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Jamie Lee Sogn is a bestselling mystery fiction author best known for her debut work of fiction “Salthouse Place.”

The author was brought up in a Filipino-American home in Olympia Washington and this upbringing would have a lot to do with the novel that she ultimately wrote.
In her teenage years, she went to the University of Washington, where she studied psychology and anthropology. She would then proceed to the School of Law at the University of Oregon, where she got her juris doctorate.
After graduating from college, she would become an attorney, even though she always dreamed of one day becoming an author.

At some point, she decided to pursue her dream and began writing in the evenings and finally published “Salthouse Place” in 2023.

She now pens her fiction during the night and works a day job as an attorney writing contracts. While she has lived in Eugene, Oregon, New York City, and Los Angeles,
Jamie currently makes her home in Seattle, where she lives with her family and their Boston terrier.

Given that she still works as an attorney and had some crazy hours, Jamie Lee Sogn had a very hard time writing her novel.

She used to find any opportunity to write and often used to type a few paragraphs on her phone while she was on the commute to the office and then add these to her drafts late at night when she got back home.
Lee Sogn conducted a lot of research on the wellness cult known as the “Artemis Group,” which would become central to her story.

She also ended up doing research on psychology, and cult recruitment and pored over reports, articles, and podcasts on a variety of wellness industries.

While most people will say they would never fall for cults, she was thinking what if someone went in with wide eyes open, and what it would take for them to inadvertently find themselves influenced?
For about a year, she kept working on her manuscript doing multiple reeds and editing for plotholes, until she ultimately finished her first draft.

When she got the email asserting that she had made it to the next stage of the Center for Fiction’s process, she was over the moon, particularly when she saw the company she was in.
She has always had a desire to become an author and this was the culmination of everything she had always worked for.

As for the inspiration for the novel, Jamie Lee Sogn took a lot of inspiration from her own life, even though she tried as much as possible not to make Delia the lead into an exact copy of herself.
Nonetheless, both she and her character are biracial Filipinas who attended law school, look at the world through skeptical eyes, and tend to protect themselves too much.

All she wanted was to pen a character that was similar to herself, since she hardly saw any women of color in the stories she used to read growing up.

Sogn needed to come up with a character who experienced the world around her through the lens she had, while not having the story turn to be one about her biracial identity.

The story thus includes a lot about Sogn’s upbringing, the experience of her immigrant mother through her eyes, and even a little about comfort foods of Filipino origin.

Nonetheless, it is not all about that per se as it is a combination of a mystery and thriller, with a protagonist who thinks and looks like Jamie.

Jamie Lee Sogn’s novel “Salthouse Place” is a twisty thriller about the danger of truth and the allure of the past. The lead is a young woman who finds herself diving headlong into a cult as she desperately searches for answers.
On the outskirts of the Pacific Northwest, three friends had headed out to the lake for some fun but only two returned. A decade later, Dalia Albia is feeling guilty about what had happened to Zee when they were fifteen.

Presently, she gets an email from Cara her friend who survived the ordeal with her. She cannot resist the draw in the message Cara has sent and she decides to go see her old friend so that she can get some answers.

But by the time she arrives there, Cara is gone and she has another mystery on her hands. When Delia learns that her friend has joined a women’s empowerment group, she sets out to Oregon to find her.

She believes this could be a chance to reckon on the events of that day on the lake and reconnect with her old friend. Instead, she finds a strange group with a dark agenda and as they close in, she finds herself edging closer to the truth.
But will she survive the possessive cult, which is determined to protect its secrets at any cost?

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