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Publication Order of Jake Longly Books

Jake Longly is the main character in a series of novels written by bestselling American author D.P. Lyle. In the series, Jake is a retired professional baseball player now working as an amateur sleuth. The first book in Jake Longly series by DP Lyle is Deep Six published on July 5th, 2016 and the second one A-List published in 2017 by Oceanview Publishing.

Deep Six

Deep Six starts with the protagonist, Jake Longly on a stakeout after he is approached by his psychotic ex-girlfriend who concludes that he must be stalking her and then goes ahead and smashes the windows of his two vehicles.

Jake and Ray, his father, have a complicated relationship and refuses to work for his father who is an investigator. His father does not give much respect for the life that Jake lives and is always trying to convince him to join him in his investigative activities. However, he finally gives in after the latest request came with a “please” attached to it. Thinking his first new job as a sleuth is going to be an easy assignment, take photos, and record some videos, Jake is mesmerized after finding out the target of the investigation is brutally murdered.

Now joined forces with Nicole, a woman Jake met and become romantically entangled with, he and his father are assigned the task of finding the killer on the loose. The mystery of who the killer could be will take Jake the amateur sleuth and his sidekick, Nicole down a few rabbit holes but eventually, all lead back to Victor Borkov and his gang. Providing evidence that Victor is the man behind the killing of their client’s wife is not going to be a downhill task but rather an uphill task since every eye witness showing up is ending up dead.

With the assistance from the police department, his sidekick, Nicole and his father, the truth is finally surfaced. Victor Borkov is a Ukrainian gang member who is not to be messed around with, he is a man known for getting whatever he wants, so when the sleuth amateur and his girlfriend try to block his way, he intends not taking on prisoners.

The series debut Deep Six is a very well written novel narrated from the first person point of view with alternating perspective. The story weaves in and out amongst the criminals from the highest to the lowest levels. The characters featured are beautifully crafted, all the men are studs, and all the women are beautiful. The dialogue integrated into this novel is well written and fun to read. It is an action-packed romp of a crime book that can be compared to Tom Cruise Mission Impossible action movies. The plotline draws you in, and you will want to see whether Jake transforms into a better man that his father wanted him to be, questions such as does he save the day? Will storm your mind and the race to get the answers to these questions will keep you hooked to the end.

Apart from the action in the novel, you will love the fact that the author makes use of the central character baseball experience in an interesting way. If you want to quench your thirst for mystery and crime read, then it is recommended you grab a copy of this book.


Nicole Jemison and Jake Longly are the Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth or the Dr. Temperance and Seeley Booth of private investigators. Moreover, if you love watching those fictive television characters, then you will find. D.P. Lyle, Jake Longly series an interesting read.

Set in the fizzy New Orleans, this fun, food filled and liquor is flowing narrative start off as the alpha female Nicole get a phone call from her beloved uncle, Charles Balfour. Charles is a famous and a big shot Hollywood movie director and producer; he requests her and Jake to help him investigate the murder of a young lady inside of a classy five-star hotel room- which also tends to involve a famous and a good looking movie star named Kirk Ford.

The murdered young woman, Kristy Guidry and Kirk Ford had some intimate relations in Ford’s room. When the Hollywood star, Kirk wakes up the next morning only to find his beloved girlfriend lying dead next to him dead, all the hell break loose in an instance. More so after the victim’s uncle, Tony Guidry, a mob leader with both local and distance influence learns that his niece whom he treasured and idolizes to almost the extreme of perversity has been murdered. Tony suspects that the handsome young actor, Kirk, and he vows for a deadly revenge. He wants his niece murder avenged not later but now.

Now meet the foursome Masters of Crime investigations: Ray Longly, the man behind Longly Investigations, and also Jakes father; the enormous and beefy Tommy Jeffers also known as “Pancake, he is Rays sidekick and a menacing red head capable of packing an hefty punch on both food and criminals; then there is Nicole Jemison, a gorgeous but domineering private investigator; Jake Longly is a retired prominent MLB pitcher now turned a Private Investigator, a bar owner and romantically involved with Nicole.

Added to this brave and wacky quartet of the main characters are the lovable and somehow downright scandalous supporting characters. One is Kirk Ford, a television idol and one of the Hollywood richest starts; Tara James and Tegan, beautiful “identical” twins and also Kirk’s co-stars; Troy Doucet, a New Orleans Police Department detective who is assigned to Guidry murder case; and Marty Ebersole, a greedy director of Space Quest.

The questions asked here being, who killed Kristy Guidry and why? What was their motive? A small group of players and others including the two brothers of Kristy, Robert, and Kevin- make this adventurous mystery and interesting one.

A-List is a great work of fiction by American bestselling author D.P. Lyle. It is mainly written from Jakes point of view, and most of the action is dialogue driven. It is both a thriller and a murder mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat and want to peruse to the next page to find out what exactly happened.

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