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Publication Order of The Medical Students Books

James B. Cohoon
James B. Cohoon is a fiction author best known for his thrilling and highly captivating stories. This talented author worked as a civil litigation lawyer for three decades before diving into the world of writing. However, after years of publishing legal articles and briefs for judges and lawyers, the transition was easy.

His debut novel, Do No Harm, earned him thousands of fans worldwide, and the second installment in this series is just as captivating, especially to fans of mystery thrillers. Cahoon lives in California with his wife. He enjoys writing, spending quality time with his wife, and playing with his grandsons.

Do No Harm
Do No Harm comes first in The Medical Students series. The book introduces Matthew Preston, a young man doing everything possible to graduate from med school. When he was just eight, Matthew watched his rich neighbor’s son Ted Nash murder his father. While Ted was sent to prison for life, Matthew has always felt that Ted did not pay enough for his crimes. How could he have paid when Matthew had to grow up without a father.

Matthew plans the ultimate revenge, and what better way to complete his mission than gain access to Ted as a prison doctor and end his life once and for all. While in school, Matthew falls in love with Torrey Jamison, a brilliant girl from a poor background. Torrey has her baggage, too, and has never recovered from a rape that happened in high school.

While Torrey has had her fair share of pain, she does not support Matthew’s plan to kill the man who murdered his father. Somehow, she doesn’t understand his vigilante approach to justice. She tries to talk Matthew out of his plan, but it’s clear that his mind is made up. Will this young doctor end the life of the man who brutally murdered his father, or will his compassion win? How can he kill a man who is already suffering from cancer?

This story will leave you at the edge of your seat. The pace is brisk, there are many unforeseen twists and turns, and the storyline is simply captivating. The author will have your attention but the end of the first page and hold it to the last page. While planning to kill a man already suffering from cancer sounds ruthless, it’s easy to understand where Matthew is coming from. Watching his father die at the hands of a man who didn’t seem the least sorry must have been heartbreaking.

The author touches on several social issues such as injustice and corruption. Through Matthew and his obsession with revenge, you also see what lengths people are willing to go to to ensure that justice is served. The story also touches on prison and the healthcare system, and the medical jargon helps add just the correct dose of sophistication. Cahoon’s writing is outstanding, and things unfold perfectly in this intense yet short read.

Do No Harm is a captivating story about revenge, justice, and human nature. The story is characterized by lovable characters, a fast pace, and some element of mystery. Once the surprises start rolling, you will barely be able to predict what will happen on the next page. It’s wonderful that amidst all the injustice and pain, a beautiful love is born. While the story is sure to keep you glued, it’s amazing that it’s slightly less than three hundred words, and you can devour it in a sitting or two.

Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine comes second in The Medical Students series. In the first book, you met Matthew Torrey and Torrey Jamison at Staford. The relationship between these two young doctors continued to deepen in the course of the story, and they get married towards the end. Torrey is also forced to look at vigilantism from a different angle and understand where the man she loves is coming from.

In this installment, newlywed Matthew and Torrey have already graduated from med school and are working in Kaiser hospital. A few weeks into their new job, Matthew and Torrey discover that a niece to their friend is going through phony cancer treatment. Determined to make things right, Matthew and Torrey put their careers at risk and expose the rogue doctor. Their marriage will become strained in the course of this case, and it’s up to this lovely couple to remember what drives them.

While Matthew was the person seeking revenge in the first book, Torrey will be taking the lead on this one. This brilliant doctor with a smart mouth to boot is determined to stop the rogue doctor for good. The plight of those young kids deceived into ditching surgery, and cancer medication for a miracle cure pains her, given that she lost a sister many years ago to the disease. This explains why she will not stop even when it’s clear that her life is in danger.
Overall, this is a highly entertaining read. While this is a work of fiction, some parts point to what is wrong with the American health system. It’s heartbreaking what efforts parents with sick children have to put to access proper medical care. The author’s ability to create suspense is outstanding, and once you start reading, you will not want to stop until you get to the last page. Matthew and Torrey continue to evolve, and it’s fun watching them in action as they work to eliminate the bad guys of this world.

Bad Medicine is another medical thriller that will keep you awake at night. The pace rises at exhilarating levels as the young doctors go against a doctor who gets paid big bucks to slowly kill children with terminal cancer. Torrey is clearly badass, and, amazingly, she has Matthew’s support even when it seems like she is not thinking rationally. A lot happens in this story, and a few steps are left untied at the end. If you enjoy thrillers featuring rogue doctors and heroes determined to right the wrongs in the world, this book is for you.

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