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James Deegan
James Deegan is an English thriller writer with over fifteen years’ experience in the SAS and also served in the Parachute Regiment. During his career, Deegan was involved in the two Gulf Wars and other operations that took him to Northern Ireland, Africa, and Afghanistan among other countries.
His commanding officer highlighted the twice decorated sergeant major’s experience in SAS. It is this expertise that Deegan brings into his writing. His debut novel Once A Pilgrim details SAS’s operations and procedures. Writing under a pseudonym, this author introduces you to the world of special forces, ruthless terrorists, and political games. The Scotland-born author is a father of four.

Once A Pilgrim
Once, A Pilgrim is the first book in the John Carr series. The book tells the story of John Carr, a decorated military man with a terrorist on his trail. John has just left the SAS and is currently working in private security. While his current job comes with its fair share of challenges, John did not anticipate that his past would follow him. After the brutal killing of three terrorists in his previous position, someone is out to revenge, and John will do whatever it takes to protect his family. However, to safeguard his family, John will have to cross a line.

This story starts in Iraq. Sgt Major John is on his final operation before handing his resignation letter. While the decision to leave SAS is weighty on his mind, John is on a mission to take Sufyan Bin Ahmed, otherwise known as Joker, dead or alive. In the company of his colleagues, John works to try and capture Sufyan before he detonates a bomb that could kill thousands of people. By the end of this mission, Major John’s team loses one member, but they are successful in taking out Joker. This scene sets the pace for this story. There is blood, guns, and violence, and the talented SAS team has to make tough decisions to kill the terrorist.

The end of John’s career in the military also marks the end of his marriage. Six months later, his divorce has been finalized, and John is on his way to take a position in a private oil security firm in Iraq. In his new job, John expects to earn a decent income and enjoy his life for once. After years of suffering, John hopes to have a less-eventful life. He will soon discover that this will remain a dream, at least in the meantime. Fortunately, John has dealt with bad men in the past, and he will not allow one person to mess with his family.

Follow John as he works to meet his job demands and protect a family he loves. To what extent will John go to protect his loved ones? This book lays bare the situation after the ceasefire in Northern Ireland. The author is highly knowledgeable about this, which will make it hard to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Once a Pilgrim is an action-packed story that lets you in the world of the police, military, and the enemy. The different scenes are so detailed, making it easy to understand going on there. If you are a crime/ military books fan, this piece will leave you yearning for more. The pace is relentless, storyline intriguing, and the author clearly knows what he is writing about.

The Angry Sea
The Angry Sea is the second book in the John Carr series. Once again, you get to see Major John Carr in action. This time around, John is enjoying some time on the beach when he notices a dark-eyed man fixated on some young Britons. The man soon moves along. One hour later, Costa Del Sol witnesses the worst terrorist attack ever seen in history. Armed men strike a cruise ship and the beach, and it seems that the terrorists have more attacks lined up. Is there a link between the attacked and the man John says on the beach? Why did John think there was something peculiar about him?

The Prime Minister and the M16 have to take action against the enemy. The only catch is that this needs to be done in secret as the situation is politically sensitive, and a misstep could cause a lot of damage. M16 knows just the right man for the job, and true to his nature, he never disappoints. He knows who to contact when he needs some help, and there is a lot John knows about subduing the enemy. The terrorists will pay dearly for their unwarranted attack, but first, there is a young girl who needs to be saved. John has to be careful with his actions and always stay ahead of the enemy.

This book comes with such an intriguing storyline. The author also includes loads of authentic details of intelligence forces, so the book reads like a true story. Starting with the day on the beach, the author draws you in an adventure where one man will go to extra lengths to complete one of the most sensitive jobs that he has ever undertaken. Join John on his mission through the troubled Northern Ireland region against ruthless terrorists hiding behind the mask of religion. The prime minister’s daughter is in danger, and John has to tread carefully if she is to be reunited with her parents. There are no winners in war, and while John is sure to complete the mission successfully, the win will come at a price.

The Angry Sea is an action-packed thriller that will draw you in from the first page. The tension keeps on rising, and the ending will find you at the edge of your seat. Additionally, there are numerous characters to like, and the action is so authentic you will feel like you are part of the military. The author also incorporates multiple twists that come at the most unexpected time. How will the story end for John and the Prime Minister’s daughter? Get the answer to this and more in this intriguing military story.

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