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Land of Promise (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Survival Retreats & Relocation (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

James Wesley Rawles is an American author of fiction. Born in 1960, he is known for his writing in the survival and Christian fiction genres.

He is a former Intelligence officer for the U.S. Army, achieving the rank of Captain, took a defense officer’s course, and attended Northern Warfare School. However, he resigned immediately from his position as Captain after Bill Clinton became President.

Rawles was a founder as well as Senior Editor of the online blog Survival Blog. The site covers topics of preparedness and survival. He has collected material and released it in two published books. In addition to being a Constitutionalist Christian libertarian, Rawles works during the day as a consultant on survival retreats.

Even though it is easier to write his name as James Wesley Rawles, he distinguishes his name typically as “James Wesley, Rawles” on everything from his signature to his book covers to make a distinction between his given and family name.

He was born and grew up in California. He attended public school before graduating from San Jose State University with a Bachelor degree in journalism as well as minor degrees in history, military history, and military science.

He has worked in writing in many facets of writing before becoming a published author. He was an editor for two magazines and worked as a technical writer for much of the nineties for companies that specialized in electronics and software.

Rawles began blogging full time in 2005 and now works blogging, doing freelance writing, and advising people on survivalism and preparedness techniques through consultation. He is an advocate and proponent of being prepared, storing foods, relocating to retreat areas, sustainable materials like silver, and being ready for any type of collapse or disruption in a modern society with a fragile infrastructure.

He was interviewed on survivalism by The New York Times and believes citizens have rights to bear and keep arms as part of the second amendment. He is opposed to racism as well as modern slavery and supports personal freedom.

Rawles is also a spokesman for the movement of survivalists, who want to be prepared for the consequences of a societal meltdown and believe there is a decent enough risk of that happening to prepare for this. The author has commented on the media distortion on the message of survivalism, perceiving people in this area as belonging to the far right or ‘lunatic fringe’. However, Rawles is the first to state that self-sufficiency in a rural area involves a lot of hard work and is not always idyllic as an urban dweller might think.

He is the author of the Patriot series, which falls into the fictional thriller survivalist genre. Patriots is the first novel and it was released in 1998, followed by Survivors. There are five books in the series, with the fifth being titled Liberators. The series contends with the hypothetical collapse of the United States and what ensues after. He is also the author of the book Land of Promise.

Patriots is the first book in the series by the same name. In this book, the United States is on the edge of totally collapsing on a social and economic level across the board. When the stock market takes a huge dive, the resulting inflation causes commerce to come to a grinding halt. The crisis is building, but it’s like a rollercoaster going to the top of the hill before the huge and incredibly quick ride down. In what seems like overnight, the infrastructure of America topples.

It’s not long before rioting and looting are happening in every big city in the U.S. and people are desperately grabbing what they can. Everyone is ill prepared for this event to happen, and even those that are prepared are faced with the violent prospect of encountering looters and scared or dangerous people that are pouring out of cities and spreading out all over the place.

The reader is introduced to a small group of friends that are living out in the Midwest. Trying to avoid the refugees, they’re going toward a safe house– a ranch located in Idaho. But to get to northern Idaho, the group will have to draw upon every bit of skill and training to get to where they need to go. With all sense of traditional transportation absolutely nonexistent, they must get to the ranch and then get ready to protect themselves as outsiders eventually attempt to inspect the dwelling.

The group does eventually experience outsiders attacking to them but eventually finds groups that are attempting to restore Constitutional law to the country. This exciting novel from James Wesley Rawles is filled with action and suspense on every page and it will be tough to put it down! When choices and random chance could mean the difference between life and death, you’ve got to pick up this debut novel from Rawles that kick-starts the Patriots series with a bang.

Survivors is the second book in the Patriots series. The novel is set in the same world as the first and sees the U.S. plummeting into chaos after the stock market crashes and the traditional infrastructure crumbles into dust. The trucks stop coming to grocery stores and money is worthless. Power grids fall and rioting and looting are rampant. The time known as The Crunch is upon us, and it is going to give The Great Depression not only a run for its money but take all of its cash at gunpoint.

In this new environment, only some people are going to have what it takes to survive. Not everyone was storing months worth of food in their residence and even if they had, the looting has taken its toll. The reader encounters a young officer in the US Army named Andrew Laine. He’s overseas in Afghanistan and just wants to get back to America and go home to New Mexico. But now the world is falling and plane tickets home just aren’t going to happen.

The officer must figure out how to reach his family, relying on his own wits, training, and a little luck along the way. He wants to get back home to his fiancée. Meanwhile, Air Force Pilot Major Ian Doyle is stationed with his wife in Arizona– with their daughter trapped in riots in the Northeast. With more characters coming into play, each must make their way in this competitive and cutthroat new world. Check out this book and see what happens for yourself in every suspenseful moment of Survivors!

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