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Publication Order of Jameson Force Security Books

Code Name: Genesis (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Sentinel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Heist (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Hacker (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Ghost (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Rook (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Grace (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Tiara (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Disavowed (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Revenge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Name: Omega (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sawyer Bennett is an American author and a pseudonym used to write romance. The author also uses the pen name of Juliette Poe and S. Bennett.

Sawyer Bennett is from the South and a woman that is known for being snarky and sassy. She has a love and a weakness for milk chocolate as well as the three dogs that are part of she and her husband’s life. She is married to a man that works as a market researcher and they have a daughter together. Sawyer decided that one day she was going to seize the moment and take all of the stories that she had floating around and put them to paper. She has not looked back since. Once a trial lawyer, she’s now a full time author.

Sawyer Bennett is the creator and the author of the Jameson Force Security series of fictional novels. This series has become a best seller, so if you’re always in the mood for a little drama with your romance, you are in the right place! The series began with the publication of the debut novel, Code Name: Genesis. Check this series out and if you love the first book, keep on reading and catch all of the action yourself!

Code Name: Genesis is the first book in the Jameson Force Security series by Sawyer Bennett. Joslyn Meyers is a famous singer and actress, but it’s the relationship that she left behind that still runs through her mind. Why is it always the ones that get away that keep on coming back to your thoughts when you’re a million miles away?

Main character Kynan runs a successful private security contracting company. Though years have passed, he hasn’t forgotten about Joslyn. The two fell in love. She was a star on the rise at the time, and he was the security professional that had been hired out to protect her. He fell for her hard, and vice versa, no matter how much they tried to stay away.

But others around them were not as supportive of the relationship. Rumors, deceit and even outright lies worked their way in and helped to break up what they had once shared. When it ended, Kynan moved on from it all and kept living his life. He’s done well for himself with his protective services company and has a national reputation and an income to match.

Now he’s taking Jameson Force Security from Las Vegas and rebranding his own career in Pittsburgh. Kynan has no desire to deal with the past in the moment, not when he has so much on his plate. They broke up over a decade ago, but his hurt heart still remembers what it was like to love and lose. Joslyn Meyers eventually comes to town, and once Kynan hears her story, it’s tough not to be sympathetic.

He’s trying to move the company away from that direction, but Kynan can’t help but take the job when he learns that Joslyn is being stalked. She truly needs his help, so he’s going to give it to her. It must be terrible to have your life threatened and be fearful all of the time, and if he can protect her and catch this guy too, it’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

With the danger increasing, Kynan wants to keep his ex safe and neutralize the threat to her. He’s still in love, no matter how much he wants to deny it. Can he protect the woman he cares for and help get rid of the one thing that’s threatening her? Or is he in over his head? Read this romance novel to find out!

Code Name: Sentinel is the second novel in the Jameson Force Security series by author Sawyer Bennett. If you love romance stories or read the first book and enjoyed it, check this second installment out!

Main character Barrett Alexander is an energy scientist that is renowned on a national level. Once Cruce meets her, he has to admit that she’s brilliant. He used to be part of the Secret Service and so is familiar with having his life at risk to serve. He left behind the capital of the nation to relocate to Pittsburgh, and the skills that he got through his time working at his old job have now helped him to land a position working with Jameson Force Security.

That’s when the President comes to him wanting a favor. He wants to help keep his niece safe. Just like that, Cruce is on his way back to duty. He’s impressed with her to say the least. Barrett Alexander also happens to be about to make a breakthrough that has the potential to change the world. It also happens to put her at risk and now a terrorist cell may just have chosen her as a target.

The pretty scientist might not think that she’s in danger, but the President doesn’t want to risk it. More threats come her way and the risk is undeniable. Cruce thinks that getting out with her might be the best shot at getting away from the threats and surviving. But the high stakes and their time together means that they’re getting closer.

Cruce wants to protect her now, but he’s starting to realize that it’s more than just a job to him. He’s falling for this woman, and his desire to protect her is mostly emotional. If anyone comes near her and tries to hurt her, they’re going to have to deal with him. When it comes to this assignment, he is all in. He’ll take a bullet for her if he has to.

Can Cruce keep her safe despite the forces uniting out there to try and take her down? Will Barrett return his feelings or will she ultimately reject him? Anything is possible in this action packed romance novel. Security work has never been quite so rewarding. Will these two get together at last? Get a copy of this exciting sequel into your hands and read to the end to find out!

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