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Publication Order of Jake Pendleton Books

The Savannah Project (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Toymaker (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breach of Power (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disruption (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chuck Barrett is an American author of fiction. He has won many awards for his writing. He is perhaps best-known to his readers as the author of the exciting action-adventure Jake Pendleton series of fictional novels.

In addition to being a writer, Chuck speaks as well as conducts writing workshops that take place anywhere from reading groups to writers groups and writers conferences as well as book festivals and clubs. His workshops also go over self-publishing independently, how to have a successful book launch, getting from your mental world to a finished manuscript, and more.

Chuck Barrett also keeps busy teaching classes at colleges in Colorado about publishing and writing bestselling novels. He teaches at Colorado State University and Front Range Community College.

He graduated from Auburn University and used to work as an air traffic controller, although he is now retired. He holds a certificate as a Commercial Pilot, a Flight Instructor Certificate, as well as a Dive Master rating. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, and outdoor activities and being outside. He is married to his wife DJ Steele, who also is a published author. They live together in the state of Colorado.

The Jake Pendleton Series by Chuck Barrett started in 2010 with the publication of the first book in the series, The Savannah Project. It was quickly followed by the publication of the sequel in the series, The Toymaker. He followed those up with Breach of Power and the fourth book Disruption.

The series focuses on main character Jake Pendleton, who works as an investigator and gets into some complex and risky situations as a result of his work. Tough and determined, there’s no one who would sacrifice more. In tough situations, you want Jake in your corner.

The Savannah Project is the debut novel in Chuck Barrett’s exciting Jake Pendleton series. It all starts when Jake Pendleton gets the call for an investigation. He works for the NTSB and his expertise is required for an aircraft accident that has occurred in Savannah, right during the high point of some St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

At first sight, the accident seems to be fairly common. But what at first glance appears to be a regular, run of the mill accident begins to appear that is anything but an accident. If this wasn’t an accident, then what caused the plane to malfunction? Who did it, and what did they get out of doing it? Pendleton doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out.

Jake Pendleton thinks that the whole situation seems suspicious. He’s uneasy about it all, and he thinks that there is enough indication that this was intentional rather than just a simple coincidence. Things like this happen, but not in this case. But what Pendleton doesn’t know is that the farther he goes in his search for answers, the more he’s going to find.

Little does he know that this investigation will trigger an avalanche of violence, treachery, and secrets. Pendleton might just be in over his head this time. But with the help of a reliable friend, he just may be able to make it through. Gregg Kaplan works as an air traffic controller and was the last person to have contact with the downed plane.

Kaplan may be the lead that he’s looking for– or if not, at least the ally. Jake must do what he can to sort through the details and come up with the truth. With nothing as it seems and no one safe, Pendleton must exert every bit of effort to track down a vicious killer and bring them to justice at last.

Will he be able to do it? You’re going to have to check out Jake in action for yourself to find out! Pick up The Savannah Project by Chuck Barrett if you are craving a political thriller novel that is absolutely packed to the top with action.

The Toymaker is the second book in the Jake Pendleton series by thriller author Chuck Barrett. Everyone’s favorite investigator Jake Pendleton is back again and this time he is facing down another cryptic case.

He used to investigate for the NTSB, but now he’s gone solo. The trouble with this is that it’s up to him and him alone to make judgment calls now. As things go from neat black and white to a blurred gray, this investigator will question what it is to take on the world and the cases that come along with it.

Jake looks to a new mentor to try and guide him through this time. The man is older and could be called eccentric, but he is able to see beyond the surface of Jake and beyond his flaws. This man is known as The Toymaker because he creates toys for spies– or so they say.

Jake finally gets his first assignment, and the good news is that he’s back in action with his partner from the past, Gregg Kaplan. Now the former investigator and the air traffic controller are on a dangerous mission: to go all the way to Yemen and rescue an agent that is being held captive there.

Jake must risk everything to stop an attack by a mastermind from al Qaeda. The deeper that the mission gets, the more blurred all of the lines become. It may just be that apart from Gregg, the only person that Jake can rely on is himself.

The terrorist groups are formulating a plan for a huge attack. If it’s carried off, the results will be devastating to the free world. There is more trouble on the way for Pendleton too. When a killer from the past comes back, they are after more than just Jake. They are threatening something that Jake would give anything to protect.

In the end, he will be faced with a difficult decision. It may end up being Sophie’s Choice as the killer gives him an option of who to sacrifice.

What will happen? You will have to pick up the exciting second installment of the Jake Pendleton series to find out. Check out The Toymaker today, and if you love these two novels, check out the next novel and the next in the Pendleton series– you’ll be glad you did!

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