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James Grippando is a New York Times bestselling author from America, who writes fiction novels and short stories in the crime and thriller genres. He is also a lawyer by profession. Having written more than 21 books, James is quite popular all over the world, particularly for his ‘Jack Swyteck’ series. He got the idea of writing the series from a real life experience when he was arrested due a mistaken identity. He is known for giving a real life description of the character Jack Swyteck in his series. Born on January 27, 1958 in Waukegan, Illinois, James graduated from a law school and initially served as a law clerk to Honorable Thomas Clark, United States Court of Appeals. He worked on a number of cases as a lawyer involving death penalties which later helped him to write his novel plots. Later, James served as a lawyer in Miami for a period of 12 years. He also served as the lead counsel for the Florida chicken farmers in a case that changed the outlook of the poultry industry. James began writing a number of scholarly articles while still serving as a lawyer. He started attempting to write creative writings in the 1980s but did not get any success in getting first book published. He got the idea of writing a novel of a man getting arrested for a murder that he had not committed, from his own life experience. He was arrested for a murder due to a case of mistaken identity and this inspired him to sketch down the character of Jack Swyteck.

James introduced Swyteck in his first novel ‘The Pardon’ as a criminal defense based in Miami. After his first novel got published, James wrote another one and decided to quit the profession of law and take up writing as a full time career. He later introduced the character of Andie Henning as an undercover FBI agent and the love interest of Jack Swyteck. After writing and publishing a series full of crime novels, James turned his interest in writing novels for young adults. His novel ‘Leapholes’ became the first book to be published by the American Bar Association for the young readers. James also wrote several short stories along with the thriller novels. As of now, James lives in Miami, Florida, where most of his novels are set. His writings have been published in over 26 different languages worldwide. His wife Tiffany and their three children live together in their Florida home along with several pets. James received the Distinguished Author Award in the year 2005 by the University of Scranton. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Florida book Award in 2010 and the finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award in 2007. Author James Grippando is an active participant in the ‘Kids love a Mystery Program’ which is sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America He also serves as part of the Board of Trustees at the St. Thomas Episcopal Parish Elementary School. He takes young authors on research trips to places like crime laboratories. James loves to play soccer and is associated with a soccer team as the coach. The character sketch of Jack Swyteck given by James Grippando is as follows:


Jack Swyteck was described in the novel ‘The Pardon’ in 1994 as a young lawyer who defends the death rows of his inmates. Being born on December 7 as John “Jack” Lawrence Swyteck, he was raised by his potentially ambitious father and alcoholic stepmother in Miami, Florida. His biological mother had died after giving him birth. Jack was of the Cuban-American origin, although he had no link with the Cuban culture. As a result, he is often misunderstood while trying to speak Spanish giving rise to comedic situations. James faced women troubles because of his boyhood. In the second novel of the Jack Swyteck series, Jack is introduced to two very important persons of his life, his maternal grandmother Abuela and best friend Theo knight. Theo motivates him throughout the series to take important risks in life. In fact, Theo was the only innocent person among all his inmates whom Jack has represented in death rows. Jack’s father is a former cop named Harry Swyteck who has entered into politics. Jack studied at the University of Forida and graduated from the Yale Law School. He joined work immediately after graduation and began working for the Freedon Institue, defending clients in death rows. After a few years of service, he left the job to work as a federal prosecutor. After four more years of service, Jack began practicing privately and became a sole practitioner. Although the clients who he defended at the Freedom Institute were not so innocent, he found one to be actually innocent. He was Theo Knight, who later became his best friend. He finds his better half in Andie Henning, who is an undercover FBI agent. Although they had differences of opinion on almost everything, the two still came close and fell in love with each other.

The first novel of the Jack Swyteck was published in the year 1994 by HarperTorch under the title ‘The Pardon’. The novel introduces Jack Swyteck as a talented defense attorney based in Miami. He is shown to be against the decision of his father, Harold Swyteck, who is the governor of Florida and a staunch proponent of the death penalty for the accused murderers. The father and son are framed by a psychopath who blackmails Harry with the proof of a man being innocent, who was executed for a murder, and frames Jack in a murder case. They go on separate paths for finding the truth and proving their innocence before finding out that they are fighting the same evil. They come together into a confrontation with the psychopath as both men try to save the other. The novel was regarded as a bonafide blockbuster having a gripping melange of a courtroom drama and psychotic manipulation, by the Boston Herald and Tampa Tribune magazines.

Author James Grippando received great motivation for writing the sequel to the first book which was titled ‘Beyond Suspicion’. It was published in the year 2002 and got published again in the year 2007 by HarperTorch. The plot of this novel shows smart and tough Miami criminal lawyer Jack Swyteck trying to help his former girlfriend Jessie Merill. He sees it as a golden opportunity to help her out in selling her insurance policy for cash payment as she was under the wrong notion of dying soon. Jessie received $1.5 million due to the courtroom prowess of Jack Swyteck. But it turns out that Jack and the insurance company have been framed by a scam artist who is beyond suspicion. Jack is wanted for the murder of Jessie when he dead body is found in his bathtub. He is desperate to find the truth and prove his innocence as his life and career are at stake. Being on the run from the police and the criminals Jack must exhume the hidden secrets of a dark path and catch the real murderer who is beyond the suspicion of everyone.

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