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James Tucker is a published author.

James Tucker is known for the Buddy Lock series, which have hit best-selling status as part of Amazon’s online crime fiction offerings. Readers have enjoyed getting to follow the adventures of this determined homicide detective and seeing how the mysteries are resolved.

The fiction author has also been employed in the legal field, working for an international level law firm as one of their attorneys. He has also worked at a company in the Fortune 50 as an executive, managing strategy in real estate.

James Tucker always had an interest in crimes committed by those possessing power. It has always fascinated him and it is these types of cases that he draws inspiration from when it comes to his writing. The author holds his law degree from when he attended law school at the respected University of Minnesota.

James Tucker is the creator and the author of the Buddy Lock series of fictional novels. This mystery series started off in 2017 with the publication of the debut book in the series, which is titled Next of Kin. Tucker would follow that up with the sequel and second story in the series, titled The Holdouts, in 2018.

The author has also had the prestige of being 1 out of 4 writers that were given a position at a Mentor Series in Minneapolis. He has gone to the Squaw Valley’s Community of Writers as well as attended the workshop put on by Tin House for writers in Portland. It was there that he had the opportunity to be mentored by fellow writer, the accomplished Walter Kirn.

Today, he resides close to Minneapolis. He lives with Megan Rye, his wife, and his family. She is also involved in the arts as a painter.

Next of Kin is the first novel in the Buddy Lock series. If you enjoy reading exciting plots and murder mystery novels that have twists you didn’t see coming, check out this series for yourself!

Buddy Lock is the main character in this book, and he works as a detective for the NYPD. The story goes right into it as the setting is a celebration on New Year’s Eve. The start of this night begins with a champagne cork being popped, but it will end with the screams of the victims of a ruthless killer.

Ben Brook is just 10 years old and is the sole surviving member of a horrible event. His family was wealthy and brutally murdered at their family compound in the upstate region of New York state. He was lucky enough to be able to escape death.

But from that point on, his life will be constantly in danger. It is up to Lock to try and do what he can in order to protect Ben. Can he make sure that he is kept safe when it comes to a killer that is doing whatever they can to wipe out an entire family?

The Brook clan is certainly in danger. Buddy knows that the longer that he takes to track down this killer, the greater the chance that some harm will come to Ben. The family itself is slowly getting whittled down, and this young boy is not the only living relative when it comes to the Brooks. As two additional deaths add to the list, the detective is desperate to track down who’s doing this.

Even though he wants to find the culprit, this detective knows better than to let his emotions cloud his judgement. His hunt is slowly getting more refined, and he feels that he’s honing in on the target. However, even though the promise of this case being cracked is there, Buddy’s challenges are only just beginning.

As money, power, secret crimes, and the past steadily begin to stand in his way, this detective is about to be tested to the maximum in one of the toughest cases of his career. Ben is still a target and will be threatened as long as this killer walks the streets.

Buddy’s doing all that he can to try and catch a killer. But the closer that he gets, the more that the killer is forced to become even more cunning and brutal. In order to save this boy, all of this detective’s skills must be utilized. Can he save a child and solve this difficult case? Read the first book in this series to find out!

The Holdouts is the second book in the Buddy Lock series by talented author James Tucker! This thrilling sequel is full of excitement and of course, a murder mystery that needs to be solved. Pick up this second story in an engaging series and find out what happens for yourself.

Murder, corruption, power and more are going to be on their way for a detective as well as his family in an exciting series you won’t soon forget.

When a fishing crew in Long Island makes their catch of the day, they are totally unprepared for what they find. Two bodies of what appear to be a couple, both Asian, have been pulled out of the Atlantic. They alert the authorities, and that is how the case ends up on Lock’s desk.

The cop specializes in solving homicides. From the first time he sees the case, he knows that there is no way that this was an accident. When his investigation starts, he soon finds that someone doesn’t want him to get too deep into the case.

The warnings to slow down and back off are coming from the NYPD, but also outside sources. Buddy is horrified when he starts to figure out that he as well as his family have somehow ended up as a new target of the killer.

People have started going missing from Chinatown. Just like that, Buddy’s tracking a killer that may be more twisted than he could have ever thought possible. By pursuing the loved ones of this detective, the killer is closing in.

Buddy may find that the only person that he can trust is the one in the mirror. Can he find this killer and save his family? Read this book to find out!

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