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Publication Order of Mitch Mitchell Mystery Books

The Back Passage (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Tunnel (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sticky End (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sun Goes Down (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Dan Stagg Mystery Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Low Road (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Palace Of Varieties (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Valley (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
While My Wife's Away (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Best Gay Erotica 2009(2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

James Lear real name Rupert Smith was born in the year nineteen sixty in Washington D.C. He grew up in Surrey for most of his early years but later moved to London in the year nineteen seventy eight where he spent a great part of his life. He managed to practice journalism for almost over 20 years writing for various daily weekly and monthly newspapers mostly situated in the United Kingdom and other countries before deciding to venture into fictional writing in the early 90’s. James Lear has created a niche in the literary field through writing fiction and literary novels particularly gay based ones. His gay and lesbian novels have made him stand out from other writers by being considered an expert in the field.

James Lear admits that the characters used in his literary works are based on real people. He develops characters from individuals he normally interacts with in his normal daily routine. James Lear kicked off his writing career under his real name Rupert Smith as a way of taking his work seriously but later settled on the alias name James Lear as a way of inspiring his own lurid sexual fantasies. He also occasionally writes under the name Rupert James when writing blockbuster chiclit type of fictional novels.

In 2008, he was crowned the best writer in the erotic awards category held to honor exemplary fictional writers. The popular television show series ‘dirty sexy money’ is one of the programs that are attributed to James Lear’s literally work. He considers writers like Charles Dickens, Evelyn Waugh, Guy de Maupassant and Honore’ de Balzac as the top writers worldwide as he is in love with their books and writing style. James credits the book City of Night by John Rechy as one book that changed his life due to the fact that it paints a bleak picture of gay life which is a reality in today’s world.

He has a website where his fans can easily interact with him as well as obtain additional information about him and his books in general. James Lear has active twitter and Facebook accounts through which he shares his social media side with his fans, family and friends. James prefers writing in a peaceful and quiet environment free from any form of disturbance most preferably at home in his study. His passion for writing must have stemmed from the fact that he is an avid reader who loves reading comic novels and other novels from classical writers.

Books written by James Lear.
The hardest thing.

The book is about a former U.S army general called Dan Stag who is offered a great deal of money to protect a young male secretary of a powerful real estate broker. Dan is torn between choosing the life of easy gay sex and money versus the ideals instilled to him by the army that managed to betray him. The hardest thing is a classical tale of gay mystery filled with a lot of gay sexual encounters and romance. The sex signature scenes found in the book are unique to James Lear alone. The book is filled with violence and desire and is guaranteed towards making the reader addicted to the very end.

The secret tunnel.

This is a well crafted story about a handsome muscular man by the name Mitch. Mitch is travelling from Edinburgh to London in order to reunite with his ex lover Morgan. The journey proves to be long and rough as Mitch is forced to survive weird people and instances like having to face dead bodies and staying in the same room with renowned killers who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The suspension in the book makes the book readers get glued to the story wanting to know how Mitch handles his tricky position.

The back passage.

The main character in the book ‘the back passage’ is a guy named Mitch. Mitch is an American studying in the University of Cambridge. Mitch has feelings for his best friend Harry whom he has been trying to seduce for a long time without any much luck. As he is about to accomplish his seduction mission, a person his found dead and the police rush to arrest a man by the name Charlie Meeks for the murder but Mitch is determined that Charlie is not the right culprit and sets off to unravel the murder mystery. The back passage is considered to be a murder mystery with a difference due to the fact that sex his used as an investigative tool to solve the murder. The story setting of the book is cleverly told to make even the most obvious fiction events appear to have a realistic appeal.

A sticky end.

This is the third book of the Mitch Mitchell series. The book is about two best friends who happen to be lovers at times. The friends are Mitch and Harry. In the book sticky end, Mitch is faced with the dilemma of accepting the fact that his friend and lover Harry might have been somehow involved in the events that led to the suicide of his secret colleague and lover Frank Bartlett. Mitch sets on an adventure to solve the mystery once and for all in order to clear Harry’s name and absolve him from any form of blame. Just like the other books in the Mitch Mitchell series, a sticky end does not disappoint in terms of the romantic and erotic scenes portrayed in the book.

Straight up.

The book is among the Dan Stagg series of books. Dan Stagg is set on a mission to find the survivors of an elite special ops team in order to find out who is systematically killing some of the members of the group he happens to belong to before they all end up dead. He owes members of the group assistance and safety as they helped him storm and kill people in an undefended service station. Dan teams up with his old comrade Al Benson to solve the mystery but ends up finding out that Benson is looking for more than answers and one thing leads to the other.

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