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James Follett is a bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction novels from the United Kingdom.

He is famously the cousin of Ken Follett the author of some very popular science fiction, historical, mystery, and thriller fiction.
The author was born in 1939 and in his childhood, he was blind for a time and only had his eyesight restored when he was in his early teenage years.
As an adult, he spent some time filming sharks, writing for the Ministry of Defense, and hunting for treasure underwater.

He would become a fiction author in 1976 with the publishing of “The Doomsday Ultimatum.” Since that time he has written more than two dozen novels which have made him a very popular fiction author.
He has also penned more than fifty radio scripts that include several episodes of Blake’s 7. His works of fiction have over the years been translated into a dozen languages.
He also holds the honor of being one of the very few authors from the United Kingdom to have their works published in China.

Apart from authoring “EarthSearch,” the critically acclaimed science fiction serial on BBC Radio 4, he is also one of the most borrowed authors in public libraries in Britain.

Growing up, James Follett was very much a reader and used to spend most of his days in the village library.

The library had a very small children’s section and the twelve-year-old soon got tired of reading “Biggles Flies North” for the umpteenth time.
The fact that there were many interesting-looking books in the adult section only made things worse.

Moreover, the librarian always seemed to have eyes on the back of her head and would scream and look daggers at him when he took something such as Arthur C. Clarke’s “Prelude to Space.”

When he turned 14, the librarian begrudgingly offered him access to the adult section and soon he was devouring the likes of H.G. Wells, Rider Haggard, Conan Doyle, and later on Charles Dickens.
It was when he was fifteen that he was involved in an accident that blinded him. But he would not let his blindness stop him from reading as he learned Braille and continued devouring all manner of books.
Ultimately, he had a successful operation and got back to reading his favorite authors.

While he would sometimes get distracted by girls and school, he continued writing throughout his teenage and early adulthood years as he started entertaining the thought of becoming a fiction author.

Once James Follett published his debut fiction work in 1976, he would become one of the most prolific in the United Kingdom.

While he would also pen novels in the drama, comedy, and political thriller space, he would become best known for his science fiction.
The author was always interested in science fiction and fantasy from the time he was still very young.

He was introduced to the genre when he read Frank Hampson’s “The Eagle” and fell in love with the exploits of the lead character Dan Dare.
However, it was when he read “Men, Martians, and Machines” by Eric Frank Russell as a 14-year-old that he would become hooked.

It was a simple enough yet very captivating story that had elements of Star Trek to it. The themes of the novel would become ingrained in his psyche that he still uses them in his fiction works today.
The only thing he did to add to his stories was to imbue them with humor, which is very unique for science fiction works.

“Temple of the Winds” by James Follett is an interesting story in the “Pentworth” series of novels. The work tells of a community of people that live in East Sussex, in a mysterious domed force field.
The dome is clearly demarcated with set out breadth and length. The people suddenly find themselves having to return to the days of hunting and gathering to find food, even as they spend their nights using candlelight.
All the people have been made equals which only complicates things at a time when there is a huge fight for survival.

In the beginning, the community is composed of eight main characters who work together trying to find a solution to their problems with a lack of electricity and water.
They also try to find help from the outside but soon their egos and personalities begin to clash thus threatening the survival of the entire community.

It is a fascinating look into how a group of teenagers, adults, and other ordinary people have to cope with difficult circumstances as they live confined under an unyielding but invisible dome.

James Follett’s novel “Wicca” is a follow-up to the first novel of the “Pentworth” series of novels.

Life in Pentworth had changed when it was cut off from the outside world by a strange force field. However, life had taken an even more sinister turn when the Bodian cult had come up with some new rules.
Unexpectedly, the twisted cult managed to reinstate laws from the seventeenth century against witchcraft one of which was burning at the stake.

It is during this time that the divide between country and town is widening even as civil war looms.

It makes for a very captivating work that continues apace. The author provides some technical descriptions of life inside the dome which is full of all manner of deprivations.
However, the residents prove themselves imaginative and very creative in surviving the conditions and in some instances even thriving.

“The Silent Vulcan” by James Follett is set six months since Pentworth the West Sussex community was isolated from the world by a mysterious force.

Beyond the mysterious dome-like barrier is an unreachable world of empty steppes of Europe from more than forty millennia in the past.

The biggest problem is that nobody knows how to reach the aliens that were responsible for the dome-like force as they have gone to find shelter in a craft they parked in a deep swamp.

For the most part, the aliens have not taken any interest in the imprisoned inhabitants, except for Vikki Taylor a sixteen-year-old girl. She is the only one that could resolve the mystery of the aliens and what they want in their world.
However, the revival of ancient myths and superstition has made the girl and several of her friends to be accused of witchcraft which has made them fugitives.

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