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Publication Order of Legacy of the Stone Harp Books

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Darkling Fields of Arvon (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

James G. Anderson is an author of fiction in the genre of fantasy. James has also been a catechist, is a musician, writes poetry, and works as a teacher. Anderson also quite likes to garden too.

Anderson received a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from Franciscan University (Steubenville, OH) in theology. He says that some of his interests include winemaking, fly fishing, and songwriting. He currently resides just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with his wife and his three sons on the Canadian prairies. He is the author of The Legacy of the Stone Harp series with Sebanc.

Mark Sebanc is the collaborator on an epic fantasy series in the traditional style of Tolkien. Together he and James G. Anderson penned this incredible series that focuses on the main character of Kal. The series is set in the fictional and ancient world called Ahn Norvys.

Sebanc has Bachelors and Masters degrees in the Classics from his time at the University of Toronto and enjoys spending time in the peacefulness of his Canadian backwoods farm in the Upper Ottawa Valley and playing hockey and splitting firewood when he is not writing. Sebanc has worked many times as a translator and editor for many books in addition to writing them.

This series is co-authored by James G. Anderson along with Mark Sebanc. Anderson and Sebanc would collaborate together on two books in the series. The first was called The Stoneholding and was published in 2009. Then came The Darkling Fields of Arvon and that was published in 2010.

The Stoneholding takes place in the world of Ahn Norvys. It is the first book written by Mark Sebanc and James G. Anderson together. This takes place in an ancient world while the Great Harmony of Ardiel is not as it used to be in times of old. As if that were not already enough, Prince Starigan is the heir to a throne and he has been kidnapped. Not only that, now his power has been totally disrupted by a dark cabal that has the capacity for becoming traitors and acting against the throne; quite obviously since they have gone for it and taken him, with the future of the prince returning to rule uncertain.

The Stoneholding is a small but old community hidden away in Arvon’s mountainous highlands. The Stoneholding is one of the stronger places in the land that has managed to hold out against the evil Ferabek and his forces. The High Bard has resided in this place as a matter of tradition back from the oldest and the earliest times. The High Bard’s purpose is to act as the guardian when it comes to two relics– the Sacred Fire and the golden harp the Talamadh.

Ferabek is searching for the prince and has also decided to attack the Stoneholding along with his legendary Black Scorpion Dragons. They are successful in their mission to destroy it and bring the ancient building that has stood for so long to the ground. Now the older High Bard Wilum is forced to go on and flee for his life along with a group of survivors from the incident. This includes the son of the wheelwright, a young man called Kalaquinn Wright.

Kal is a young man who has some innocence and greenery when it comes to understanding and in his years of life. He used to live in a more calm way of life, with pastoral living being the norm when it comes to the life of his Highland clan. Now he is in a much bigger world at a younger age and immediately in some type of journey that involves many things that he never even saw coming. He must deal with a number of things and as night comes over the planet he must do what he can to save the ancient things and preserve the relics and traditions that have stood for so long.

Now that Kal is out there on the planet, he must accept that he must go on to seek his destiny. He thought his life would be spent in the highlands with his clan, but apparently, he was wrong. Now Kal must go out beyond the Stoneholding to see what his fate holds for him and attempt to rekindle the Sacred Fire while finding Prince Starigan. Can he do it? Pick up the exciting fantasy novel The Stoneholding to see!

The Darkling Fields of Arvon is the second exciting book in the fantastical series by James G. Anderson and his co-author. Now that the Stoneholding has been leveled as a result of the horrible catastrophic invasion that occurred thanks to evil villain Ferabek. Unfortunately, it was also sort of the last guardianship of order when it comes to Ahn Norvys. Kalaquinn Wright is back as the main character in this epic fantasy novel sequel.

Kal must continue on with the mission he has been set with. He has also become invested as the High Bard and must go forth on his journey across all of the lands. They lie on a horrible cloud of strife and uncertainty. But Kal must do what he can in order to attempt to try and track down the lost prince. Prince Starigan still remains missing and to restore peace to the world he must rekindle the Sacred Fire and restore the prince.

But it won’t be easy. Even though the Talamadah binds together heaven and earth in harmony, it is also in the hands of the vicious Ferabek. Kal makes sure the remaining folk of his clan is safe before heading out with his companions. They are going into Arvon’s lowlands, where there is a lot of danger. There is also a world that is sinking into another world, but that’s not as big of a deal.

Throughout it all, Kal holds onto his faith and is supported by not only his friends but what he starts to find in himself. He faces a dangerous path and on his journey, his character and mettle are tested. Falling to enemies and finding out that the Talamadh still has its power are just a few things that happen. But can it stave off the chaos that threatens Arvon’s darkling fields? Read this novel to find out!

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