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Publication Order of Leech Books

James Crawford
James Crawford is a fantasy writer who enjoys writing his dreams for his readers to enjoy. His debut series Leeches features a gay hero and a host of other characters with unique abilities. Crawford says that he grew up seeing few Lgbt heroes that kids could look up to hence the need to include one in his writing.

Caleo is the first book in the Leech series. The book stars Caleo Anima, a high school student who finds himself amongst the school’s outcasts. Every school has the nerds, match geeks, odd girl, and creepy students who cannot seem to have the right words to say. However, all these people were more popular than Caleo. Thanks to his pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and snow-white hair, Caleo was always an easy target for bullies. It didn’t help that he had a secret he wanted to keep from his peers. Caleo works hard to hide his gay status as he knows this will only attract unnecessary attention to himself only for a mysterious stranger to show up and completely change his world.

The Leeches is a magical and secret race that has been at war for many years. Both sides of the warring group are looking for a weapon that would give them the power to rule the world. All this means nothing to Caleo until he discovers that he is the weapon. Now, aside from worrying about how to survive high school, Caleo has to fight for his life. He also has to keep his loved ones from those baying for their blood. Thankfully, he has his cousins Jillian and Jack and a new power that enables him to stay a step ahead of those who hunt him. Will this teenager manage to protect himself and his loved ones? What will he have to give up to save his life?

Caleo is a wonderful character. He is warm, compassionate, and smart. Despite the cruelty around him, Caleo remains true to his character and even extends his help to people who would otherwise ignore him. You will also love meeting Jack and Gillian and witnessing all the mischief they engage in. Jack has a wicked sense of humour, and Gillian becomes more intriguing, the more the story continues. Join him on an adventure filled with intrigue and danger. The trio will encounter some friends along the way as well as enemies who would love to see them perish. Both the pacing and tension rise as the story progresses and the unforeseen twist and turns will have you glued to the pages. The ending will send you in search of the second book in the series.

Caleo tells a unique and beautifully written story of a boy who is anything but ordinary and the truths he discovers about his true identity. The fantasy element in this book introduces you to different characters, all with unique abilities. It may take some time to figure out what some of the characters are up to, but the truth does come out in the end. While this book ends with a cliff hanger, you will love every bit of it. From the pacing to the setting, the story is just done right. If you are a paranormal/ science fiction fan, this is one book you will surely love.

Jack is the second book in the Leech series. The book features Jack Barely, one of the most popular students in Butler High. Jack is the captain of the swim team, he comes with great abs and gorgeous hair, and almost everyone in school wants to be his friend. However, when the Leeches come to town, his whole life changes. The attack by the Leeches takes everything from his grandmother and his house to Caleo, the boy he secretly loved.

Jack finds himself living in a world that means nothing to him. How would being popular make any difference when everything he has ever loved is gone. The only thing Jack wants to do is keep his twin, Jillian alive. As the attacks by the Leeches get more frequent, Jack starts to wonder why he is holding on to the past when it just reminds him of everything he has lost. Just when he is about to give up, Jack hears that there is a chance Caleo could be alive.
Immediately, Jack sets to go look for Caleo. His goal is not just to ensure that he is safe but also tell Caleo about his feelings. Well, everything doesn’t go according to plan as bad things keep on happening before, he finally catches a break. The rising tension will have you at the edge of your seat, and you can’t help but hope this story ends well for Jack. This book mainly focuses on Jack, but you will also get to interact with Caleo among other characters in the first book. It will come as a relief that Caleo survived the fall in the first book, and it is great that slowly, the good guys are figuring out a way of dealing with the bad ones.

Jack, just like Caleo, is a likeable character. While he spends the first few chapters moping, things take a different twist when he discovers that Caleo is alive. Nolan is another character who is worth mentioning. While he tries to get between Caleo and Jack, it is easy to see where he is coming from. It is also great interacting more with Steve and also meeting Paris for the first time. While Mickey still remains in the background, he serves a good dose of humour, and you can’t help but hope that there will be more of him in the future.

Jack is a fantastic continuation of the first book in this series. The book comes loaded with action, and the relentless pace will leave you breathless. If you are looking for a short paranormal story with interesting characters and a unique storyline, this book is ideal. The book will also answer all the questions you had in the first book, and it is perfect if you have read any of the books in the Leeches series.

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