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Publication Order of Jamie Saintclaire Books

The Doomsday Testament (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Isis Covenant (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Excalibur Codex (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Samurai Inheritance (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name Jamie Saintclaire refers to a series of novels written by James Douglas. It is also the name of the primary protagonist of the series.

+The Story

It might surprise some people to learn that the Jamie Saintclaire series is the work of Douglas Jackson. Jackson is best known for his series of historical novels. In fact, he has become quite renowned as a juggernaut in the historical fiction genre.

As such, it comes as a shock for readers to realize that Jackson has actually written a series of novels in the thriller genre. The Jamie Saintclaire series revolves around an art recovery expert by the names of Jamie Saintclaire.

Jamie is living a relatively simple life until he comes across his grandfather’s lost diary. What he finds challenges everything Jamie thought he knew about the old man. Rather than just another Anglican clergyman, Jamie learns that his grandfather was a decorated war hero. This revelation is further compounded by a hidden secret in the journal that sets Jamie on a journey that will see him traverse Europe in search of Germany’s lost past.

This adventure is only one of many that begin to assail Jamie. James Douglas starts each Jamie Saintclaire series by revealing some interesting nuggets about a historical document or artifact. He then proceeds to explain how this artifact or the actions of historical figures are having a direct impact on the present.

It doesn’t take Jamie Saintclaire long to get drawn into the mix, primarily because certain nefarious parties want to use the artifact in question for unsavory purposes. The result is an adventurous undertaking that finds Jamie taking on international assassins, renowned spies and the like in an effort to save lives.

The Jamie Saintclaire series clearly manifests James Douglas’ love for and understanding of history as he delves into Egyptian, Roman and Nazi lore.

The Saintclaire books have been complimented for being well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. Despite the depth of history they work with, James Douglas’ series never feels too heavy or bogged down by lengthy explanations.

Rather, James succeeds in maintaining a rapid pace and a smooth flow of events.

+The Author

James Douglas is a pseudonym for Douglas Jackson. A Scottish author, Douglas was born in 1956. A student of Jedburgh Grammar School, Douglas spent three decades working as a journalist for both local and national newspapers.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Douglas finally decided to retire to write full-time. Douglas always knew that he loved history. He was especially enamored by Roman History. Though, he only decided to write when another friend and author pushed him to put his talents to good use.

Douglas was initially reluctant to undertake the activity, mostly because he didn’t know what he could possibly write about. He was also convinced that whatever he wrote would probably be too dull to appeal to readers.

But then, the authors remembered his love for history and decided that looking at Roman history through the eyes of a fictional character might be fun. Readers have since come to know Douglas as a renowned author of historical fictional, which is why they might be shocked to learn that Douglas is also working hard to be the next Dan Brown.

Interestingly enough, Douglas did not initially intend to write thrillers. The author pitched a historical novel to his editor, and while it was well received, Douglas was asked if he had ever thought of writing a thriller in the same vein as Dan Brown. Douglas wasn’t interested and said as much.

Douglas isn’t shy about admitting that money was responsible for eventually changing his mind. He knew that the only way he would meet his financial needs was if he wrote and got two books published every year.

It eventually made sense for Douglas to throw a thriller into the mix in order to improve his financial prospects. James Douglas hasn’t regretted the decision. He is still working with history, only he is telling stories set in the modern day.

James Douglas appreciates the fact that the Jamie Saintclaire series doesn’t require nearly as much research as the author’s Roman titles.

+The Doomsday Testament

Art recovery expert Jamie Saintclair is about to discover a secret, one that will lead back to a Nazi Expedition of Tibet in the late 1930s and the work of Heinrich Himmler in Germany back in the early 1940s.

Finding his grandfather’s lost diary barely piqued Jamie’s interest. He thought he knew the old man as well as anyone else. He didn’t expect the gentle clergyman to hold any secrets. Then Jamie discovered that his grandfather was actually a decorated World War II hero and that his diary was hiding a piece of Nazi Symbolism with far reaching consequences.

The first book in the Jamie Saintclaire series is an impressive undertaking, playing with elements of the occult, archeology and the Second World War in order to deliver a breathtaking tale of adventure and intrigue.

There are even components of an international spy thriller.

Jamie is written as an ordinary human being who happens to know a thing or two about art and history. When he finds his grandfather’s journal, he is thrust into a journey involving a legendary Sunstone and neo-Nazis.

Jamie acts as a grounding force. He isn’t the most intelligent human being in the world, and neither does the threat of danger suddenly force him to reveal hidden physical abilities. Jamie is just a guy, and his vulnerabilities give the novel added stakes.

+The Isis Covenant

A Boston Detective reaches out to Jamie Saintclaire, certain that he might be able to help solve a crime. As an art recovery expert, Jamie’s understanding of Nazi units makes him invaluable. Jamie’s probing leads to a theft that took place in an Isis temple two thousand years ago but which is having repercussions at the present.

Jamie must get to the bottom of the situation before more victims begin to pile up.

The second book in the Jamie Saintclaire series revolves around the crown of Isis which was believed to grant its wearer eternal life. The crown was stolen centuries ago only to appear during World War II. It was stolen again and its disappearance is causing murder in the present day.

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