lassiter as a second string linebacker and a current night school lawyer. He seems to be in trouble quite frequently with the law itself. One of the books of this series has been adapted into a film by NBC. Author Levine has benefitted very much due to the success of the series, including being awarded with the popular John MacDonald Florida Award. Jake Lassiter is shown to have completed his graduation from the Penn University. Following this, he went for a short career in pro football as a line backer.

After a short while into his pro football career, Lassiter was encouraged by one of the cheerleaders to enroll himself inlaw school. The same cheerleader then goes on to become his wife in the future. Right after finishing the law school, he gets hired by a popular law firm in Miami. He seems to have got the job mainly because of being a popular former football player who was studying law in the Miami town. Apart from being a well known lawyer, Jassiter is also a hard core fisherman and wind surfer. But, he seems to have a frequent problem with authority. He tends to square off against the lawyers from the DA’s office of Dale County in the court. He has an associate in the form of a retired practitioner and coroner named Dr. Charlie Rigs. Lassiter’s ego is always kept in check by his stylish secretary. Jake Lassiter does not appear to be an ambulance chaser by any means, but because of many of his other aspects he does not appear to be a saint either. On several occasions, Jake Lassiter tends to rub the people in the wrong way. He likes to describe himself as a burger and beer guy in the world of white wine. Due to the success of this series, author Levine has developed quite a fan following in his writing career. He also makes sure that he does not disappoint his fans and delivers at least one book each year. The series has also been made into a pilot television show, in which actor Gerals McRaney was cast to play the role of Jake Lassiter. Overall, Jake is supposedly described as a man who plays professional football and works as a dedicated lawyer. The character of Jake Lassiter is believed by many critics to keep readers smiling, guessing, and turning the pages till the very end of each book.

An earlier book published in the Jake Lassiter series is titled as ‘Lassiter’. It was released by the Nittany Valley publication in 2014. The start of the book shows that Jake Lassiter had come across a teenage runaway around 18 years ago, who was involved in the sex trade of South Florida. Now, he is trying to trace her footsteps in order to find out what she is really into. The search for the girl takes Jake Lassiter into the deep conspiracy involving the powerful and rich people of Miami. These influential people would try to do anything in their capacity to keep their secrets hidden. Jake Lassiter, who seems to be more cynical about the judicial system that he serves, will do whatever it takes to find the girl and save her from becoming a victim of this conspiracy. If he knows that he is not wrong, he will go to any extent to let justice be served. Jake Lassiter will even go to the extent of taking a swing at the opposition lawyers if he wishes to. The sister of the girl, Amy Larkin, accuses Jake of being involved in her sister’s disappearance around 18 years back. Even though Jake was not involved in any means of this sort, he thinks that it was his responsibility to make sure that Krista Larkin was safe at that time. Therefore, in order to mend his mistake, he goes on to follow the cold trail and prepares himself to fight against the powerful men of the society. The ones who stand in his path include a Cuban slick prosecutor, an old mobster, and a philanthropist who was a former porn king. The evidences take Lassiter to a drug party. But, before Lassiter could catch the main culprit, a gun fires and one of the suspects gets shot. Eventually, he is required to defend a murder trial. Finally, Lassiter becomes successful in bringing out the long hidden truth in the courtroom.

Another early book written in the series is titled as ‘Last Chance Lassiter’. The story shown in this book depicts that Lassiter faces extreme odds. He takes up the case of Cadillac Johnson, who is a blues and rhythm musician, claiming that a popular hip hop artist has stolen his greatest song. On the other hand, the personal life of Lassiter is also in chaos. After losing his job at a famous law firm, he is forced to set up his office in a parking garage on the Miami Beach. Also, he gets dumped his lawyer girlfriend. In addition to all these, Lassiter faces disbarment because of punching his client in the courtroom. These harsh experiences in life teach Jake Lassiter important lessons for life. He decides that he will not follow any other code except his own. Subsequently, he goes on to represent Cadillac Johnson’s case and wins it on his own terms.

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