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James Byron Huggins
James Byron Huggins, born in the year 1959, was once a journalist and has won more than twenty awards for excellence in both writing and editing.

James got a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism from Troy State University, and then began working as a reporter for the Hartselle Enquirer in Hartselle, Alabama.

He won seven awards while working for the newspaper before he quit working as a journalist in the year 1985. James, with a desire to help persecuted Christians in eastern Europe, moved to Texas to work in conjunction with members of the Christian underground in that region.

From the base in Texas, he helped put together a system that was used to smuggle information both in and out of Iron Curtain countries.

In the year 1987, he was finally able to leave America to offer up hands-on assistance in Romania. Huggins, as a jack of all trades, photographed a secret police installation, continued his work as the orchestrator of smuggling routes, and photographed active members in the Christian underground.

James was instrumental in smuggling out documentation and film showing the plight of Christians in Romania. He found the time to even create a code allowing communication with America. His life, as it was in Texas, had few creature comforts. In order to survive, he would stay hidden in the woods or in some secure basements for up to days at a time.

After living in Romania, he came back to America and took up journalism once again. He worked for a tiny newspaper again and won many awards as a reporter. Later, he worked for a nonprofit Christian magazine before he became a patrolman with the Huntsville Police Department in Huntsville, Alabama.

James, after having a distinguished career as a decorated field officer, left the force so that he could pursue a career writing novels. His first three novels found best-seller status in the Christian market.

James’ debut novel, called “A Wolf Story”, was released in the year 1993. His work is from the horror genre.

“Sorcerer” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2006. Michael Thorn, an ex-detective, has retired from the police force and is waiting to lead a normal life for once. His days of fighting to keep the innocent safe have ended. His “retirement” is not going to be the long-deserved rest that he was expecting.

Michael’s new home in rural New England has several odd stories surrounding it. They’re just rumors, right? Then he finds the skeleton down in the basement and realizes that these rumors are actually true. However, when the skeleton mysteriously vanishes, Thorn is confronted with one ancient mystery, one that leads him to an even older enemy: the same sorcerer that battled Moses.

Thorn, in order to keep his family safe, has to figure out how one sorcerer from ancient Egypt wound up in America and how to beat him before he can regain full power and wreak havoc on the entire world. Michael gets some help from a devout priest, a wise professor, and one sect of warriors sworn to protect the church. Is this going to be enough? In the end, Michael’s going to confront even bigger questions, of evil and good, as well as of the devil and God.

“Dark Visions” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Joe Mac was one legendary homicide detective until he lost his vision in the line of duty and was forced to retire. Now he lives in a world of darkness, with his only buddy being a giant Raven that Joe Mac calls “Poe”.

When Joe Mac’s grandson gets killed by an unknown murderer, Joe comes out of his self-imposed solitude to resurrect the skills of the investigator he used to be. Despite being blind, Joe starts hunting down his small grandson’s killer.

Led in some dark way by his Raven, Joe relentlessly tracks the force that literally belongs to the darkness, owns the darkness, and uses the darkness. The force he tracks has fed upon this world for thousands of years and never once has known defeat. It kills like demons, vanishes likes ghosts, and doesn’t leave anything alive. Joe is determined to follow this road right to Hell no matter what the cost. He is going to find whoever it was that mercilessly murdered his grandson, and will deliver justice. Even if it costs him his own life.

Joe, following the clues fearlessly, he tracks his grandson’s killers into the deepest and most dangerous heart of the ancient nightmares. With each haunting step into this darkness, Joe realizes that he has challenged a power that has ruined nations and conquered whole continents. The death they have delivered to Earth goes back to the start of the world. It is one battle sure to take Joe to the edge of sanity and beyond.

“Crux” is a stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. In one experiment to learn what secrets are hidden inside the infinite vastness in the galaxy, scientists create this machine so powerful that it rips a giant hole through both time and space. Instead of revealing the dark world of their own universe the machine wound up opening a gateway to a universe that is infinitely more terrifying, and that much more evil.

After seven physicists disappear during a routine test of the Hadron Super Collider in Geneva, a sequence of brutal murders start at the facility. One elite squad of American military operators get dispatched to find the truth behind this awful slaughter. At the same time, a missing scientist’s sister hires a powerful, mysterious stranger known only as Isaiah to find her sister’s fate.

Working against the clock, both teams risk it all to learn the sinister truth behind this most dangerous machine in all the world, and quickly find the Super Collider didn’t just open a gateway into the furthest reaches of the galaxy. It actually opened up a much more horrifying gateway, as it bridged the gap between Hell and Earth. Now denizens of the darkest dimension stalk Earth as blood and flesh creatures to destroy, kill, and steal. While a nuclear detonation is fast incoming, the wounded survivors fight desperately to destroy the killer creatures that have already come out of the gateway and seal up the gateway itself. Or there is going to be no world left to save.

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