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Balance of Power (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Price of Power (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Shadows of Power (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secret Justice (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

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James W. Huston was one of the prominent authors from the US, who liked to write mystery, politics, and thriller books. He was particularly famous for writing legal and military thriller novels. Prior to becoming a full time writer, Huston used to serve in the US Navy. He also practiced law, which he continued to do until his death. During the 1990s, Huston used to write editorials in the local newspapers. It was at that time that he decided to attempt to write fiction. His first couple of novels were rejected for multiple times by the publishers. However, the third attempt proved to lucky for him and eventually helped himself become a published author. The favorite writers of author Huston include Ernest Hemmingway, Marilynne Robinson, Patrick O’Brian. Author Huston began his writing career in the year 1998 with the release of the book titled Balance of Power, which was his third book. It was followed by another successful book in the next year. Both the books featured the chief character of Jim Dillon, which author Huston created on his own. The success of the books helped Huston in a great way to get his writing career on track. Author Huston was born on October 26, 1953, in West Lafayette, Indiana; and died on April 14, 2016 in San Diego, California. He graduated from TOPGUN and went on to serve in as a naval officer. He also worked in the naval intelligence, after which he took to writing and became a bestselling author. Huston was brought up in West Lafayette. His father used to teach history at the Purdue University. He too was a writer of diplomatic history and military books. Author Huston’s father was awarded with highest civilian award in France in 2009. Huston completed his high school graduation in the year 1971 and then joined the South Carolina University on the basis of an ROTC scholarship. He has stated that the last years of the program were very tumultuous because of the ongoing Vietnam War. Many anti-war protests used to take place on the university campus frequently.

Later, author Huston studied English Literature and Reformation history at the Warwick University in Coventry, England. In 1975, author Huston obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of history and an English minor from the USC. On the day of graduation, Huston joined as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. Author Huston resigned from duty in the year 1981 in order to study law at the Virginia University. He earned his law degree in 1984 and then shifted to California so as to join a law firm called Gray Cary Ames and Frye in San Diego. After several years, Huston obtained transfer into the Reserves of National Intelligence. He was engaged in monitoring reports if intelligence and do briefing of personnels. He retired in 1997 from the post of Commander. From 1990 onwards, author Huston worked as partner at his law firm and was the leader of the product and tort liability product group. In 2004, Huston became a part of an international firm known as Morrison and Foerster. Being the chairman of this firm’s trial & practice group, Huston was involved in a few high profile cases. The Law 360 included author Huston among the top 10 product liability lawyer in the nation in 2010. Huston has mentioned in his interviews that his interest in literary works grew with his article writing in newspapers in the initial years. Initially, he had to struggle a lot, but when he got a hold of the publishing world, he helped him become an established novelist. Author Huston fathered 4 children and resided with his wife named Dianna near San Diego for a period of 36 years. His death occurred after suffering from multiple myeloma for a long time.

The Jim Dillon series written by James W. Huston is comprised of just 2 novels so far. The first one is entitled ‘Balance of Power’. It was published in 1998 by the William Morrow publication. Author Huston has described the central characters in this book as Jim Dillon, Molly Vaughan, and Admiral Ray Billings. At the start of the story, Jim Dillon is introduced as a Special Assistant for the House Speaker. He comes across a long forgotten Constitutional clause that gives the power to Congress to take charge of the military without the approval from the president. Jim’s boss decides to use this clause to humiliate his opponent in the office. Meanwhile, Jim’s friend Molly Vaughan is trying to find a way to block the gambit of the Speaker. At the same time, a rogue battle group of the US Navy moves towards a rendezvous point to meet terrorist. And as the H-Hour draws closer, the Navy SEALs, Marine Corps team, and fighter jocks are employed for action. The events that follow in such testing times sweep from the high tech intelligence center to F-14’s cockpit to the team of Marines who storm on the shore of a tropical island. As author Huston has worked as a carrier pilot, he has described the military science very well. The novel goes on to build a suspenseful plot, by moving between an assault countdown and a political clash in DC. It blends the legal skirmishing, naval warfare, and political battles in an exciting way.

The second Jim Dillon book is titled as ‘The Price of Power’. It was also released by the William Morrow publishers in 1999. This book features the same set of characters once again, who face off in yet another deadly encounter. At the beginning of the book, the angry House Speaker is shown retaliating by the impeachment proceedings’ initiation. As Jim Dillon the top aide of the Speaker, he is tasked with the job of taking care of the defense proceedings of the admiral during the court-martial trials. He is also named as the second prosecutor for an upcoming trial of impeachment. Meanwhile, the terrorist attack is set in motion in the country once again. The terrorists invade a gold mine owned by the US government, located on an island in Indonesia. They murder the boss of the gold mine and hold his wife as hostage. Putting her life on the line, the terrorists demand the US government to release all the terrorists who were captured in previous assaults. With such an interesting and intriguing storyline, author Huston has delivered another heart pounding thriller, filled with political intrigue and military action. The book was very well received by the readers and the critics. It was reviewed very positively by the various leading literary magazines. This boosted the confidence of author Huston as he moved on to work on the third book of this thriller series.

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