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Publication Order of Jamie Sinclair Books

The name ‘Jamie Sinclair’ refers to a series of romantic suspense thriller novels written by Nichole Christoff. Jamie Sinclair is also the primary protagonist of the series, an iron-willed woman that fights crime.

+The Story

The Jamie Sinclair series kicks off with ‘The Kill List’, a novel that finds Jamie Sinclair fighting tooth and nail to ensure the safety of a child. Jamie grew up on an army base in New Jersey.

Her father was a two-star general at the time. And despite being an only child, it took all the effort she could muster for Jamie to elicit his interest and attention. The man was never one for emotion or affection.

And Jamie thought she was done trying to win his favor. But later installments in the Jamie Sinclair series prove otherwise. Her upbringing instilled in Jamie a strong will to succeed, so much so that it did not take her long to secure her place as a Private Investigator.

By the time the Jamie Sinclair series begins, Jamie is balancing her work as a private eye with whatever contracts she can secure as a security specialist. The heroine’s already dangerous life takes a complicated turn when her ex-husband, a man who lied to her and cheated on her, calls upon her to help him find his kidnapped daughter.

Jamie wants nothing to do with Tim Thorp, an Army Colonel, but she cannot ignore the plight of a child. So she agrees to go back to Fort Leeds where she must face the demons of her past and possibly even carve out a new future.

‘The Kill List’, the first novel, sets Jamie Sinclair on a path that she continues to follow for the rest of the series. It is at Fort Leeds that Jamie comes into her own as a security specialist.

Tim Thorp only called upon her because of her private eye skills. But the case she encounters takes on a nefarious turn, forcing her to deploy a new set of abilities and proving her worth to her ex-husband.

Along the way, Jamie must contend with all the men on the base who see fit to question her presence and doubt her ability to deliver on her promises. Not only does Jamie conquer the male-dominated community in which she is forced to live for quite a while but she gets the confidence she needs to take on tougher assignments down the line.

It comes as little surprise when Jamie begins to put her private eye work on the backburner in favor of focusing solely on her security work. She makes connections at Fort Leeds that serve her down the line, earning her contracts to take on dangerous assignments.

On a few occasions, the heroine is compelled to deal with her father who is now a senator. Their relationship is fraught with misunderstandings and unspoken sentiment and Jamie has to find a way to accept her father’s shortcomings whilst also fighting to nurture a closer relationship.

An essential aspect of the Jamie Sinclair series is Adam Barrett, an army man that Jamie meets at Fort Leeds. Adam adds a romantic aspect to this series. Adam and Sinclair spend their first few encounters flirting with one another.

And it becomes obvious fairly early on that they are a decent match. However, Adam has his secrets and they keep getting in the way of their burgeoning relationship. This is also true for Jamie whose work becomes an obstacle on more than one occasion.

The Sinclair novels vary in their approach to throwing Jamie into dangerous situations. Some of the novels find Jamie undertaking a job that spirals out of control. On other occasions, Jamie is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once she witnesses a mysterious occurrence with her own eyes, the heroine cannot help investigate it, regardless of the danger it might pose.

+The Author

Nichole Christoff is a military spouse. She grew up reading Jane Austen, Raymond Chandler and the like. Before she became a writer, Nichole was a broadcaster. The author spends a lot of time engaging her readers.

+The Kill List

Jamie Sinclair was a private eye at the top of her game. But she soon found that her skills were best deployed as a security specialist. By the time Tim Thorp reaches out to her, Jamie is working hard to put their failed marriage behind her.

Thorp lied to her and cheated on her. He is the last person she would ever want to do a favor for. But the Army Colonel has a unique problem on his hands, one that even Jamie cannot ignore regardless of his loathing for Thorp.

His daughter has gone missing. She’s only 3-years-old and Thorp is desperate to bring her home. Jamie has no choice but to accept the case, though that means going back to Fort Leeds.

Jamie’s father was a two-star general before he joined the Senate. Jamie grew up at Fort Leeds, so she knows her way around. To bring Brooke Thorp home, the private eye must create new alliances with the army men and women that are already working the case.

Jamie would rather keep her involvement in the case on the down low. But the fact that her father is a senator makes that all but impossible. With her altercation with a stalker suddenly all over the news, Jamie begins to realize that a powerful figure might be hiding behind her kidnapping case.

+The Kill Shot

Jamie Sinclair’s father is a stern taskmaster that has grown accustomed to giving his daughter orders. So Jamie is a little surprised when the senator requests her to lend him her expertise.

Desperate to earn his approval, Jamie accompanies a government courier on a flight to London. The pair is assailed by goons at a Heathrow terminal. Jamie succeeds in fighting them off but she is alerted to the fact that whatever is in the courier’s diplomatic pouch is important enough that someone would kill for it.

When an assassin nearly guns a crowd of innocent bystanders down, Jamie is shocked to see Adam as he saves her life with a single shot before quickly slipping away. That leaves Jamie with two mysteries that require solving.

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