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James Abel is an American author of fiction. He was born in 1951. Abel is the pen name of Bob Reiss. Reiss is not only an author but a journalist. Reiss currently resides in New York City.

James Abel or Bob Reiss as he is also known has written extensively about exotic or unusual locations all over the globe. This includes Somalia, the Arctic, the Amazon rain forest, and more! This has also helped him to draw from those places and include geographically intriguing locations for his fictional characters to travel to.

James Abel is the creator and writer of the Joe Rush series. This series kicked off in 2015 with the publication of the debut novel in the series, titled White Plague. The series continued with the release of the sequel to White Plague, which was called Protocol Zero. A third book was released, titled Cold Silence. Ultimately a fourth book in the series came out which was called Vector in 2017, breaking the series from its trilogy status.

White Plague is the debut novel of the Joe Rush series by James Abel. The Arctic’s frozen waters are the setting when the reader opens up this book, and we get to meet the main character Joe Rush for the first time. He is a Marine and also happens to be an expert on bio-terror.

Right now he is in the middle of a race against time as he is rushing to save a sub crew from the fallout of a threat that could end up killing them all. They were sending out a signal for help and then the messages just stopped shortly after five a.m. around Washington time.

The staffers that had been handling the messages sat horrified for a moment in slow realization of what had happened. They tried several ways to reach the people that had been sending the messages and nothing was working– they had come up to a dead end.

As a result they call up the Director, who in turn calls up Joe Rush. The Arctic Ocean is a cold place, and submarines can withstand the cold temperatures of the waters, believe it or not. If subs needed all the waters that they traveled through to be a certain temperature, then going on subs would be a perilous business. As it stands, it already is, particularly in this case.

The sub is the USS Montana. It not only has high tech but it really is high-powered too. That’s not going to help it now as the sub is not only adrift but dealing with a fire. The crew of the boat could be lost entirely if they are not reached in time. If rescue teams don’t arrive and the crew cannot put out the fire, the entire sub may implode and they may all be lost.

Who can get close to them before it is to late? Their only hope is a team that is near by, a team led by a Marine named Joe Rush. This Marine bio-terror expert and doctor is just the person that you want to try and help the submarine’s crew. They have only 36 hours left to them before it is too late and the last of the crew dies. They have precious little time to save the crew of the Montana before something goes terribly wrong.

They have limited air and limited time on the submarine and the team must work quickly. To make matters worse, a foreign sub is quickly approaching. Things are about to go from complicated to worse in a manner of hours. The goal is to save the crew, but are the sailors down there the only ones on the submarine?

Or are they dealing with something slightly more lethal than that– something that plagued humanity but that human beings forgot about entirely? Could it be that the crew of the submarine has accidentally unleashed something that was never supposed to get out in the first place?

It’s up to Rush and his team to do what they can to save the crew and maybe even stop this monster from being set on the human race in general. What will happen in the end? Pick up White Plague to find out!

Protocol Zero is the second book by James Abel in the fictional Joe Rush series. Rush is an expert on bio-terror and a doctor trained in the marines to boot. Now he’s back in an exciting sequel and adventure once again that is unrelenting in its pace and action!

When a new plague emerges, it could undo all of humanity and be the end of the world as we know it. Authorities in Alaska are shocked one day when they get a call from what sounds like a teenage girl. Once they follow up on it, they find a family of researchers– all dead.

Joe Rush gets the call to come lend his talents to the investigation. The bodies look like they have all been part of a murder and suicide ritual– at least on the surface. However, Rush suspects that the truth is not that black and white. He looks a little bit closer, and sure enough, the team’s circumstances are anything but ordinary violence.

It turns out that the researchers were actually infected, and not with just any disease– one of the deadliest on earth. The fatality rate is 100%, as in everyone who contracts it dies. The disease used to be contained in experiments and is normally not even contagious. Could it have evolved on its own, or is the interference of human beings behind this?

The answer is anybody’s guess, and time is running out. Disaster is looming and he can’t be the only one noticing. Now the military’s shut off part of Alaska and even Rush is being targeted by killers. Someone thinks that he is the one that released this plague and betrayed his country in the process.

Rush is going to save millions of lives if he can find out what’s going on. But will he be able to find hidden answers in time? Pick up Protocol Zero by James Abel to find out!

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