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Jamie Brenner is an American author of fiction. She was born in Philadelphia and resides in N.Y.C. along with her two daughters and husband.

Jamie Brenner first made her literary debut with the publication of her first book The Gin Lovers in 2012. The book is the first of a total of six novels that make up the series. It was followed by the popular sequel Little White Lies, a few more, and then the final novel Hell Hath No Fury.

The Gin Lovers series is set during the jazz age at the height of Prohibition and features the main character Charlotte Delacorte, a socialite on the New York Scene. Charlotte belongs to high society and even though she is married lives a lonely life in a beautiful but isolated Fifth Avenue Townhouse with her husband, who is controlling. If you are interested in historical fiction with a touch of drama and romance, then this series is for you.

Brenner is also known for writing the standalone novel Ruin Me. She has also penned the 2016 novel The Wedding Sisters, as well as The Forever Summer from Little and Brown and The Husband Hour.

The Gin Lovers if the first book in the Gin Lovers series. It features the main character of Charlotte Delacorte, who would seem to have it all. A socialite who goes to parties and events on occasion and always knows how to dress to the nines, Charlotte is caught between the independent nature of the age of jazz with all its defiance of the dead morals and constricting values of the Victorian era. The year is 1925 and Charlotte lives in a delicate and gilded world, married to her husband William.Together they flit at the top of New York society, but all is not what it seems.

William is rigid and controlling, and Charlotte often feels trapped living in their Fifth Avenue apartment. That townhouse can often feel like a cage that she is never going to escape. But everything changes for Charlotte when William’s sister comes to town.

William’s younger sister Mae is a breath of fresh air. She’s everything that William is not; free and rebellious, beautiful and brash. It’s like the flapper revolution, whose scandalous nature had so far only made it to the tabloid headlines and not Charlotte’s world, has come to finally bring its youthful joie de vivre straight to the isolated socialite.

When their mother passes away, the couple invites Mae to stay with them for a while in their New York townhouse. Through this new guest, Charlotte finds that a completely different world is opening up to her. It’s a world that she never imagined could exist at all, and it’s an intriguing place that is something out of her wildest dreams.

When Charlotte meets a stranger handsome enough to make her forget that she is married, she is blown away by the confidence of this mysterious man.Charlotte is really taken by him, and when she finds him before her eyes one night while bartending at a secret speakeasy, she’s captivated by him. She even imagines that the quiet confidence he exudes in real life might extend to the bedroom as well. The only problem is that she’s supposed to be with someone else in the bedroom ever since she said those two magic words of “I do”.

Jake Larkin is seriously hot, but Charlotte is uncertain whether she wants to pursue something. Sure, there’s something about this bartender, but when it comes to finding love, Charlotte must let go of her marriage to pursue something new– something she’s not sure she can ever really do.

Can Charlotte navigate this new world and stay true to her husband, or has she finally found what has been missing in her life and cannot let it go now that she has it? Find out by picking up this exciting first novel in the Gin series by Jamie Brenner to find out if one woman’s courage will finally lead her to find love.

Little White Lies is Jamie Brenner’s second book in the fictional Gin Lovers series. Set in the mid-twenties of America, this exciting sequel picks up where the sensational debut left off. Charlotte Delacourte is one of the few women in America living a glamorous life as part of high society. But some pictures are prettier from the outside. If you peered closer into Charlotte’s world, you might find that not everything is as perfect as one might first imagine.Everything seems idyllic from the outside, but on the inside things are falling apart.

Charlotte’s manicured and cloistered world as part of high society becomes more fragile as she finds out that her husband William may have been keeping some big secrets from her. Secrets that could end up being potentially dangerous. Charlotte already has reason to get out of her marriage, but these secrets could be so dangerous that she doesn’t know what to do.

Charlotte has no idea who to trust, but she doesn’t think that William is the person to turn to right now for comfort. William is driving her into the arms of another with his secret keeping, and with her sheltered and unhappy married life in their townhouse already being a factor in her desperately wanting something new, the young socialite is conflicted as to what her next move should be.

Should she choose the attractive Jake Larkin, the minder of a secret speakeasy? Charlotte is enthralled by the freedom and seductive nature of the New York jazz scene, and the handsome man serving drinks to spirited city customers. Is she longing for a new lifestyle or a new life for herself entirely? Charlotte is finding it difficult to tell.

With her marriage in jeopardy, Charlotte must look into her heart for the answers and see where her loyalty will ultimately land in the end. Will she be faithful to her husband, or is she too scared to admit that she really has feelings for Jake? Find out by picking up the white-hot second novel in this engaging series from dynamic author Jamie Brenner!

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