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James Beltz is an American bestselling author of thrillers best known for his DJ Slaughter series. Born and spent his childhood in Louisiana, James currently lives in Oklahoma with his family- wife and four children. Formerly a famous photographer and founder of a Photo Tips podcast, he’s been a creative soul. However because of a personal event in his life, James resolved to find an alternative way to express himself besides photography and writing seemed like the best alternative closer to photography.

Slaughter Origin Story

This is the first book in DJ Slaughter series by James Beltz, and it’s not for the light-hearted. We meet John Slaughter, a lonely man who’s lost his wife and two children. He secludes himself from the rest of the world and has a collection of firearms. One of Big Chuck gang sells antique firearms to David, and in their next deal they try to steal his money, which is one big mistake by Big Chuck who had chosen to defraud DJ.

They try to steal DJ’s money and his collection of firearms hidden in his home. Wounded DJ escapes, but he has to save his collection of weapons. This turns out to be a difficult task because he will have to confront around 20-25 trained men waiting for his arrival. But because DJ is a skilled man that messes around with no one, he eliminates each one with surgical precision. But that’s not the end, as Big Chuck wants to prove who he is and tracks down DJ to kill him but again DJ is aware and joins another uncorrupted FBI agent. But Big Chuck makes a significant stroke of kidnapping their loved ones. Can DJ save them before it’s too late? What would happen to Big Chuck and his empire?

Slaughter Origin Story is a real page-turner, and an action-adventure novel featuring a tough to the core character you don’t want to mess around with. DJ is a badass character. He’s trying to live a life of his own after a major tragedy, but when a normal transaction turns out to be a bloodbath; his solitude life is shattered forever. The reference to Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher in the story is accurate. The main character is a mix of the two characters. He is Jack Reacher singular force blended nicely with Rapp’s lethal intent and willingness to unleash extreme violence on his adversaries. As a reader, you get to see DJ change throughout the story in a realistic transition. His life and the events in this book may make you ask yourself lots of question and relating your life with DJ’s life. Would you survive if the same thing that happened to DJ occurred to you? DJ was a good man, but when bad things happen to the good people, they try to take what’s left in their disposal into their own hands. And with DJ’s past in the military, proficiency with a gun and as a family man, well what would you expect of him to do?

The supporting characters are vividly crafted as well such that they come out as people you would know them in real life. For example, Brett Foster is a secondary character crafted from a clear picture in the writers mind, and James Beltz executed that perfectly. The relationship between Abbi, DJ and Brett is brilliantly done and make sense. In many novels, you find yourself trying so hard to piece together who-is-who and trying to remember the relationship details of the various characters. In addition while some stories are challenging to follow because of the overload of the details, this is not one of those novels.

Slaughter: White Out

The man with a tragic past and military experience known as DJ Slaughter makes a comeback in this thrilling second book in DJ Slaughter series. The first book in the series left us with a cliff hanger, and this sequel serves to answer all the burning questions in the first chapter in the book. However in a very swift turn of events, you’ll only be left with more questions.

The first book in the series was a fast-paced, thrilling adventure and the second book will give you enough pauses to allow you to catch your breath and dive deeper into the characters you’ll come to love. The story will also introduce you to a few more characters that you will find yourself attached. But prepare yourself to be immersed in a world full of villains as they spring out from places you least expected, and this time around, DJ may have met his equal opponent.

Skeleton Key

Buckle up because the third in the series will have you racing from the first page to the last. DJ is a man known to fix anything that comes his way. He sees a problem and makes it disappear in the most convenient way possible. As a special member of the FBI team whose primary purpose is to fight organized crime and global terrorism, his activities usually involve him pulling the trigger. When he instinctively acts to solve one problem and save a bunch of hostages from a criminal gang, it sparks a series of events that involve assassins, terrorists, and traitors. He soon finds himself confronting an adversary who’s efficient in what he does.

His enemy is a strategist who seems to have all his moves covered. And with the clock ticking fast, DJ must race not only to overcome a nemesis smarter than his team but also race against time to prevent an event that might result in deaths of thousands. In this fast-paced epic tale, DJ finds himself that there isn’t amount of spent ammo that can defeat his guilt for being responsible for all these events. Skeleton Key boasts an original and realistic plot that will hook you from the beginning to the end. James Beltz is a master storyteller and an artist of suspense. DJ Slaughter continues to develop as a character in his intricate humanness.

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