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Enchantress (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hidden Relic (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Path of the Storm (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lore of the Evermen (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of The Firewall Trilogy Books

A Girl From Nowhere (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A World of Secrets (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Search for Starlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

James Maxwell is a New Zealand born author currently living in London, England, best known for the writing of highly popular Action & Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, and Science Fiction novels. Maxwell is best known for the Evermen Saga, and the Shifting Tides series of novels. His first published novel was the critically acclaimed novel “Enchantress”, that was the first of the Evermen Saga series of novels. From a very young age, James loved his fantasy and science fiction classics, and he would devour countless classic during his high school and college years in Australia from where he studied. His great passion for reading would later translate into a passion for writing that he has made a career out of.

Much of James Maxwell’s inspiration for his novels comes from his upbringing in the rugged landscapes of Australia, and the lush forests of his New Zealand homeland. Aged twenty-five, James relocated to London driven by his strong interest in history. However, London was not enough for him, and he would soon move to Thailand, Malta, Austria, and Mexico after he developed an obsession with travel. His wanderlust was also a quest for the best of inspiration from the grand old empires, cities, and monuments all over the world. His travels took him to over forty countries in six continents, which greatly influenced his writings. In fact, it was while he was in Thailand that he got that elusive inspiration to write “Enchantress”, the first of the critically acclaimed Everman Saga series. He completed the sequel to the “Enchantress” while he was living in a small and idyllic Mexican town in the Yucatan Peninsula. Maxwell has come very far since his childhood days, with his writing now compared to the likes of RR. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” and JRR Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. When he is not traveling or writing, he loves to do some French cooking, play classical guitar, or go sailing.

Maxwell creates an epic saga that is sure to immerse the fantasy fiction buff completely into his world. Unlike other fantasy fiction authors, he is so good with words and world building that you would never question weird things such as a cloak being better at warding off a sword thrust than chainmail or steel armor. The Sagas are your typical orphaned twins that grow up from their teenage years to adulthood overcoming many seemingly impossible odds along the way. James Maxwell creates quite the spectacular and complex world in the novels, that is quite breathtaking. The two protagonists live in the land of Altura where they were born. Altura is surrounded by several lands, all of which have their own complicated lores and relationships with their homeland. The Emperor is the ruler of their homeland Altura, and requires all his subjects to do his bidding. Even as all the lands increasingly find themselves facing a vicious demonic horde, the emperor only seems to become ever more cruel and dictatorial. The political structures of the kingdoms, including their alliances and wars are full of intrigue and struggles that make for a very thrilling narrative. The magic system is also central to the stories in the novel, which make it all the more important for anyone that wants to acquire power.

The lead protagonists in the Evermen Sagas are Ella and Miro, who are sister and brother. Miro is the archetypal stoic soldier who dreams of one day becoming an expert blade singer. He is an interesting character with the talent and determination very much evident throughout the novels. Nonetheless, he is not immune to some displays of naivety particularly in the very early novels when he is still finding his feet as a soldier. Over the course of the novels, he matures to become a much more experienced character, who makes correct decisions much of the time. His sister Ella is a simple girl though just as talented like her brother. She has utmost loyalty to her friends and family, combined with a strong will to succeed no matter the cost. Ever since she saw an enchanter employ her magic powers to save her brother from certain death, she lives to become an enchanter. Just like her brother, she makes many mistakes early on, which reduce over the course of the series as she matures and becomes a more responsible adult.

The first novel in the Evermen saga “Enchantress” is an excellent tale of two orphans growing up to become leaders in their world. When Ella is witness to the skills of an enchanter that uses magic to save her brother, she becomes convinced that she is destined to become an enchantress. But the Academy of Enchanters is an exclusive school that requires every candidate to have some knowledge about the art of enchantment as well as paying considerable tuition fees. Determined to achieve a dream, Ella resorts to studying every book she can lay her hands on, and selling flowers for her tuition fees. Meanwhile Miro is training to become one of the world’s finest warriors that would wield some powerful magical weapons against Altura their homeland’s enemies. Soon a horde of demons gathers enough strength to conquer the East and is now setting its sights on Altura. Miro leaves to go to war, leaving his sister to be taken care of by the charming stranger Killian who has fallen in love with her. But Killian is hiding something, and how Ella responds to him will determine the fate of the world, her homeland, and her brother.

“The Hidden Relic” is the exciting sequel to the first novel of the Evermen Saga series of novels. The two siblings Miro and Ella still have their homeland in jeopardy, as the Primal evil has found a new way to weaken the inhabitants of their homeland even further by extracting the essence of their blood. They manage to defeat the Primal Evil temporarily but some of humanity’s most important secrets are still in his home, which used to be the home of the Evermen. As Evrin the enigma sets out to cause havoc in the land, the Primal Evil discovers an ancient text with so much power that he will do anything to lay his hands on it. The two siblings and their friends, the desert prince Ilathor and Killian discover the power of the relic and acknowledge that they need to find the ancient text if they are to save the empire and defeat the Primal Evil. It is now a race against time between the evil force and the four friends to find the relic.

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