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Publication Order of Jack Tobin Books

The Mayor of Lexington Avenue (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Law of Second Chances (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lawyer's Lawyer (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Alligator Man (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

James Sheehan is a best-selling American writer of legal thriller novels famously known as the author of Jack Tobin Series. He was born in New York City and later relocated to Florida in 1974 to further his professional career in law. He began his career as a trial lawyer in 1977 and for the three decades spent his time-solving cases in courts. Today apart from being an author, Sheehan also serves at Stetson University College and also is the Director of the Tampa Law Center. The author lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sheehan became a published author in 2005 when the first book in Jack Tobin series, The Mayor of Lexington Avenue was published. The author has also published a standalone novel titled The Alligator Man. The alligator man features Kevin Wylie, a trial lawyer who is facing pressure from his superior to leave town while on the other hand, his girlfriend wants to get rid of him. This forces Kevin to make a trip out of Miami to go and see his father whom he has not seen for three decades. But their reunion brings more trouble than celebration.

The Mayor of Lexington Avenue

The series opener by James Sheehan is a legal thriller novel that has its share of courtroom drama, but at its epicenter, it is a book about belief in loyalty, goodness, and friendship.

The book introduces Rudy Kelly- a young man with limited intellectual capacity. He works as a store clerk in Bass Creek Florida. He bumps into the life of the beautiful and seductive Lucy Ochoa with the hopes of getting some bit of action. Lucy invites Rudy to her house- but what happens next leaves Rudy a suspect in a crime that for murder crime that he did not commit after a young woman is brutally murdered.

First to arrive on the crime scene is Detective Wesley Brume in haste to climb the ladder of fame. He frames the young Rudy who is placed on a death row. The prosecuting attorney and the local police are conspiring to manipulate him and the evidence so that they can gain a conviction. During Rudy’s ten year stay on death row, those who try and attempt to work on his case only end up dead.

Kelly may not be brave but possess a positive outlook on life and smiles for everyone he meets. His mother Elena knows well that her son is innocent, and does whatever she can to save him, even reaching out to her ex-husband, Mike for money to hire a high priced lawyer. Rudy’s tribulations bring several people together including his mother and father, and Mike is reconnected to his childhood friend Jack Tobin now a highly rated and influential lawyer based in Miami. Soon, Jack finds himself fighting a criminal lawyer who has connections to the Mafia world whose main aim is to get his client off the hook even if it involving killing.

The narrative is both inspiring and tragic as well and will firmly grip your attention from the first page to the last. If you want a sneak peek of what exactly happens when the wrong and right collide with the American legal system, then this is the novel that you should read, and in this tale, justice and mortality do not share the same path.

The characters in this story are well crafted, and their development can be seen from their stories from the past. Jack Tobin is an interesting character, he is a lawyer and has made lots of fortune by defending insurance companies. He is thinking of retiring to a small town in Florida but when his best friend dies, one who he owed a fortune Jack changes his mind. When he discovers that his friend has a mentally disturbed son who is on death row, Jack knows that he has to help even if he is not a criminal lawyer.

The Law of Second Chances

This is the second novel in Jack Tobin series written by bestselling American author James Sheehan. In this second installment, we find Jack the now a retired lawyer who has discovered a new meaning of life by representing death row inmates. He does not charge his clients, but he doesn’t accept any case unless he is convinced that his client is innocent. He has worked some magic in the court room, freed criminals who have life in prison or death penalty facing them. He finds his work satisfying and lives a life of joy with his beloved wife, Pat in the small castle in Bass Creek, Florida.

However, there several events that pose a threat to his peaceful life. First, he is shocked after his wife is diagnosed with a stage four cancer which is terminal. The two are deeply in love, and all that Jack wants is to be there any time for his wife. But it is unfortunate for his as he meets another man who needs his help. The man is a death row inmate, Henry Wilson. All the evidence available point that Wilson is guilty and even Jack is not even convinced of his innocence, but he agrees to represent him in the court room after he senses a kind of nobility in the man that won’t let him rest.

In a parallel story, a robber by the name Benny Avrile partners with a lady con to steal money from a wealthy man named Carl Robertson. Their robbery goes wrong leaving Robertson dead. Benny is later arrested and becomes Jacks client at the request of a person who was important to Jack during his childhood. At first, Jack is reluctant to represent his client Benny even though he does not appear innocent, but later he discovers that Benny deserves some benefit of proper legal representation.

The Law of Second Chances is an intriguing novel better than the debut novel. What you will adore about this installment is how Jack Tobin handles his investigations that are crucial during any trial and also revealing the shortcomings of the criminal justice system. What makes this series unique unlike many legal thrillers you’ve ever read is the fact that, for Jack finding evidence is not easy at all for he has to chase leads that take him nowhere. The second chances in this narrative not only refer to the second opportunities given to the individuals on death row but also the second chance that life offers to Jack after the death of his wife.

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  1. Robert Mckiel: 2 months ago

    I was turned on to you by my late great friend Scottie Hamilton, and subsequently got to meet you a few times also at a city theatre production that our grandchildren were in, its not common for me to be overwhelmed by a book but times that by 4, thank you thank you, hope to see you again my friend, Rip scottie hamilton

  2. Carin Ruzicka: 7 months ago

    Loved all of your books. I guess you are not writing another. 😟All four were fabulous. Thank you.

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    I’m also one who discovered your books only recently and I’m devistated to discover there are only 4 of your books! PLEASE give us another few!

  4. Barbara Smith: 2 years ago

    Just finished The Alligator Man, last of the 4 lawyer books. I am sad there are not others. I have all 4 of these books. I guess I will just have to re-read and re-read them. Thanks much for these great stories.

  5. Patricia Meehan: 2 years ago

    I love your books.I always keep my eyes open for your name. Thanks for the great reads!

  6. Richatrd Cosca: 2 years ago

    It is so refreshing to have discovered James.I am only sad to find that he no longer writes. His stories are very interesting and each is a stand alone thriller.

  7. Barbara Marie Freeman: 2 years ago

    Love love LOVE your books. Anything new coming out?

  8. Dale Johnson: 2 years ago

    Just read the “Mayor of Lexington Avenue” a great read, could hardly put it down.

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    Hello James, I too have just discovered your awesome novels; what great characters and twisted plotting. Please write more.

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    Wow just discovered your novels awesome


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