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James Clear
James Clear is a best-selling author known for his Atomic Habits Self-help book. This book has sold over three million copies since it was published in 2018. Clear writes on habits, continuous improvement, and decision making. His teachings are based on science but done in a simple way that most readers understand and enjoy. He also runs a website that enjoys millions of visitors in a month. Clear’s work has been published on This Morning, Time, Entrepreneur, and New York Times. He delivered powerful talks at Fortune 500 companies a few times, and teams like MLB, NBA, and NFL use his content.

Atomic Habits
Atomic Habits is a self-help book that provides a framework for those who want to improve their lives. The author is an expert on habit formation, and he reveals strategies that we can incorporate into our daily lives. From the beginning, the author states that our systems and not our goals define us. This means that no matter how well you plan, your level of success will be dependent on your habits. Clear not only focuses on building good habits but also offers tips to help you break the bad ones. All this information is broken down and delivered in an easy-to-understand and follow way.

This book will offer enough proof that you are not the problem if you have been trying to change your habits with minimal success. Instead of focusing on your failings, you should be paying attention to your system. Bad habits repeat themselves every day because your system is wrong. You will be amazed at how success will follow you if you embrace good habits. After opening your eyes to what you have been doing wrong, the author also offers a system that you can use to grow to new heights. He manages to distill complex issues into simple behaviors that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
Just like an expert, Clear draws from neuroscience, biology, and psychology to make his point. However, this book stands out to simplify this information making it understandable for more people. The author also uses true stories to entertain and inspire the reader to embrace good habits. You will get to hear of award-winning artists, Olympic gold medalists, life-saving physicians, and business leaders who rose to the peak of their fields by changing their habits. There is no reason why you, just like those whose stories are highlighted here, cannot become the best version of yourself.

One of the things you will learn in this book is how to make time for the good habits even when a lot is going on in your life. If you are at a dark place in your life, the book also has a wealth of information on overcoming a lack of willpower and motivation. The author also lets you in some tips you can use to tailor your environment for success. Lastly, the author points out the benefits of keeping track of your progress and things you need to do to ensure that you do not fall off course.

Atomic Habits will make you change the way you view success and progress. It also comes with strategies and tools to help you build good habits. Whether you are looking to quit smoking or want tips on climbing up the corporate ladder, this book offers all these and more.

Mastering Creativity
Mastering Creativity is an eBook designed to help you clear mental blocks, build good habits, and bring out your creative genius. The author starts by stating that there is brilliance inside all of us. Even if you do not think you are good at anything, there is greatness hidden beneath all the self-doubt. However, for this brilliance to manifest, you have to work hard to pull it out. As the author points out, all the creative geniuses we know have to show up enough to go past average ideas. Creating a masterpiece is not easy. The journey at times involves creating garbage, but this is the only way excellence can be achieved.

This book comes with great illustrations, which makes the content even easier to understand. You cannot help but appreciate the effort the author has put into writing and explaining every detail. Even for people who do not like non-fiction writing, this book remains interesting all the way to the end. It helps that the e-book is just slightly over 30 pages, and you can enjoy it all in one sitting. The author touches on issues that many of us struggle with. It is easy to fall into a routine and see some goals as unachievable after a few trials. However, if you stick with whatever you have purposed to do, it will not be long before your efforts start bearing fruits.

Clear is known for his concise yet rich writing. The eBook may seem small, but it is packed with information you will find helpful. You can read it all at once and then come back to the individual topics and pay attention to the lessons. The author covers the entire creative process and what you can do to stand out in every step. There is also information on consistency. Clear shows you how you can get things done every week and slowly build enough expertise to set you apart. He also includes facts about people who used the teachings in the eBook to become successful.

Mastering Creativity shows you how you can turn your dreams into reality with ease. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to rely on motivation to be a success. Waiting for inspiration or motivation is limiting yourself. However, if you create a schedule for your habits, you will improve your skills and become a huge success. If you are looking to improve your creative side, this eBook is for you. The same applies if you want to be more disciplined. You will not only get motivated but also get information on how you can achieve your goals faster.

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