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James Tucker is an American author.

James Tucker grew up in the state of Pennsylvania in Elkins Park. He would pursue his higher education by attending Tufts University, where he studied mechanical as well as civil engineering in Boston. he would then go on to study at Columbia University at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, located in NYC.

He would go on to have an internship as well as residency in Pittsburgh, practicing pediatrics. Ever since that time, he was been following up his career in medicine and works in private practice.

James Tucker has always had an interest in the practice of magic as long as he can remember, and he has pursued it to this day. He also used to own a restaurant along with a partner in Pittsburgh that went by the name of ‘Hog Island Hoagies’. They served hoagies and cheese steak in the Philadelphia style and although they did not make all the money in the world, they did offer great food to their customers.

He has run the marathon twice in New York City. Now the author prefers to put his time towards other athletic pursuits, such as golf and even platform tennis when winter comes around. He has also tried new hobbies, such as trying his hand at glassblowing. He is married and his wife is also a pediatrician. Her name is Kim. Together they have three children, all sons, and they are also grandparents.

James Tucker is the creator and author of the engaging Jake Merlin series of fictional novels. The series started off in 1999, when the debut novel was released for readers to enjoy for the first time. It is titled Abra Cadaver. This murder mystery was quickly followed by the sequel, Hocus Corpus. The third book in the series made it a trilogy and is titled Tragic Wand.

Abra Cadaver is the first book in the Jake Merlin series. If you have been searching for a great thriller and mystery to read, then check out this debut for yourself!

In this debut story, readers get the chance to meet the main character, Jake Merlin, for the first time. He’s kind of a unique guy because for one thing, he is really into magic. Not everyone can say that, but how many people are also an amateur magician part-time and then work full time as a doctor? Not as many, that is for sure.

Jake not only works as a doctor but as a sleuth on the side. But he never was emotionally prepared for finding something totally unexpected with his jobs: the body of an old roommate. The long-lost room sharer is dead and now his corpse is currently in the lab of gross anatomy– being dissected.

Merlin is sad at the discovery; he had no idea what happened to this old friend and now it appears he has the answer, at least in part. He now vows to do everything that he can to try and discover just how his friend went missing in the first place– and what it was that really happened that led to him ending up this way.

Nothing is going to get in the way of Jake trying to crack this case. He may not have any formal experience or training when it comes to being a detective, but he’s not going to let that stop him. He has just as good a capacity to follow leads and work cases with the best of them, and he didn’t get into medical school for having a sub-par mind.

He’s going to do whatever he can to try and get justice for this old friend. Even if that means having to work with a district attorney who is as brave as she is courageous, which isn’t going to be that difficult to manage at all. Jake is doing everything that he can to follow the trail, and it will take him on a dangerous journey through Pittsburgh’s busy streets.

Influenced by greed and deception, this is a world that Merlin must take on if he wants to get answers to his questions. Someone out there has been taking the concept of donating bodies in the name of science a little too seriously. He’s got all of the medical know how and all of the luck and talent of a natural magician, but will it be enough to see him through this case?

Can Jake Merlin crack the case before he is the one that ends up targeted? You’re going to have to find out by reading the debut mystery story in this awesome series!

Hocus Corpus is the second novel in the Jake Merlin series. if you loved the adventure and all of the thrilling murder mystery action in the first story, then be sure to check out the thrilling sequel for yourself.

When it comes to crime, Jack Merlin is a self-appointed expert. His day job is working as a doctor, but his side gig happens to be something a little more interesting than that. Merlin is into magic, and he also is a self-professed amateur sleuth.

Merlin is now working with an Assistant District Attorney to try and crack a case. He knows as a medical professional that fatalities when it comes to patients are just part of the territory. He’s been working at the medical center as chief of surgery for long enough to know that sometimes, people just pass away even if you’ve done everything right.

Normally losses as a doctor are just something that you learn to cope with. But when Merlin notices that four individuals have died after what should have been routine operations– that were successful– he really starts to get suspicious.

Jake and Tory are now finding that they are wrapped up in the middle of a strange situation. Four victims that appear to have nothing shared between them except for having the exact same carrier for their insurance. Could this be the link between the victims?

Caught in the middle of a murder plot, the doctor is on a hunt for the truth. Could a medical surgeon be behind all of this? Pick up this book to find out!

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