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Jamie Magee is an American author that writes Young Adult novels and is best known for the ‘Insight’ series.


Jamie Magee describes herself as a daydreamer. She is also a lover of loud alternative music. She will take a good laugh over most things. The author has always had a penchant for telling stories. However, it took her a while to realize that she could actually make a living as an author.

Jamie Magee believes that she is a pretty ordinary person, and she followed a very ordinary path through life. She went to school, got her degree, began dating, got married, started a family, had children and carved out a career for herself

Jamie reached a point where she should have been happy. She was a Field Executive for an International Retail Company at the time. She was operating in the fast paced world of business and she loved it. It was every bit the challenge she had been looking for.

But when she stopped and took stock of her life, the author found that she wasn’t quite as happy and satisfied as she should have been. Her life was so consumed by her attempts to get ahead in her career and to keep climbing the ladder at her job that Jamie realized she had inadvertently stifled that part of her that loved to daydream.

That was always Jamie Magee’s defining trait. She was a daydreamer. And even when she was inundated by work at her job, the author always found time to create silly little tales in her mind.

So on the Eve of the New Year in 2008, Jamie made a resolution. She promised that she would take her daydreaming tendencies to the extreme by writing a book. There were various other resolutions that Jamie created that year.

But the only one she accomplished was the book. Jamie couldn’t believe just how relieved and contented she felt once she sat down and began to write her novel. She completed the novel and got it published a year later.

That feat was, on its own, enough to confirm to Jamie that she had, at last, found her calling. The author went on to write numerous other books, most of them young adult in nature and revolving around the supernatural.

+Literary career

Jamie Magee has always believed that every person in the world has a gift, an aspect that is unique to them and which gives them passion. It is a trait that can draw emotion from others and which allows every individual in the world to leave a lasting impact even after they die.

Jamie Magee’s belief is that she was born to write. The author’s life wasn’t exactly empty before she began pursuing her publishing career. She had a corporate job in the business arena and she was pretty good at it.

But Jamie believes that she would have been miserable and depressed if she hadn’t chosen to pursue her writing career. The author’s first book was ‘Insight’. It wasn’t exactly her first choice for a story for a debut novel.

But the different aspects of the story had been cooking in her brain for a long time. And it drew upon elements like past lives and the Zodiac which intrigued Jamie. So when she finally made her resolution to write a book in 2009, she fell back on this story.

She had been ruminating on the ideas for so long that they had expanded into a fully realized world with well-developed characters. For that reason, despite ‘Insight’ being her first ever novel, it didn’t take Jamie Magee long to get it written.

She was done with the first draft in three months. It was here that the challenges began to emerge. Jamie knew she had to expose her work to friends and family for review. But, while the author knew she had something special on her hands, the idea of other readers rejecting the draft and criticizing her writing scared Jamie.

It took a lot of courage for the author to overcome this hurdle. She admits that the feedback helped her fine tune the draft. And once she did the normal dance with potential agents and publishers and finally got her book to readers, she faced the difficult challenge of following it up with a sequel.

Jamie Magee believes that her first book was so easy to write because there were no expectations. Because her first book was so positively received, she struggled to produce a sequel that was as good as or even better than the first one.

Jamie Magee has come a long way since those days. She has transformed into a confident author living her dream as a published writer. Jamie has always been jealous of people who knew exactly what they wanted to be from a young age.

But she has since come to believe that the indirect journey she took to reach her publishing destination did great things for her storytelling abilities.


Willow’s life changes on one fateful summer night when her father tells her a shocking family secret. Before that moment, she balanced the insight of emotion. And then her nightmares came to life in the form of a figure that pushed her father’s hand by marking her wrist with a star.

Now Willow must deal with the aftermath even as she encounters her soul mate and loses her closest friends to darkness.

To save the day, Willow must understand and master the power of the zodiac. Along the way, she discovers that she was born to play a special role.

The first book from Jamie Magee introduces two protagonists who fall madly in love after meeting each other and then realize that they cannot get too far from one another, otherwise they will suffer from physical pain.


Willow was assaulted by a shocking revelation and endured grief in her attempts to get to Chara. Now she just wants to live her life with Landen Chambers and, if possible, redeem the lost souls of Esterious.

But then Willow finds a picture that proves to her that, not only has she lived before but she once loved Drake Blakeshire.

Willow makes it her mission to escape Drake’s hypnotizing touch.

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