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Publication Order of Jake Wolfe Books

Dead Lawyers Don't Lie (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vigilante Assassin (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Lawyer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
San Diego Dead (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Weapon (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Key West Dead (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Jake Wolfe” series is a set of novels by Mark Nolan, a thriller author best known for his debut novel “Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie.” He first got into writing when he was a freelance writer and entrepreneur. During the early years of his life, he authored news stories for businesses. His stories would be featured in prestigious publications such as “The Associated Press,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “Reader’s Digest,” “Parade” and “National Geographic.” The San Francisco born author was born and brought up in the Bay Area but would later live in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. He has said that he is proud to have been the father of two great kids and a very smart retriever dog. Since was born and lived near the sea, he has enjoyed scuba diving, fishing, boating and exploring in places as diverse as Hawaii, Florida, California and Mexico. Nolan usually uses his many experiences in the making of his locations, characters and plot lines.

Growing up, Mark Nolan was the type of kid that would read novels with a flashlight underneath his blankets when he should have been sleeping. He was one day caught reading “The Hobbit” in a mathematics lesson and as punishment had to do extra math homework for a week. His introduction to fiction writing was when she was in the sixth grade and had to write a story for class. The teacher loved his story so much that she read it in front of the class. The teacher told her that she would grow up to become a novelist. Nolan also got further encouragement from her eighth grade teacher but he would get sidetracked by raising two kids and running a business that he never had the time to write a novel. As for his inspiration, he does not know how it works and thinks it is some kind of magic. Nonetheless, he is very observant of situations, people and life and his curious nature also helps a lot. His mind is also a storehouse of things he has researched, read about and observed and most of these usually end up in his novels.

The “Jake Wolfe” series of novels tell the story of Jack Wolfe, an ex marine that has been through a lot in life. Having seen and experienced a lot, he has evolved with each scar and become even stronger. He is confident that he can take on any situation and this often has him help weak people in need of his specific talents and toolset. Since he came back and started working as a photojournalist, he has made a ton of connections that help him in his work. Nonetheless, the people who are closest to him remain the men he served with in the marines. As a flawed man with a dark past that he wants to leave behind, he often finds himself in a dilemma when he has to engage in violence to protect the people he loves. Over the years, he transforms from a journalist to lawyer and secret government assassin. But despite the many changes to his life, he is always in some kind of danger through no fault of his own.

“Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie” the debut novel of the “Mark Nolan” series introduces former CIA killer, special black ops assassin, and marine turned photojournalist Jack Wolfe. He often finds himself at the wrong place and time and this happens right at the beginning of the story. He had accidentally taken a photograph of “The Artist,” a dangerous assassin for hire. He is a Russian criminal who has been paid by a conglomerate of fifty corporate fat cats to kill three lawyers. What he had witnessed was just the first of the killings. The three lawyers had been complicit in ruining innocent people, getting some guilty people off or prosecuting the innocent. But it turns out that there is something sinister in the deaths. When Wolfe presents the media to the police at the second crime scene, many believe he is going to be next since the elite global cabal and the killer have put a target on his back. The killer decides it would be better to set up Jake by impersonating him while he is killing the third lawyer. Suddenly Jake finds himself targeted by the Secret Services, the FBI and the San Francisco police.

“Vigilante Assassin,” the second of the series, continues to follow the life and times of Jake Wolfe. In this novel, we are introduced to Lauren Stephens, a woman that wakes up and realizes that Gene, her husband, went missing in the night. He cannot reach him on his phone and contacts Jake Wolfe for help. When Jake searches her house, he finds some very disturbing things that could not be unseen. Lauren had believed that she had achieved everything she ever wanted. She has a beautiful house in the hills of San Francisco, a loving partner, a successful business, and two great children. But everything is about to come crashing about her ears due to the secret that if revealed will destroy all her trust. Her husband has enemies and now they want Lauren to give them something she never knew existed. Jake Wolfe has his flaws and is often at the wrong place at the wrong time. He also has his dark secret past that he wants to leave in the past. But he cannot stand idly by while some thugs threaten Lauren and her kids. His protective instincts come to the fore and he is soon in the middle of a conspiracy engaged in a struggle with an unseen cabal. They will do anything including kill anyone who stands in the way of what they want to achieve. Jake has to put all his experience and skills to protect Lauren and her children even as he is targeted.

In “Killer Lawyer,” the third novel of the “Jake Wolfe” series, Jake is forced back into a violent life. He had managed to get his law degree and he now works as an attorney. He thought he could leave all the violence and dark secrets in the past and make a great career in the law. But leaving such a life is never easy as trouble always seems to find him. Whether it was from someone who had some beef or from the CIA missions, trouble was something he had learned to live with. Moreover, if he got involved in that life again he faced the real prospect of losing his girlfriend Sarah. She believed that living that life placed his loved ones and himself in danger. In the meantime, a man that had been nicknamed the Random Killer because of his deranged ways has been causing havoc. He had learned about the man when his friend and neighbor had been murdered and the evidence planted to incriminate him. Jake had decided that he was the man to bring the killer justice even if it put him in danger. But now the killer has him in his cross hairs.

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