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Jamie Lee Grey is best known as a bestselling Christian novelist. The author made her fiction writing debut when she published “Holly War,” a standalone novel in 2017.

Following the publishing of her debut novel which achieved moderate success, he decided to become a full-time author. Lee Grey now has a ton of books that include titles in at least four series which cumulatively have at least 20 novels between them.
While she has made a name for herself writing Christin fiction, she did not start out as a novelist as in her former life she was a journalist. Nonetheless, she always wanted to become an author and it was inevitable that he would one day become one.
Jamie now makes her home in the American Northwest where she lives with her husband and several four-legged monsters.

They are a very outdoorsy family and one summer they lived in an Alaskan log cabin, then in a travel trailer, and then off-grid for more than ten years.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found planning her next adventure.

“California” by Jamie Lee Grey is a quick read that tells the story of Katie and Zach who are good Christians and decent folk.

At the opening of the novel, we are introduced to a very unusual situation of a moderate Muslim Governor who could not have had it harder. His son has become an extremist militant who heads a jihad cell in California that has hundreds of followers.
The cell was mobilized and used to set huge brush fires all over the Californian coast. Once the firefighting forces in California were fully committed, the group set another series of fires in the middle and on the lower coasts.
It is a concerning situation for Zach and Katie Nelson who had been celebrating their anniversary on a camping trip on the coast.

However now that terrorists have torched their paradise, they scramble to evacuate and soon after find themselves running for their lives.

They take Timmy their four-year-old son and barely manage to escape. But there are threats of much more tragedy and mayhem including the exposure of some truths that could destroy the United States.
Do the newly elected president and vice president have what it takes to deal with the multiple tragedies?

Jamie Lee Grey’s novel “New York” continues to follow the storyline which began in the first novel where the United States was assaulted by domestic and foreign actors.

California is burning and Katie and Zach have been selected by the president to be a fall guy so that Iran who is the responsible party is not implicated.

They find that they are the target of a massive manhunt and have to flee for their lives even as the central business district of New York is nuked. With radiation spreading, thousands of people are scrambling to get out of the city as martial law is imposed.
Hardly anyone has any information on what is happening until the United States President meets the Israeli ambassador for an emergency meeting.

According to the ambassador, what is happening in the United States had been foretold millennia in the past. However, the president does not believe anything the man says and dismisses his assertions.
The ambassador asserts that America had been written about in the scriptures as a defender of Israel but had reneged hence the permanent and swift destruction.
It is a thrilling second novel of the “Daughter of Babylon” series of novels that will have you on the edge of your seat.

“America” by Jamie Lee Grey is a work in which the United States has to face the ultimate test and it is not clear if it will fall or stand.
The country is reeling from the devastation of the attacks on New York and California and is now teetering on the edge.

In Oregon, Zach and Katie Nelson are hunkered down and planning their next move but are driven from their hiding place by a sinister threat.

Meanwhile, Alana Mills the Vice President has woken up to some devastating and unexpected news. Will she be able to lead the country following some very shocking turn of events or are they too late?
With an innocent man on the run, New York dealing with a nuclear fallout, and California getting destroyed by fires, it seems that the United States may just collapse.

It makes for a brilliant work that will take your breath away with an intense and captivating story.

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