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Dropping Acid (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Koufman's Acid Reflux Diet (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Chronic Cough Enigma (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acid Reflux in Children (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jamie Koufman is an accomplished published author.

Koufman is one of the top laryngologists in the nation. She has given lectures on a national and international level, traveling widely as part of her career. She pioneered a type of surgery called ‘laryngeal framework’, as well as several other surgeries (including but not limited to transnasal esophagoscopy and laryngeal electromygraphy.

She has spent three decades doing research and looking into publications that were focused on acid reflux and its diagnosis as well as treatment and its cell biology. The doctor is a global authority on the reflux disease. Dr. Koufman came up with the terms silent reflux and laryngopharyngeal reflux. She has also written books on the subject, including a diet cook book with recipes to combat acid reflux and curing it.

Koufman is also a director and founder of the Voice Institute of New York. This is a comprehensive treatment for the voice. She is also a professor at N.Y. Medical College’s Eye and Ear Infirmary concerning Clinical Otolaryngology and has appeared on the Dr. Oz show.

She has received several awards throughout the course of her work and career. These include an Honor Award as well as a Distinguished Service Award, the Broyles-Maloney Award and more. She has also made a list of the top U.S. doctors starting in 1994 and several times after. She also contributes to a foundation (not for profit) that advances the American diet and nutrition to combat reflux while combating the affliction through science research and educational programs.

Jamie Koufman wrote a book that was released in 2010 that concerned a subject that she knows all too well. The book was an attempt to dive into the whole concept of how acid reflux affects people and how it starts and continues because of factors in our lives concerning our diet and our lifestyle.

This is a cookbook that shows the reader how to develop their own reflux diet and make the changes needed in order to have an effect on the reflux. Dropping Acid is a cookbook that wants to help the reader find a way to cure themselves of this affliction.

In the book, the author explains how the process of acid reflux and silent reflux in particular has a direct correlation to your diet and lifestyle. It shows how this epidemic also has been influenced by including acid in food more often as a type of food preservative. When you consider how much of what we eat could be considered preserved food or has these types of ingredients, it does give you a reason to stop and pause and consider the correlation.

The book goes over acid’s cause and also more about why acid reflux is being affected by acid being used to preserve food. When you see how the author outlines their thinking and how this is such a common disease among so many people, you start to see how this makes sense. If reflux is a reaction to how we live and eat, then all of these people that have this same disease must be doing some things the same way.

This highly informative and interesting book is one that you must pick up if you or someone that you know is suffering from reflux. This disease is really common, and the symptoms are being defined and outlined clearly by Dr. Koufman from the start. If you don’t know that much about these symptoms and the disease in general, you cannot afford to pass this book up.

The doctor also explains how changing your diet up can have a positive effect and even make some of the more common symptoms of this disease either ease up or disappear. If you are looking for something that is going to help alleviate the symptoms that you’re experiencing that is going to be practical and actually have an effect, then chances are you could benefit from the information and the recipes contained in this book.

Altering your diet and making it become a cure instead of a cause for reflux is not easy, but it is possible. In this book, Koufman outlines how you can pursue this dietary cure. It also gives you a list of the best foods to eat and some of the worst when you are dealing with active acid reflux.

The recipes contained in this book also give the readers a way to boost flavor using tasty fats as an accessory instead of a main ingredient. You’ll also find out how some tasty dishes can fit into your life and lifestyle that help you fight reflux and not make it worse.

If you don’t want to deprive yourself of delicious food but do realize that you would like to make some positive changes and progress on your journey with reflux, check out this practical, informative, and nutritious book!

If you’re still searching for another great book on this topic, be sure to pick up the 2015 book ‘Dr. Koufman’s Acid Reflux Diet’, with the help of Huang and Gelb. Get all of the inside information on reflux and how you can have a positive influence on it through your diet and grocery store selections by picking up a copy of this book from an expert that knows all about this disease.

This is a book that is meant to be a companion to the cookbook Dropping Acid. That book introduced strategies for restoring health of the digestive and respiratory system through nutritional programs based on science.

Now readers can take what they have learned from the first book and take in the extended lessons that are included in ‘Acid Reflux Diet’. Inside, the doctor places an emphasis on the importance of eating. The focus is on eating alkaline, clean, lean, and green.

The book goes into how readers can recognize certain foods that trigger their reflux. It also offers helpful ways to get off of the reflux medication, to lose some weight (but do it in a healthy way), and how to incorporate a healthy diet into your life that can be maintained. With over a hundred delicious recipes that include gluten free and vegetarian recipes you can’t find anywhere else, check this book out!

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