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Born in the year 1979, Jamie Sawyer is an established author who is widely known for the Eternity War book series. Upon the successful completion of his high school education, Sawyer joined the University of East Anglia, located in Norwich where he majored in Law. Later on, he went on and completed a Master’s degree in Surveillance and Human Rights. Apart from being an author, Jamie Sawyer is also a full-time Barrister, who works in courts throughout East Anglian and London regions. Whenever Jamie Sawyer is not working on a new novel or in the courts, he can be found spending time with his family. Jamie Sawyer resides in Essex. Lazarus War was Jamie Sawyer’s debut novel and was published in the year 2015, with Legion being released the following year.

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The Artefact

The Artefact is the first installment in the Lazarus War book. In this installment, Jamie Sawyer introduces the readers to the Krell. The Krell is a race of bad aliens who while traveling to another planet, their spaceship, the Oregon is destroyed and in the process leaving, the medical unit trapped on the planet. Apart from the Krell, author Jamie Sawyer also introduces the readers to Captain Conrad Harris. Captain Conrad’s spare bodies are wrecked. However, the bodies of his unit members survive and thus are taken to the camp of one, Dr. Kellerman. Once confronted about the whereabouts of the thousands of people who had gone to him to investigate the artifacts, he fails to explain what happened to them. As the book progresses, Dr. Kellerman forces the protagonist, Captain Harris, and his team to go through the Krell forces using their combat bodies. Their mission is to take the key, which will be used to unlock the artifacts. To keep them in line as well as monitoring them just in case they decide to come back, Dr. Kellerman uses their original bodies.

Because the Artefact has been penned down on a first-person perspective, we do not get to see much of what is happening elsewhere. With that said, the ground action in the Artefact has been brilliantly done, while the story on the hand is very interesting. This is not the usual drop to the ground then begin shooting kind of story. For a greater part of the book, the story is more of intrigue and mystery kind of story instead of a straightforward action story. The author, Jamie Sawyer has done an excellent job of including mercenaries, a mad professor, dubious loyalties and straightforward artifacts. All these elements add some outstanding twists and flavors to the novel and in the process elevates the novel from the usual science fiction novels that the readers are used to reading. With that said, the artifacts is an exceptional science fiction that holds back several revelations until towards the very end of the story. It has been cleverly done such that it leaves the readers wanting to know what the main characters face next and what the consequences of the choices that they make are.


As the second installment in the Lazarus book series by Jamie Sawyer, we meet once again with the protagonist, Captain Harris. After escaping from the Helios, Captain Harris and his team try to find their way home. However, as the story progresses, Captain Harris and his team realize that things have changed. The agents have managed to infiltrate the army while the directorate is everywhere. Dev has done all he can to understand and find out more details about the key that was recovered from Helios. It does not take long before the team manages to recover the data that was required to navigate maelstrom. Eventually, Major Harris’s wish is fulfilled, when he is asked to go back to Helios to search for Elena. However, upon arrival at Damascus Space, Harris finds himself in the fight for continued existence against Krell and the directorate as well. At this point, Harris realizes that activation of the artifact is the only way out.

With that said, Legion is a brilliantly written science fiction novel. All the characters in Legion including Major Harris and Conrad have been brilliantly developed. Once again, author Jamie Sawyer has managed to keep his readers glued to the pages. Legion is a real treat to any science fiction readers out there.


Origins are the final book in the Lazarus War trilogy by author Jamie Sawyer. Because Origins cannot be read as a standalone novel, it is prudent for the reader to read the first two books. The reader is going to show some concern for Lazarus, the protagonist, and his legion. The legion is a team of soldiers both men and women, who have sworn their allegiance to Lazarus and will go with him to the very end. Lazarus and the Legions, are Sim Ops, a group of soldiers who fight in bio-genetically enhanced bodies with bodily strengths that are way superior to that of their real bodies. Their real bodies are resting in capsules waiting for their integration of the body and mind and extraction as well. The old earth has been destroyed brining an end to the war between the Directorate and the Alliance. Nonetheless, the peace between the Directorate and the Alliance is nothing but a memory.

War breaks out across the Universe, a war so big in magnitude that the intensifying manslaughters by Krell are overshadowed. It does not take long before a much bigger alien threat is awoken. Lazarus, the most famous and celebrated soldier of the alliance, not only senses the danger but also can hear it as well. Lazarus does not want to understand anymore the alien artifact; he wants it destroyed. As expected Origin runs from the fast page to the last. The action is not only violent but also frightening, intense even despite the fact that the Sims Ops re continuously reborn from the tanks, where their real bodies are stored. Despite the fact that these deaths may not be final, they are still agonizing. Lazarus a soldier who has endured so many deaths will pay the ultimate price. Just like the action, the emotions in Legion are extremely intense. In Legion, Lazarus comes closer to finding out the truth about the destiny of the woman that he truly loves.

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